Attempting to bring a little bit of "pretty" into my life through nail polish, makeup, fashion, and other ways.
Whenever a polish makes me think of another polish I like to do a comparison just to see if they really are alike. Now I can tell you that when I was swatching these two shades side by side I was shocked that Blowin' Money Fast came out to be the darker of the two shades.
Popular Japanese street label A Bathing Ape work up a couple of camo print polo shirts for the new season.

Katja Hentschel created this film revolved around the recent Wood Wood x Ellesse pool party, held during Berlin Fashion Week.
Bonus Track - Rick Ross Freestyle e una canzone di Rick Ross contenuta nel suo album "What Da Lick Read" uscito nel 2007. DISCLAIMER -Any Links Posted On This Site Lead To 3rd Party Sites Providing The Downloads. Although there has not been announced an official release date for the much anticipated longplayer, Atlantic Records indicated that it will see its release soon.

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