The Business Model Canvas is such an amazing tool for generating insights and conversation about strategic themes. Paulo Caroli is the author of “To the point: A recipe for creating Lean products” (the first on a series of books about Lean MVP). Over the past four years, we’ve asked hundreds of women around the world about their paths to business and career success.
Many women feel they are not actually “successful” because they compare themselves to others. Crystal Yi Wang, Associate Director at Deloitte Financial Advisory Service in China, has worked to set apart her idea of success and differentiate it from that of her parents and cousins. One of the things we have learned from The Way Women Work community is that successful women choose to define their own “success” based on their own values and motivations.
Successful women choose to define their own “success” based on their own values and motivations.

I’ve come to believe that success has much less to do with public recognition than society would like to tell us. Share your email and we will send you two free chapters of UNDETERRED, in English or Spanish. This can be particularly true early in a woman’s career, because it takes time to feel fulfilled and see value in the work she has chosen. In my new book UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, Crystal shares her experience of how she tried various ways of distinguishing herself in different arenas before landing on the path that fit her and her values. In my research for UNDETERRED, I found that women who feel successful focus on their passions and pursue what they personally find meaningful. When we are true to ourselves, then our lives and our happiness are based on what we actually want – not on what others tell us we should want. Sign up to get two free chapters of the book, or find it at retailers globally including Amazon, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

It is based on the stories and interviews of more than 250 relatable, professional women around the world.
Every project you build will require time and effort, along with specific knowledge and skills.
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