While many games out there are just time wasters, it’s always nice to have a game that actually gives your brain a workout. Near the bottom of the screen, you will also see how much time you have remaining (Rush Mode only gives you about 10 seconds to go through everything in a set), how many you got correct, your current score, and the round you’re in.
If you are curious about how you’re doing in the game, Mind Rush also has a special Statistics screen where you can see how you’ve done in Rush and Timed Modes.
If you enjoy brain teaser puzzle games or just want something that is fun yet productive, then you will want to give this game a try.
If the right side of your cerebral cortex was rolled out flat, it would be the size of an extra large pizza. 6 is the answer we originally had in mind, but as Joe, Rupert, Shawn & Ray point out, -12 works too! Yea just goes to show that many can get a wrong answer on an IQ test when in fact they came to another correct answer because they thought a little deeper. Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving.

Thanks for visiting and playing our unique collection of games that are good for your brain! Not only is this a nice change of pace, but it’s good to use your head every now and then, even if it’s for a game. I recommend going over the instructions before you play your first game, but it’s also pretty self-explanatory with each game you play.
You will be given a set of questions that you need to answer, but these are designed to trick you, so while you have to think fast, you also have to think carefully. You can see your top scores, most rounds completed in one game, and most successful timed rounds. It may be simple in the beginning, but once you go further in rounds in Rush Mode, or start running out of time in Timed, you may begin to falter, and your brain fumbles. I don’t play brain teaser games very often, but when I do, I find the experience to be quite rewarding, and I feel that even a few minutes of them gives me a clearer mindset. Timed is a bit more lenient, as you can make a mistake but still move on, but you are only given 30 or 60 seconds to rack up as many points as you can.

The instructions will tell you to select the first letter of the corresponding shape, shape color, or text color. Mind Rush has a design that looks more like an app, rather than a game, but it works, and it also fits in nicely with iOS 7’s overall aesthetic.
These will change after a few problems in the Rush Mode, but Timed will have one set of instructions (randomly selected) and you will get as many of them as you can. The instructions only appear briefly while the countdown goes on before the round starts, so read quickly.
I don’t play these games too often, but I find myself going back with the sole intention of doing better than my previous round, knowing that I can keep doing better. You have four options of answers at the bottom, and these will always get scattered with each new question, so watch out.

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