Many teachers I know have no problem with educators making money from speaking, writing, and consulting. Best yet, as teachers we are the ones choosing which curriculum plans, unit plans, and resources work for our students.
When merit pay is solely based on our students’ standardized test performances, then that is what teachers will focus on. I’m hoping that more teachers who sell their work on TeachersPayTeachers begin to sell their work on their own websites. Get the Innovative Teaching Toolbox Awesome!
It’s high time we put the power back in our hands and reached our true potential, and that includes our earning potential.
I do hope it is the quality lessons that are best sellers, because I’ve seen a lot of simple worksheets go by as well. Susie, I am a home schooling parent, so I take exception to your comment about teachers allowing TpT creation and blogging to become their primary focus. Maybe you know teachers that I don’t, but I have not met one seller on TpT who is in a classroom or home school setting that has let the product creation become their main focus. Most of the simple worksheets I see on TPT are for free, although some are paid in Unit plans.
Upcoming Books and ProgressRedesiging Learning Spaces - Finished Writing and Into Production! Launch: Using the Design Thinking Process to Boost Creativity and Innovation in Every Classroom - Finished Writing and Into Production! I have recently made the switch from making gravy with those little bouillon cubes, to using this browning and seasoning sauce that I purchased from my local grocery store. The review is very helpful, it contains a lot of information about the product, styled text, high-quality photos. Saint Cyril of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria during the early part of the 5th century and a key figure in the Christological controversies of his time. Cyril became Patriarch of Alexandria in 412 AD when the city was the capital of Egypt under Roman rule and a huge center of learning and culture.
Despite the shocking nature of the sectarian violence in Alexandria, it is not the conflicts with the pagans or Jews that Saint Cyril is primarily remembered today.
Despite the rightness of Saint Cyril’s praise for Mary, it’s strange to see such tender words coming from his mouth. Sinful Anger in Social Media and the Loss of Civility Stuck in the Mud Scripture Speaks: Establishing Peace? Did Saint Cyril believe the visitation of Mary by Elizabeth, (when both are pregnant), was critical to our understanding that Mary was something special (Luke 1:42). I realize that not every resource sold on TeachersPayTeachers is improving teaching and learning, but in that case they rarely sell. Technology has made it possible for sites like BetterLesson and ModernLessons to share thousands of teacher resources for free, and I love those sites. Imagine a teaching profession where all of our curriculum was actually written by teachers (not by a company). If a resource is selling on Teachers Pay Teachers that means it has been tested, used, and approved by real teachers. TPT still takes a good amount of royalties away from the teachers, and by selling on their own site, they can reclaim the money they deserve. I still worry about the legal aspects–whether teachers are selling a work product created while an employee. Teachers are stressed in so many ways that in a pinch some of them will buy the already-created because they don’t have time to develop their own.
Not only do I create lesson ideas and games that are better suited to each of my children, but I also buy a LOT of things on TpT.

Prior to creating for TpT we were fighting to make school interesting and it involved a lot of tears and frustration (on both sides!) TpT gave me the inspiration that I could create something that could make a difference for my kids and maybe some other kids as well. But don’t expect others to put in hours of work to write them and give them away free. I believe we need to be intentional about innovation in our schools, so we can create a better future of learning for all students. Find more daily deal posts or see a complete list of daily deal sites you should be following!
I decided that it would be easier than melting down the little cubes, since this was already in a liquid format.It is made with a vegetable base, so it is ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional meat-bases gravies. His debate with the heretic Nestorius was the impetus for the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD where the Church officially adopted the long held understanding that Mary is Theotokos, “Mother of God.” Because of Saint Cyril’s steadfast defense of orthodoxy, he is called a Pillar of Faith and a Doctor of the Church. The city’s population was a mix of pagans, Christians, and Jews who often came into conflict with each other as well as the Roman authorities.
But Saint Cyril gave an invaluable apology of this truth and expressed it with clarity, shedding light on its implications for how we ought to understand Christ’s mother, the Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Cyril did not hesitate to call Nestorius “wretched” and “blasphemous” and he was often quite stern and severe with other bishops who strayed from an orthodox faith. Saint Cyril, Doctor of the Church, always reasoned and wrote with surgical precision and careful accuracy.
Customize them however you want so you can use them for anything!Looking for the rest of the year?Here are all the calendars for 2016 (8th calendar).Are you a mom that wants to stay home with your kids? If you are a teacher, get mad at the companies that charge thousands for canned curriculum resources, not a fellow teacher who put hard work into developing something worth sharing.
Because tutoring is an amazing way to make extra money in our profession, especially when you are tutoring for yourself and not a company like Kaplan or Huntingdon who takes 75% of your pay.
Teachers Pay Teachers is different because it is educators supporting other educators for their hard work. And then imagine a profession where those teachers were compensated (like they should be) for their curriculum writing. I’ve also given these templates away for free at various times on my blog or if you sign up for my email list, because I believe they do have value in the classroom. There is no curriculum available in the world that suits the needs for each student and product creation helps us to fill in those gaps.
Yes, there will inevitably be some that use them for the wrong purposes and create products that have no educational value. In his defence of Christianity, Cyril was known to be somewhat brusque, often employing sarcasm and an acerbic style. Alexandria was not so much a melting pot as it was a bubbling cauldron of opposing groups that often boiled over into rioting and violence.
Cyril saw, keenly, that what we say about Mary is crucial for how we understand her son, Jesus. Cyril understood that if what we say about Christ is true -that from the moment of his incarnation he was fully man and yet remained fully G0d- than Mary ought to be venerated the one who gave flesh to and bore the King of the Universe. And so his devotion to Mary was the result of his understanding of who Christ is and, in turn, what his mother must be. If a teacher creates something of value and wants to sell it to another teacher, they should not only be allowed to do so, but also encouraged to do so. Are teachers who write books not allowed to accept royalties because that would be “selling out”? This is happening now on that site, with teachers like Deanna Jump making over $100,000 in sales per month thanks to all of the units she had personally created. We spend an enormous amount of time, effort, and money creating fantastic teaching materials.
It can make gravies, sure, but it can also be added to give a punch of flavor in a marinade, placed inside a meatloaf, or to make a reaux for a soup or stew.

As Patriarch, Cyril became entangled in some of these conflicts but to what extent is debatable.
A priest in the area preached against the term Theotokos, arguing that Mary could not be the Mother of God. If Mary were the mother of Jesus’ physical body but somehow not the mother of God, then this would mean Christ was divided into two separate natures, one human and one divine. In Ephesus, during a homily in which he strongly criticized Nestorius, Cyril joyfully proclaimed of Mary, “But who among men is capable of celebrating Mary most glorious? Are teachers who do consulting work for the state or other schools supposed to do this for “free” because taking a payment would make them feel wrong? If a teacher uses it in her own classroom, she just saved the district a few bucks from having to buy something. I also like to add a little into my hamburgers in place of Worcestershire sauce.Essentially, the browning sauce comes in with a little extra flavor where it's needed.
He also wrote with precision, making use of almost technical language to speak precisely about Christ. Some modern scholars have gone so far as to paint him as a violent fundamentalist, guilty of the murder of the pagan scholar, Hypatia. 243) If Christ was merely a man or was not divine from the moment of incarnation, then Mary would not deserve such praise. His writing is a testament not just to orthodoxy but also to Mary’s ability to soften even the roughest exteriors. It does have a fairly strong flavor, so I don't recommend using it as a marinade for protein like fish or chicken.
Yet his commitment to an orthodox understanding of Christ’s nature also led him to write poetically and lovingly of the Virgin Mary. Nestorius affirmed this priest and argued that Mary was merely the mother of Christ’s human nature, not his divine nature.
The same is true if Christ were divine but not human since Mary’s role would be a strange illusion. Fortunately for all of us, Saint Cyril’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, theologically sound and orthodox, became official Church doctrine at the Council of Ephesus. Hopefully more districts will see the savings power: TpT accepts purchase orders, gives licensing discounts for department and school-wide purchases, and has great sales four times a year. However, as leader of the Christians in Alexandria, Cyril surely bears some responsibility for the actions of his flock. We say this not just because we value technical accuracy but because the truth of this mystery has an incredible impact on how we understand Jesus, his incarnation, ministry, and power to redeem humanity. Father Luigi Gambero , describing the development of our understanding of Mary in his book Mary and the Fathers of the Church, writes, “Cyril’s preaching and his attitude, redolent with admiration, greatly contributed to the growth of Marian devotion.” (Gambero, p.
She now teaches others how to do the same on her blog and through her bestselling eBooks.Latest posts by Sarah Titus (see all) Very Berry Ice Cream Float - August 10 Painted Pencil Jar - August 8 Best Green Tea Recipe - August 6 This post may contain affiliate links. Some of the ingredients that come out on a high note in sauce are the onions, celery, and turnips. 239) Because of Saint Cyril’s keen insights and steadfast devotion to the truth, we are able to name Mary “Mother of God” without reservation.
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