Well the Gohma were created by Iemanis the Druthulidi in the times of primordial hyrule so yeah there older than dirt.
I know I never replied to this, but I'm more concerned about what would happen a few centuries after the world adopts Labrynna technology. The Bioshock Infinite ending may have been confusing for some people; it’s full of time travel, multi-worlds and other crazy concepts that are sometimes only mentioned in voxophones. Before getting to the meat of the ending we have to lay the ground work for how the Bioshock universe works.
To understand what is actually going on in Bioshock Infinite you need to understand the basics of multiverse theory. Yes, Elizabeth is actually Annebelle Dewitt, Booker’s daughter who he sold to Robert Lutece in order to settle his gambling debts. If Booker never went through with the baptism he never created Columbia, thus it never existed; which is why when Elizabeth asks if people below ever talk about it, Booker says no and that they must have just forgot. In a voxophone voiced by Rosalind Lutece, she talks about travelling through multiverses and the effects on the mind. During the game we see a bunch of tears in space time all over Columbia, citizens even comment on them and theorize on what they are. If we assume that Booker and Comstock’s paths diverged when the baptism choice was made, and they were the same person in the same timeline prior, how does that explain the Luteces?
Remember that the space time continuum is being ruined because the Luteces were traveling between universes. Elizabeth has the ability to open tears for a short period of time, if her powers were fully realized she could have upset the space time continuum.
I hope these details helped clarify the ending for you, if you still have questions about the ending or want to discuss it more, comment below.
AuthorJoshua MobleyJoshua Mobley is a hardcore gamer, Parappa the Rapper enthusiast, and coffee addict. For brief 3: People, I illustrated a character concept I had thought of previously in the year. I worked from a reference image to produce a basic pose sketch, and then built upon it to create a rough idea of what I wanted the final piece to look like.
I also experimented with how I shaded, as, inspired by the Bioshock Infinite artbook, I realised that, as long as the idea came across in the drawing, it could be quite sketch-like still.
Black main characters are becoming more common in games, but are they doing much to combat racism? Lately, I’ve been studying up on the topic of racism, specifically, what it is and what can be done to prevent or at least reduce it. However, I still think a game could be built that would at least make white players more aware of some common forms of racism suffered by minorities that aren’t apparent to us.
I’m well aware that many prominent game developers have used their medium to encourage players to reflect on race.
Gamers Against Bigotry is a noble effort, but the site has suffered lots of hacking attempts. There are also gaming initiatives such as Gamers Against Bigotry who encourage gamers to pledge to create a more welcoming community for all gamers.
It seems to me that most gamers enjoy gaming mostly as an escape–precisely from the stress of dealing with uncomfortable social and political issues. But then we have to question whether black people are really doing more stealing, or simply being caught more often because of the prejudice against them. I wager most of your audience consists of WASPs, or those brainwashed with WASP-like ideology, so many of the comments you’ll get will contain the same level of ignorance as the one by Atawulf. The only reason I’m posting this comment is so that this conversation does not turn into an echo chamber of commiserating WASPs, which is very likely, given that this is the internet and people can be anonymous.
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So much of the info in the 'development' threads are out of date whereas the Wiki keeps things nice and cannon. Several blin raiding parties go after what remains of the Labrynna Regime, take what they can, and give rise to the Technoblins?
It's eventually going to be that, with all the advances that Labrynna brings to the continent, REAL, modern technology will start running par for the course in a few short centuries.
So I’m going to help you out a little bit and answer some of the hard to understand questions and concepts behind the Bioshock Infinite ending.
Multiverse theory was first coined by William James in 1895 and suggest that an infinite number of universes exist that are all separate and unique from each other.
Because of the constant moving between universes, the space time continuum is being re-written and distorted. Sure Booker and Comstock are the same person that made a different choice but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the Lettuces’.
This means that the space time continuum is in disarray; the entire plot was an attempt to correct what was happening and prevent the space time continuum from tearing itself apart, which is why Booker had to die in order to ensure that Comstock never created the city, setting the universes back on track. This booker could just be in a universe where nothing ever happened but that doesn’t really explain his questioning on whether or not Annabelle was in the crib. The lutece twins were also helping him use the machine which is why he aged and became sterile. All of the content located here, or other related channels are copyright of VGU.TV and their owners. The basic premise was an older Red Riding Hood, who had defeated the wolf herself, and gone onto become something of a monster slayer.
In terms of tools, I mostly used with a soft paintbrush of varying sizes, the eraser, and also the smudge tool.
The point of these workshops is to show that modern racism tends to be systemic rather than individualistic. For example, if you were playing a black character and went into the blacksmith’s shop, the blacksmith would take forever to serve you (and serve whites first even if they entered the shop after you), jack up prices, have you watched carefully by apprentices, and claim to be out of everything even when the shelves were fully stocked.
BioShock: Infinite is clearly in this camp, though some critics are more impressed than others with its effectiveness. Sadly, there are also plenty of negative examples, such as the attacks on this very initiative.
Obviously, being forced or encouraged to reflect on racism (and their own role in its perpetuation, whether active or passive) makes them feel sad, angry, or guilty. I know Whites are facing institutional discrimination in form of affirmative-action for non-Whites. Granted, Atawulf would probably vehemently deny that he is racist (he probably has just one token black friend), just as would the folks you mention in your last paragraph. Constantly wondering if my classmates and coworkers think like Atawulf, that I am not qualified, that I do not deserve to be where I am today. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
I'm really interested in seeing how the world will play out, particularly with religion and the actions of the goddesses and druthulidi, when Hyrule catches up with the real world in terms of advancement - computers, cars, phones and such.
Science will eventually create weapons that can top the strongest of magic, and while people's approach to the goddesses is probably positive or at least indifferent the approach to druthilidi won't be nearly as kind. Near the end of the game we get to travel through multiple tears that take us back to Bookers past and even to Rapture. The twins are responsible for traveling through the multiverse and putting the events of Bioshock Infinite into motion. During the ending we see a scene where the Lutece twins are dragging Booker through a tear.
I think the best answer for this question is since the universes were corrected, the space time continuum was essentially reset bringing booker back to life before he sold his daughter. They were using the machine to see the past and future, thus Comstock knew Booker had branded himself and he knew he would come.

With this in mind, I wanted a more dynamic pose to portray her, whilst maintaining a face-on perspective. The second one is evident on the trousers, as I thought it would exaggerate the overlap of the character’s legs nicely. For instance, would playing a black person in an MMO help white people gain a better understanding of this deeply buried racism? Maybe the game could also incorporate a charm or friends spell that would temporarily alter a black avatar’s body, making him or her white. I was also impressed with the black main character in The Walking Dead game, though that series only skirts the edges of what it might really mean to be a black man in this situation. Zuna business booming as enterprising explorers dig up ancient Lokomo secrets of Armos construction? Even if they regenerate some centuries after destruction the people will stomp them down with tanks and artillery and firebomb and whatnot, as often as it require. It is extremely important to remember that Elizabeth can not only travel through time, but space as well. This is shown in detail during the ending when we see one universe where Booker refuses the baptism and another where he accepts it.
Booker then brands himself with the letters “AD” on the back of his right hand; AD stands for “Annabelle Dewitt”. During this scene Bookers mind is re-writing itself and creating memories that don’t exist in order to assimilate itself within the new universe. Copy and paste, along with the transform tool, were also used for repeated objects, like buttons and so forth. The sudden contrast might well bring it home to the player that there are forces at work that they’re ordinarily quite obvlious to. To my mind, a game has only accurately represented a black man if the character couldn’t be replaced by a white man without irreparably damaging the script.
Not only am I not welcomed here, but I was never even meant to survive, given this country’s history.
I'm really interested to see what dieties like Majora would end up doing with stuff like the internet. Then scientist will eventually find out how to detect their presence, then the world can be considered demon-free since they're rooted out before they grow to be a huge problem.
The Lutece twins are also very important to the plot because they are pretty much the reason the entire plot occurred at all. Robert Lutece possibly exists in the original Bookers universe but it doesn’t explain the gender difference between himself and Rosalind. Robert Lutece even exclaims that he lived it, meaning that he isn’t part of that universe either but instead comes from another, meaning his memories were also re-written at one time. Meanwhile, the only people who really seem to want anti-racism content in games are the ones who need it the least (much like the good citizens who attend workshops and anti-racism community events).
Onirix's father is right on that matter, if they cannot be destroyed permanently then killing off their manifestation would only be an annual chore. When Elizabeth takes us to Rapture she describes it as a door, each of the stars in the sky are doors to another world. What we do know is that Robert isn’t from the same universe as Rosalind and that he came to her universe at some point in time. Even if you are a white person who is passionate about being anti-racist, you are racist despite yourself, since the system will discriminate in your favor no matter what you try to do. See Diane Sawyer’s True Colors on YouTube for a vivid look at what this kind of racism is all about.

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