Brain Age revolutionized the gaming industry by attracting mature gamers to the DS, helping to make it the most popular gaming system in history. Brain Age purports to improve your relative "brain age" through a series of puzzle-style games. Even though IQ tests have been around for generations, intelligence is a difficult entity to measure.
Many of these mature gamers are middle-aged and seniors, and many of them are new to the video game market.

For instance, your test may indicate you have the brain age of an eighty year old when you're only thirty.
Kawashima, Brain Age is claimed to be scientifically designed to make your brain quicker, clearer, and more flexible. Knowing all the answers to your tests is only useful if you really know what they mean and can apply them to situations. But I'm not bragging, because I actually studied for the test which helped improve my score immensely.

We all know people that are incredibly smart in a few areas, but ridiculously deficient in others, typically with social interaction, with extreme cases avoiding social contact altogether. Once I know what I was going to be asked, it allowed me to prepare by learning and practicing responses in the various areas.

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