If you’re confused, the first picture is obviously Jojen from our beloved show there on the left.
For starters, the show is taking place in a time and culture which is so offensively sexist that The Onion’s Oscar tweet is less off-putting to females than everyday life for the ladies of Westeros. And if you dig a little deeper still, there are varying types of feminism going on in the storyline.
And before I wrap this theme up (for this week, at least) I think that the best mark of feminist philosophy was espoused by Meera when she was talking to Osha about being responsible for protecting her brother.
My reasoning is thus: let’s play Devil’s advocate and pretend we’re observing an alternate GoT universe in which Arya named Joffrey or Cersei or any of the major evil players to Senor H. 3)      sneak away without being seen, noticed, or even missed after the murder was complete. Trust me, there would be someone somewhere saying “hey, that one dude didn’t show up for royalty ass-wiping duty today. 2)      that still doesn’t change the fact that, given their training, they aren’t Millisandre.
Meanwhile, Arya would have died long ago back at Harrenhall because she’d wasted her names on people that would have taken forever to kill instead of using Jaq to help her and her friends YOLO their way to freedom. I’d love to write more about this episode, but I’ve pretty much hit my word count for the day.
Lethea has only been gaming since 2006, unless you count the lost years of her childhood that were spent mastering Tetris and Dr.
After Order 66, the clones perished and were eventually replaced by stormtroopers that the Empire recruited from around the galaxy. Echo often fought side by side with Fives and also rose through the ranks to become an ARC trooper.
Though 99 never left Kamino and technically wasn’t a clone trooper, he was one of the most resolute and selfless clones. If you could hand out medals to clone troopers to recognize their service, who would you give them to? Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Justin and Thomas both know how important it is to keep their emotions in check when someone’s life is in their hands. Taliban attacks against soldiers and civilians rise during the summer, the busiest fighting season of the year. Later, a second mission drops to the unit: an Afghan policeman has stepped on an IED planted by the Taliban.
Then, in the final mission, and it’s a nightmare: 40 miles away, a child has suffered a potentially lethal gunshot wound to the head.
I have alot of respect for the PJ’s, and all, but they are doing the same type of missions MEDEVAC is doing. Again, I’m proud of these guys and gals, but the politics involved over in Afghanistan, just too justify their existence, is appalling. As a combat veteran of Vietnam, I was totally in awe of the job our medics did in under extreme conditions. To place yourself in danger to get someone else, often unknown, is heroic in any one’s book .
I, too, wish all of our servicemen and women and our allies the best in their choices over there or wherever they are in this God forsaken world!
This show had the potential to be an awesome insight into the horror of war that our brave soldiers and sailors are subjected to. I am so impressed with the fine young men who are saving lives every day while being in constant danger themselves. I was embedded with PJs in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan in 2001 to write the book NONE BRAVER–US AIR FORCE PARARESCUEMEN IN THE WAR ON TERRORISM.
By FAR the best show on TV, thank you for bringing this to those of us who had no clue as to what goes on and often wonders.
I am so impressed by the courage displayed by the PJ’s and everyone else shown on this series. This show provides insight into the horror of war, and the bravery and dedication of all those involved in trying to save lives.
Much respect for these guys, as a Houston firefighter we see the same stuff just not on the constant frequency these guys do, and it’s always hard on the mind, body and soul!! I’m from South Africa and the 6 episode mini series just showed here in South Africa with us. In "Waffles", Blood tried to take over the Titans Tower's weapons arsenal for unknown reasons. In "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear", Brother Blood uses fortune cookies that he manufactures to brainwash the Titans into turning against Robin.
And in "A Farce", Brother Blood acts as the prosecuting attorney when the villains (namely Blood, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah) put the Teen Titans on trial for the reckless destruction of Jump City.
Brother Blood is a balding old man with an upright posture and white hair pointing out from the sides of his head. Mind Control: He uses hypnosis on Starfire, Raven, and Robin in the episode "Waffles", though it proved ineffective on them.
Telekinesis: Blood has powerful telekinetic abilities, strong enough to stop Cyborg's cannon blast and fire it back at him.
Inventing: He is extremely skilled in inventing as he invented a laser cage that effectively contained every Titan, even Raven's portal abilities. In the original series, he is Cyborg's archenemy, having transformed himself into half cyborg to be a "superior being.
Also, in the original series, Cyborg could not be hypnotized by Brother Blood because he is half human. In the original DC comics, Brother Blood was part of the Church of Blood, where he worshiped Trigon.
Brother Blood was thought dead in the episode Little Buddies, during a fight with the Titans.
In The Best Robin, Blood creates Hurt Bot to replace Pain Bot (who defected to the Titans' side in Little Buddies), thus proving he did indeed survives his encounter with the Titans.
On September 13, 1997, Disney's One Saturday Morning was first broadcast as a two-hour block on the ABC Saturday Morning lineup. On September 6, 1999, a spin-off, Disney's One Too, aired on UPN and in syndication every weekday in the morning or afternoon and Sunday morning, replacing The Disney Afternoon. One Saturday Morning aired its final broadcast on September 7, 2002 (by this time it had simply become bumpers and promos; the segments and hosting had been dropped in 2000 due to declining ratings). DISCLAIMER: This app only provides a safe and easy way for kids to access YouTube videos, we do not own any video posted on YouTube.
Brought to you by Bounty, the UK's largest parenting club who have been supporting mums for over 50 years. Our great mission in life is to help you make choices – and help you help others make theirs.
On the right is Evan Peters, probably best known as of this writing for his role in American Horror Story. Women are more chattel than human, virginity is valued over sexual experience, and the idea of a woman doing anything other than patting her husband on the back and popping his sons out of her vagina is just plain silly.

There are many ambitious, intelligent, and powerful women in this series, and I daresay they outshine the males when it comes to character complexity, their goals, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them.
They are strong, bold, outgoing, and they both know how to fight (for Cersei, it’s in a figurative sense; for Meera, it’s more literal).
Osha, because her brain has been washed in a nice, warm bath of bullcrap according to the pro-male ideals of her society, thinks that if Jojen has to depend on a woman to protect him from harm, then he’s gonna have a bad time. I want to gush for a moment about how much I love the way this show has delved into specific characters and storylines which the books have either glossed over or avoided completely. For me, it felt like there was a huge, empty gap between Rob’s decision to betray his promise to the Freys by marrying another woman and *book spoiler alert* the consequence he suffered for it. She is awesome and, aside from Lana Kane of Archer and The Stalk from the comic book Saga, she’s my third favorite strong female role model in popular culture today. Let’s take a second to discuss people who are rage-quitting and table-flipping over the fact that Arya didn’t name any big-wigs to her “murder-genie” Jaquen H’ghar.
Jaq and his ilk can’t just magically transport themselves into the highest tower, stibbidy-stab whoever they wish, and poof out like a ninja dropping a smoke bomb.
We met the clones who were grown and developed through an accelerated aging process on Kamino in Attack of the Clones and saw them go to battle with the Jedi. But before Sheev Palpatine’s Order 66 programming kicked in, the clone troopers stood by the Jedi and became their friends. We watched him develop from a rookie clone trooper to a member of the 501st Legion to an ARC trooper.
He was a by-the-books sort of clone who followed the training he received at Kamino to the letter.
The relatively young clone was all about bowing to authority, and while listening to your commanding officer can be a positive thing, doing so without question isn’t. He was among the first to question Krell’s plans and was ultimately faithful to his commanding clone officer instead of the Jedi General. The unit gets a call to rescue two Afghan National Army soldiers injured in a gunfight with the Taliban. But the INTEL is confusing, as the order includes picking up an escort, an uncommon request for anyone but a child or female.
The wounded is in critical condition with one leg amputated from the blast, and the helicopter is most vulnerable on the ground.
Justin and Thomas have to stay focused and deliver a life-saving solution that will reduce the pressure on the boy’s brain. Last night, I saw a man who even for just an hour is a hero in the eyes of the entire world.
What sense does it make to send Pedro too a POI when they are 30 minutes away, and MEDEVAC is 5 minutes away? How much does it cost too train PJ’s, flight crews, ground crews, as well as equipment vs MEDEVAC? What our soldiers fight for, and those who fight to save their lives, makes everything else irrelevant.
Just as an example, in the civilian world it takes 4 months of training to be and EMT but 2 years to be a Paramedic.
The Pave Hawks these guys are flying have crew chiefs on board; those dudes on the door guns. Just wanted to say that i absolutely admire these guys from Inside Combat Rescue and have huge respect for ALL Marines serving there country with such passion. Not only does he have mind control powers, superior reflexes, and control of Pain Bot and Hurt Bot, his cunning intelligence enables him to easily outsmart the young Titans. During the battle, Robin is able to throw an explosive bird-a-rang at him, presumably killing him in the explosion. If the Titans cannot work as a team, they will have little to no chance of stopping him from taking over the city. Because the Titans are too lazy to go stop him, Robin brings Team Robin. The result is Brother Blood being defeated in a matter of seconds. Since Robin is no longer making decisions for the team in order to try and teach them about self-reliance, Blood uses the fortune cookies as the perfect way to influence their minds. He has dark shadows under his eyes and wears a black body suit with red boots, red gauntlets, gold waist ties, and a red breast plate with a gold Brother Evil insignia.
He also built in the deadly Pain Bot, a super canon, and a death machine, as well as Hurt Bot, a successor to Pain Bot. However, he reappears in later episodes alive, this is due to the seires' stand-alone continuity.
It was originally scheduled for a September 6th debut, but due to ABC and all the other networks airing Princess Diana's funeral instead of children's programming that day, it was pushed back a week later. Since Fox Kids was bought by Disney, One Saturday Morning was replaced with ABC Kids on September 14, 2002. Simply select the show required and you will be presented with a list of the available episodes. Because I am the Master of Spoilers, I feel I must warn you that they will be coming, and plentifully so. Margaery is the perfect example of the passive kind – she sits back, observes, takes mental notes, and learns the weaknesses of those around her. And, like in the real world, “active” feminism has its pros and its cons, as illustrated by what these characters go through. Meera, however, puts her in her place and sheds a bit of light on her hypocrisy (hello, woman, what are you doing with Bran?!), by replying “Some people will always need help. But featuring them more in the show and building their relationship will have a huge emotional payoff for the audience down the line. I’m going to just come right out and say it: most the people who feel that way are stupid and aren’t writers (or if you are, you are terrible ones). When not writing her satirical column "Loaded-20" or gaming, she enjoys kickboxing and hoarding rescue kittens. They were brave and selfless, especially so when you consider they didn’t really have a choice about heading into battle.
He was often on the front line in battle and though he was loyal to the Jedi commanders, the men under his command came first.
He was believed to be killed during a mission to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell, but Dave Filoni confirmed Echo survived. Clone 99 took pride in everything he did and instead of being bitter about the challenges he faced, he was kind and always ready to offer an encouraging word to cadets.
He was so obedient to the twisted Jedi Pong Krell that he sided with Krell over the rest of the 501st Legion. En route to the landing zone, the unit learns that some fighting may still be going on and a second attack could be imminent. To make matters worse, a storm has rolled in and blanketed the area in dust, reducing visibility to less than a mile.
Way too much of the show is pumped up guys talking endlessly about how they are constantly on the edge of death and how brave they are to do a job that will likely kill each and every one of them at any second. And this show is about soldiers sacrificing their lives to save the lives of not only other soldiers but innocent civilians. Un****ing believable that the US govt thinks this is ok to constantly be involved in a decade long war.

The Air Force is the best and I cannot thank you PJ’s enough for your true sacrifice. Thank you, Nat Geo for airing this instead of another Honey Boo-Boo or another Kardashian show!!!! He also captures Beast Boy and Cyborg, torturing them to near-death, with little success. Robin, Raven, and Starfire are able to annoy Brother Blood by driving him insane with the Waffles Song with Beast Boy and Cyborg.
For the longest time, it remained unknown whether or not he survived this encounter with the Titans. Blood plans to accomplish this by creating a massive ray cannon that also functions as an amplifier for his mind control. However, Brother Blood manages to escape from prison shortly after, and lures the Titans into another trap. Unfortunately for Blood, Robin uses several other techniques, including palm reading, astrology, and a magic ball, to convince the Titans to strike back against Blood, and he is defeated.
One Saturday Morning featured two parts: three hours of regularly scheduled cartoons and a two-hour hosted flagship show that included features, comedy, and the virtual world Hastings had proposed, along with full episodes of Doug (which had been acquired from Nickelodeon), Recess and Pepper Ann, all of which were interspersed through the show. Therefore, if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want it spoiled for you, turn away now. Because I’m a writer, and this episode was all about story and character development and it made me think. Is there a mad scientist in Hollywood trying to create the perfect Aryan Poster Child, or what?!? That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve helping.” Right after she said that line, I imagined her dropping the mic and slowly sauntering off the imaginary stage in my head. In one book he gets captured, we get reports that he’s being tortured by “the Flayer” (ominous) and then there’s nothing until you get to a completely different book when (approximately 1,987 pages later) he reappears as…well, that’s another spoiler for a different day. As in, Jaq would be competing for the glory and honor of killing Joffrey against a white walker, because it would take so long for him to get close enough to kill someone that important that the GoT zombies would have shambled their way that far south into the kingdom by then.
To honor their service, let’s look back at some of the clone troopers we got to know in The Clone Wars.
Fives was incredibly determined and bravely investigated the incident with Tup and discovered the truth about Palpatine and Order 66. Tup was sadly affected by a malfunction in Palpatine’s programming and executed a Jedi long before Order 66. And he sacrificed himself in order to destroy the listening post at Rishi Station to protect the Republic. With no time to spare, the pilots decide to stay low to keep the mountainous Afghanistan terrain in sight. Pilots and PJs work together to do everything they can to save the young boy’s life, but their best may not be enough. In MEDEVAC, the crewchiefs not only flew the missions, but did all of the maintenance, sometimes working 14-16 hour days.
Obviously the NG producers bombard these guys with loaded questions and keep cameras pressed close to their faces until they get the sound bites that they want to tell a story that isn’t real. I can only hope that this show continues so everyone can get to see a glimpse of what our soldiers go through to keep us all safe..
Also, PJ’s fall under USSOCOM, which means they receive a separate budget under USSCOM that is shared by all Special Operation Forces. Blood fled the scene, leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy in a broken mess, and the other Titans still trapped in a cage .
When the Titans arrive on the scene, Blood is able to brainwash everyone but Robin, who almost immediately destroys the machine. And while I am occasionally guilty of watching shows which absolutely fail to engage my brain-space in any way, shape, or form, I absolutely love it when my entertainment gets all up in my grey matter and scrambles it around.
Then, when the dust clears, she emerges on top with her foes not even knowing what hit them.
The point is that for the longest time the reading audience has no freaking idea what happens to Theon, and then all of a sudden he pops back up as a completely different character.
One of their big, .50 caliber guns breaks, leaving the team without one of the main methods of defense. As he and Thomas search, a man breaks out from the crowd and runs directly towards their helicopter. However, the move makes them more vulnerable to enemy attacks, which increase in bad weather. They should give these guys the cameras and let them tell the true story, not the one that NG needs to get good ratings. We live near Moody Air Force base and until watching this show , we did not understand how hard they are fighting to save our soldiers. He pitched the idea that Saturday is different from every other day and to represent weekdays as buildings. But in the show, they’re making a coherent and sensible connection between point A and point B, and I can’t laud them enough for it. He also proposed the use of virtual set technology; although he knew little about it at the time and the technology used was just starting development, Disney and ABC liked the idea. Justin will have to use a metal detector to create a path from the helicopter to the wounded before the enemy launches a second strike. The Titans (who now worship Robin due to their being brainwashed) arrive, but insist that Robin demonstrates his "powers" for them.
Hurt Bot is none other than Blood's replacement to Pain Bot (who defected to the Titans' side in "Little Buddies"). Together, they sampled virtual set technology at the 1997 NAB Show and chose technology developed by Accom and ELSET.
Robin, who lied about having powers, tries to come up with an excuse, allowing Blood to start shooting at his teammates. Rutherford Bench Productions, which had previously worked with Disney, hired Pacific Ocean Post (now POP Sound) to produce the virtual set.
With both the Titans and Team Robin captured, Blood continues to lower his drill on top of them.
The building was initially a drawing of Grand Central Terminal with a roller coaster added, but evolved into a towering mechanical 1.
Robin removes his gloves, revealing his "baby hands" to the other Titans, thus restoring their memory. As the heroes begin to panic, Super Robin arrives and defeats Blood, proving he is "the best Robin". Even the interior has similarities such as a central high raised room with two wings on left and right sides and another on the south side. As Blood finishes loading the weapons into his car, the Titans return and easily defeat him.

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