Can Affirmations Be YOUR Passport To Happiness?Sadly most people are living in the country of negativity and sadness and while they may always dream about traveling to that wonderful destination called happiness they have no passport to get there. My friend and my brother that was powerful and if you dona€™t mind I would love to use this in Bible study this week.
Thank you very much, may the Lord keeping blessing you in the richness of sharing his word. Easy To UseDownload the audio affirmations and create a playlist on your Ipod or other device.
Bible study & SermonsThere are pages set aside n the book for those looking to delve a little deaper. Pause Between Each AffirmationA short 10-15 second pause between each affirmation forces you to subconsciously meditate on the statement.
Discover who you are in ChristOr be reminded and uplifted and built up in the faith by listening to the abundance of positive statements the Bible has to say about you.
Your prayers, donations, store purchases, and advertising clicks help to support our ministry.
Your message bless me all the time and always, always come at the moment when I'm getting weak somehow.

You can browse and read the affirmations at leasure, perhaps a quick top up of positive direction while munching on your breakfast. I only want happy customers and fully believe if you put this product to the test that you will join the many who have been delighted with my Christian Affirmations. You will get the Affirmations on Beautiful Pictures with Mountains, Beaches, and some of the best scenery around the world! Christian Affirmations are the most encouraging and inspirational words!
I can now enjoy the process instead of being afraid, complaining and asking myself in doubt if God really answers and delivers. May God Bless You for the wonderful commitment you've shown to spreading the gospel to many people and for having enriched and encourage me out of the depth of my sadness and worries. I have a better understanding now, knowing Goda€™s got me covered all the time.God bless you again. If for any reason you are unsatisfied just let me know and you will receive a full refund - no questions asked! Just like your favorite music, they will be ready to access all your life whenever you desire to do so. Experiments 3 and 4 suggested that self-affirmation improves self-control by promoting higher levels (vs.

When they come in mp3 format you can download them to your Ipod and if you are into walking just listen to them while you do so. If you are stuck long hours at a computer job all day than why not listen to affirmations that will permeate your sub-conscious mind and make you feel better.Burn them to CD and they make a great traveling companion in your car. You will get Affirmations for Success, Self-Esteem, Health, Healing, Financial Blessings, Inner Peace, Happiness, and more! Listen to them when you want to and alternate with the radio or other music you might have.
As soon as something seems like work you will stop.Listen to Christian affirmations on and off while walking, working or driving as mentioned above and over time the affirmations will start to permanently sink in. Your sub-conscious mind will take on board all of the positive things the Bible says and before you know it those scriptures and affirmations will become a part of you.And it will take place the way affirmations are meant to - nice and easy.

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