If you’re on Whidbey Island and are interested in off-grid ideas, you should consider installing a 500 watt wind turbine like the one I have on my boat.
I believe it, there is a psychic bond with Maudie, possibly reincarnation is also involved. One thing about feists is they are believed to be derived from native American dogs and English small dogs. We have spent many hours discussing, dreaming, and planning that perfect place we would build someday. It was a nod to a great companion in all ways that also happens to like any food that humans eat.
It is about dogs, not food, but really fits the theme of this blog, so I couldn’t resist.

Not sure, never thought I would have such a relationship with a dog, although we have had other incredible dogs, like Lili, who was also like Maudie in devotion and love. A little piece of land that we could grow a garden, raise a few animals, and be basically free from dependence on stores for our day-to-day needs.
I don’t have solar panels on my boat either, but the wind provides enough power for everything but my electric heater (I use propane for heat). My little dog would die protecting me in a minute up against anything and I would do the same for her. No other species (other than other humans, as in protecting their families), would ever do that. Little Buddy landed in a great home that treats her like a princess and she returns the favor.

Our dog Maudie aka Little Buddy, has an English vocabulary that is probably at least 20 words and she knows what we are going to do (like go out, so she can make sure she can go, too) before we know it sometimes.
George Washington wrote a story about one of her breed (she is a feist) that was killed defending her owner against a bear.

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