The fully customizable interface ensures a wide variety of playing environments including 15 game boards and piece sets, as well as 2D or 3D chess set options. Buy Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera Collector’s Edition and get previous Ominous Objects games for $2.99! Play Stroud's own free chess game against the computer with three varying levels of difficulty. The ideal game for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, over 7000 openings and replay ability. Tutorials to help you learn chess and improve your strategy with over 3000 matches to evaluate.
With four difficulty levels and three game modes 3 In One Checkers is the most complete checkers game on the internet. Play the standard game or the giveaway mode where you forcing your opponent into taking all your pieces.
The main objective of chess is to checkmate the opponent's King, whereby their king has defense against an immediate attack and your opponent cannot remove the King from harm within the next move. In modern times computers have been created to develop chess strategies and theories as well as to play against the best players in the world.
We recommend you check out our free downloadable chess game by Brain Teaser, it's well worth a try as the game offers an excellent chess experience offline and can be played without the need of an internet connection. Playing chess and checkers online has become extremely popular since the games have been developed. For those chess players that just want to play a 'straightforward' game of chess, the flash chess game is without a doubt one of the simplest chess games online. For those gamers that enjoy being able to alter the specifications of their game down to the finest point, brain games chess will be the game for you.
The game is programmed so well that after you have played a couple of games it evaluates your style of play and your ability against the computers and suggests one of the 12 levels of players that you should be playing against. If you want to watch some of the best games in the world, then you can select from over 3000 matches featuring the world's best players. Your character is a knight and you have to control your knight to capture black pawns that move in sequence to try and reach the other side of the board.
The free checkers game offered on Stroud Chess is definitely one of the best online checkers games on the market. Giveaway - Giveaway is a variation of checkers whereby your goal is to lose all of your pieces by forcing your opponent into taking your pieces.

The free draughts game offers simple drafts gaming for those experts that have nothing else to learn about the game.
Stroud Chess offers gamers the chance to enjoy either free chess games or checkers and the ability to play such games without any additional hassle, and this is why Stroud Chess should be your first website choice when looking to play either chess or checkers.
Brain Games Chess helps to improve your skills using enhanced tutorials and a unique scoring system.
Also included are over 3000 all-time classic games featuring some of the best Chess Masters, you can watch them in action and learn how they think. Mini Jueogos's little chess gem challenges you to find check mate from thousand's of likely and unlikely positions.
You can play against the computer by choosing 12 levels of difficulty from pea brain to mastermind.
It's a cunning game of cat and mouse tactics where the most skilled of players will be thinking ten steps ahead of their opponent.
We will be covering Shatranj shortly so please check back for more information of this authentic game of strategy. You can find some very good free chess games at out site to practice your chess skill on, all of which require no special software to run except adobe flash.
Many players are not aware that one of the first games to be programmed to the computer way back in the 1950's was the game of checkers.
There are no gimmicks whatsoever; you just play against the computer until there is a conclusion. Players can choose to play a game of chess where they can alter the specifications of the pieces, board and various other features. These 12 different difficulties all have different playing styles and will really help you improve parts of your game for the better. This game offers everything a chess game can offer, therefore, is perfect for people new to chess, but also great for the expert gamer who wants to put their talents to the test. Crazy chess offers gamers the chance to play a strategy board game that uses some of the basic elements of chess to create an interesting board game.
If they do reach the other side of the board 8 times then you lose a life, alternatively, if you are in a 'capturing' space then they can take your knight, which also counts as a lost life. Not only does the game offer four different difficulty levels including; hard, good, normal and easy, but it also offers three different types of checkers games. The goal of extreme checkers is to play as quickly as you can against a pre-set level of computer, which will play at increasingly difficult speeds.

The four levels on offer allow gamers of different abilities to play three variations of the game, and for these reasons this game is one of the best available.
The layout of the game is simple, and puts you against the computer player that has three difficulty settings; easy, medium and hard.
With multiple skill levels, Brain Games Chess was designed to challenge you whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.
Brain Games Chess has unmatched superior game technology whic means the program is a smart and intuitive opponent.
Having the ability to suss out your opponent's strategy and way of thinking is crucial to achieving victory.
On Stroud Chess we have a variety of games available to play and download for chess and checkers fanatics. You are given the option to play one of four difficulty levels; beginner, casual, advanced and guru, which you can progress through as your play advances. The only other 'feature' on offer is a list of both yours and the computers previous moves.
Alternatively, players can learn the ins and outs of the game from the comfort of their own home with various in game learning features. Crazy Chess needs a quick thinking brain paired with basic chess knowledge; and if you have both of these then Crazy Chess will be the right game for you.
You can either play against the computer or against another human player depending on the settings you choose.
The game is also available to download and play offline with 'additional' features including 2D view and a help feature which will assist you with your moves which will help your play progress. The unique scoring system takes into account your opponent, your speed, how often you undo move and how many hints you ask for, and then provides a more precise picture of your chess playing abilities and helps increase your skills.
Brain Games: Chess is gorgeous dynamic game with fascinating music and high quality graphics.
The tremendous plot and perfect design makes Brain Games: Chess game the best in it's class.

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