We are very excited to partner up with the Ontario Brain Institute and participate in the exclusive event at the Ontario Science Centre called Brain Games. Giacomo Panico was the host and did you know that he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering!!! You will get a sneak peek of Discovering Emotions with Zeely, the first in the Zeely Adventures series, before it hits the app store!!! We are very pleased to be working closely with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, Ontario Brain Institute and their research network to further develop Zeely Adventures.
30 July - 6 August 2016Castle Meadows, AbergavennyBRAIN GAMES at The National Eisteddfod of Wales. The new 2015 Faces of Autism’ banner will be on display and autism pins will be handed out at noon.
It was great to get a behind the scenes perspective of how a show is run and how they go in an out of live chat to pre-recorded segments, commercials and music.

I am very comfortable delivering presentations and training to audiences however playing the app while explaining what is going on was challenging. Tom Corr, Natasha D'Souza, OCE-OBI 2013 Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Ontario Brain Institute, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Reza Moridi, Virtual EyeSee. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from Cardiff!
The people of Kakadu recognize six seasons due to their extensive knowledge of the changing environment around them. I had the iPad connected directly to the projector and seeing the app projected on the wall was quite the experience. This custom build structure will be housed outside the science pavilion and will be an educational adventure dome for children and adults hoping to learn about the workings of the human brain. Rivers, which are usually compiled of networks of branches, often change their course, leaving behind branches with dead ends.

Because of this, the land and people have always been linked and Kakadu serves as a landmark for the oldest living culture on earth. The word billabong is the culmination of two Aboriginal words “billa” and “bong” meaning “creek” and “dead.”But the billabongs of Kakadu are anything but dead. When active, they act as a vital oasis for animals and birds such as Magpie geese during the scorching dry season.

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