A dynamic and experienced construction business coach, Clay Nelson has the knowledge and experience to help construction industry leaders tackle the issues that come up across all domains of their businesses. Clay Nelson has 40 years of specific experience in the construction industry as a construction business owner, construction business coach, trusted speaker, and author.
Clay Nelson worked in the trenches both as a talented tradesman and successful leader of his own construction business for 14 years. With the planning, accountability, and mentoring tools provided through Clay Nelson's construction business coaching, construction industry leaders produce faster results, improve their bottom lines, and get exactly what they say they want by-when they say they want it!
With 35+ years of business leadership experience, Clay understands the key elements that make a business successful. Without a healthy mind and body, where will the fuel you need to perform at your peak come from? Recently I received multiple inquires, all within a very short period of time, from people searching for information on how to create their life plan. August 28, 2012 By Summit PA Leave a Comment In some companies the new hires fail at a rate of 46%.  An important way for business owners to combat these challenges is to implement an effective onboarding program. When done right the onboarding process will make the new hire feel welcomed and prepared in their new position and the employer will reap the benefits of lower turnover, higher retention rates, and increased productivity. I’m so clunky on my vlog and have a hard time getting the right emotions across to you single moms wanting to start a WAHM Business.
My service to all of you wanting to start a WAHM Business is the actual tools, kits and knowledge I’ve used to start my own successful WAHM Businesses for myself and my clients. I am determined to prove that all you have to do is help people through authenticity and love and THAT’S how WAHM Businesses will end up ruling the world some day. Delegate everything but their genius freeing up their time and giving them more effort, energy and focus to do what truly matters most to them and makes the biggest impact.
We can all agree that most of us spend a significant amount of our lives doing things that bring very little to no return.  Things such as dishes, laundry, cleaning, traveling, cooking, grocery shopping, etc…. You could have the greatest business in the world, or the most brilliant idea but execution is everything and while you might believe that you can do it on your own I promise you could do even better if you asked for help.
Value is an exchange for money and there is no reason to back down on what you know you are able to deliver.

You can’t get to where you’re going without accountability, clarity and a roadmap or you could be going in the wrong direction for a long time. It costs money to stay where you are and it costs more money to go back to where you’ve been. Students are still on summer vacation, but retailers are already planning for the back-to-school shopping season.It’s the second largest consumer-spending period for retailers behind the winter holidays, and a huge opportunity for marketers to increase brand awareness and expand their customer base.
Social media has transformed the way brands can interact with customers, providing a platform to engage in new and exciting ways. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.
When I was selling my own soap at craft fairs and online, I realized that packaging was as important, or even more important than the soap that was inside the package. The one in the upper left is bare except for the label.One advantage of cigar band labels is that they are easy to make, and can be printed simply at home.
If you want your soap to be completely protected from dirt, fingers and scratches, shrink wrapping may be the way to go for you.Here are two soaps that are very simply shrink wrapped. The disadvantages are that unless you leave a part of the label open, you can't smell it. Those of you who make round soaps in PVC pipe molds have a different challenge - the shape of the soap. They were ready and willing, but they lacked a written resource that taught not only what to include in a life plan, but also how to choose to push past all the things that can get in the way of an individuals happiness, and create a life they love. The goal of the Onboarding process is to help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and become productive and contributing team members of the company. While we are taught all our life that asking for help isn’t a good thing when you realize how much you’ve lost and realize how much it continues to cost asking for help is the most effective solution to getting what you want quicker and easier then you could do it on your own.
The two soaps on the right, and the one on the bottom, were shrink wrapped after the cigar band label was put on. The soap on the left has an opening on the top and the bottom - so you can smell it easily. You can shrink wrap them like shown previously, or here's another option - use a coffee filter (like on the left) or a round piece of paper (like on the right) and wrap that around the soap.

Enter my newest eBook, Keep Your Life Moving Forward: Life planning tools to keep on track when life gets tough!
I may stutter and fumble over my words but I do have experience and a sincere desire to help you. Even after you label it, the soap will continue to cure - which means that water is evaporating out of it.
It not only looks professional, but it gives a little window onto the soap so that you can see its color. While not in a box, it's completely wrapped like a Christmas present with a label added. Shoppers often buy office supplies at the beginning of the spending holiday and then clothing in late August and September during the start of the school year – after kids see what their peers are wearing to school.Also, back-to-school purchasing started in July last year, earlier than usual. Other times the soap would be quite average, but the packaging would be incredible.Guess who sold more soap?The next few pages have some examples of various types of soap packaging that you can try. Online searches including back-to-school-related words increased significantly from 2011 to 2012.Expect your customers to browse and purchase online. Make your campaigns mobile-friendly, and lead your fans to mobile-optimized websites so their shopping experiences are as seamless as possible.
Nobody wants to break the bank before the school year begins!Give your customers what they want.
Run contests with compelling rewards, and create look books of affordable back-to-school products.
Offer coupons, discounts, free shipping, and other exclusives to get your fans to buy more.
Moms with kids between the ages of 6 and 17 are highly influenced by their offspring.Marketers need to not only appeal to parents, but also to their kiddos. A good review goes a long wayDuring back-to-school season, shoppers are likely to see products and special offers on social networks and then talk about them with their friends.

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