Color Illusions are images where surrounding colors trick the human eye into incorrect interpretation of color. You may want to hide some parts of the illusions by your hand so that you don't get distracted by the rest. All grey rectangles are of equal luminance, although the ones in the dark stripes appear brighter than the ones in the bright stripes. Focus on the black dot in the bottom right hand corner and the moving grey stripe will eventually turn blue.
Also known as Pac-Man illusion is another example of afterimage complementary color (green as opposite to lilac).
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Jason Silva expounds on the brain's capacity for intuition and something called the adaptive unconscious. Blasternaut and Spot are doing some work on their ship when Spot is kidnapped by Trash Alien who also damages the ship. Blasternaut must fly to the correct Porthole to solve the Equation displayed on Trash Alien's Spaceship. This arc seemed to drag on way too long, but when we got to the actual fights it was very poorly paced.
It was a really good ending :) If only they made it a bit shorter, we would have seen sabertooth way before. Well looks like the filler arc is over, though personally I enjoyed the arc even if it was a filler. But the rest was horrible, especially the part where that village was invisible since Natsu was young, until he defeated Daphne.
The final day of the Grand Magic Games begins and Gajeel Redfox, along with the rest of his teammates, enters the arena as currently the best team in the Games. However, as the event starts, everyone is surprised to see the Fairy Tail team not moving at all. Gajeel attacks Rogue, who is thrown back and subsequently hit by Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Club afterwards. The Shadow then merges with Rogue and suddenly, Gajeel is hit by Rogue's Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic. While Rogue chokes Gajeel, Frosch is seen running to the place of the battle with an intention to save Rogue.
As Rogue is lying on the ground, the Shadow possessing him notes that this is the extent of Rogue's current abilities and Gajeel then sees a shadowy figure running away from Rogue's body. Later, when the rest of the Fairy Tail members defeat their opponents, they are challenged by Sting Eucliffe who plans on defeating all five on his own.
Mira Nova is well-known as the princess of Tangea, though she refuses to let her royal status impede her abilities as a Space Ranger. Originally a janitor on Star Command before becoming part of Team Lightyear, Booster Munchapper is from the planet Jo-Ad and is arguably Buzz's biggest fan. XR, or the Experimental Ranger, is a robot built by the LGMs for the purpose of being Buzz's partner. Warp was Buzz's former partner until it was discovered that Warp was in fact a spy working for Zurg.

Use any color picker, graphic program or simply cover the remainder with your hand to see for yourself.
Follow the movement of the rotating pink dot with your eyes and the dots will remain only one color, pink. Brain II unleashes his power including the Genesis Zero and a little secret between Michelle and Lucy. I am confused on that girl who attacked Klodoa, I know she's the mysterious puppet-like girl from the book, but her identity is still a mystery. From the look of the preview we will probably have half an ep of closure for the rest of the past arc gang but Saberjerks are showing up next episode.
Rogue Cheney is a fight fought between Team Fairy Tail's Gajeel Redfox and Team Sabertooth's Rogue Cheney.
While everyone else is surprised that Natsu Dragneel isn't participating, the rest of the Fairy Tail members just cheer the team on, knowing that Natsu's powers are needed elsewhere.[1] Afterwards, the final event, the Grand Magic Game, is announced.
While the other teams begin their fights, Makarov expresses his worry about Fairy Tail's inaction. As they clash, Minerva Orland interrupts them, turning the battle into a threesome, while sobbing Mavis proclaims that it's impossible to predict now.[6] When Gajeel wonders why Mavis' strategy failed, he meets up with Rogue. Surprised, Rogue gets up, with Gajeel telling him that there's no way he can surpass him in just one day. Gajeel, with an annoyed look, asks him to repeat what he said earlier about Gajeel being weaker than Natsu. Much to Gajeel's surprise, Frosch appears and stands between Rogue and Gajeel in a protective manner, claiming that Rogue cannot be hurt anymore.
However, in the end, he decides to give up, granting Team Fairy Tail the last point which makes them the champions of the Grand Magic Games.
He is the only human on the team and is the main enemy of the Evil Emperor Zurg who finds Buzz to be a constant thorn in his side in his plots to rule the galaxy. Booster is able to recite the Space Ranger Mission Manual from memory and knows about almost every mission and maneuver Buzz has ever used. He often falls apart, is blown up, or is otherwise destroyed on missions, but fortunately the LGMs designed him to be easily repaired.
Short-tempered and abrasive, Nebula is an excellent commander nonetheless and will often praise Team Lightyear on a job well done.
After faking his death, Warp joined Zurg full under the short-lived moniker "Agent Z" until Buzz discovered the truth.
Square marked B looks considerably lighter than square A, due to the "shadow" being cast upon it. It introduces the characters of Blasternaut, Spot, and Galactic Commander, and features an adventure in which Spot is captured by an alien.
However Spider webs, Big Rocks, Bats and Cave Creatures serve as obstacles to obstruct Blasternaut's Journey. Explaining everything about Michelle and also showing how her personality from before definitely wasn't a lie.
I think he had a bit of Ultear syndrome during the fight, but he's basically a mix of his old self and Brain.
There's still a LOT of mystery about Kinana, which I'm very happy about as I was scared she'd get no screen time later on after this arc.

It is a tournament in which the Mages battle each other, gaining points for defeating their opponent. It is then revealed that this is all the plan of Mavis Vermilion, who has carefully analyzed their opponents and has come up with a strategy. He also states that since the Twin Dragons couldn't defeat Salamander, it's impossible for Rogue to handle him alone either.
As the Shadow proclaims that his power is now Rogue's, Gajeel asks him who he is, to which his opponent replies that he is the Shadow which controls the fate. However, Gajeel refuses to give up and imitating Natsu, he eats the shadow, much to everyone's surprise. Sting is then reunited with Lector, which Rogue and Frosch watch with happiness.[14] Frosch then says that Fairy Tail is amazing, to which Rogue replies positively. As a Tangean, she is a valuable member for her mental abilities such as ghosting through objects or searching for information in the minds of others. He is often cracking jokes or flirting with women, though there are times when he will be serious about his job.
However, Nebula has an on-off relationship with XR due to the latter constantly calling him "Dad".
Nowadays, Warp is a constant threat to Team Lightyear, although, deep down, Buzz hopes that Warp will one day rejoin Star Command.
Look closely and you will notice on one side that white boxes surround the red boxes, and on the other side, green boxes do!
To pass through the obstacles Blasternaut must take a tool or weapon from the treasure chest (by solving another Math Equation) and use them against the obstacles.
He then tells the Shadow to get out of Rogue's body and remarks that Rogue's true name is "Ryos", someone who has not admired, but feared Gajeel. Much to Rogue's surprise, Gajeel manages to pull him out of the shadow and throws him into a nearby building, completely destroying it.
Michelle's past about being abandoned was definitely sad and even her talks with Jude were.
Gajeel attempts to counter-attack with his Iron Dragon's Sword but Rogue dematerializes in a form of shadow and then attacks Gajeel with Shadow Dragon's Waxwing Flash. Since white is not considered to be a color (it is the presence of all colors in scientific terms) we can safely say that there are 2 colors present here!
Rogue states that it must've been because of friends, something that is unknown in Sabertooth.
As he questions his own motives for fighting, Gajeel tells him to get up and asks him whether he considers Frosch his friend.
As Gajeel's attempts to defend himself are proven futile, Mavis notices that Rogue has been possessed by something which she has never seen before.

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