Working on a laptop for long hours can have a nasty impact on your back, neck and overall posture. The mStand Laptop Stand by Rain Design was built for Macbook laptops, but it works just fine for any laptop model. The IKEA BRADA is an inexpensive laptop support that comes in a couple of different designs, but both are affordable. The Griffin Elevator laptop stand is an elegant, space-saving setup that offers plenty of room at the centre and around the sides for other devices, keyboard storage and cable management. To get an option customised exactly for your workspace, you have to build your own laptop stand. You can go from a simple stand to charging ports and height adjustability pretty quickly depending on the level of effort you want to put into it. Honourable mention this week to the 3M Vertical Notebook Riser, which many of you praised for being height adjustable, affordable, ergonomically correct, and perfect for using your laptop with an externally connected keyboard.
If you've had vermouth, it was probably in a martini or Manhattan, but it's doubtful you've ever been offered it neat. The Rio Olympics will be the big story everyone's talking about for the next couple of weeks. July 16, 2014 by Ashley Leave a Comment Officially back from Europe & trying to get back into the swing of things.
I have many photos I need to go through so look out for some fun posts the end of this week & next!! If you are wondering why the shampoo is called purple, it is primarily because this hair care product is basically purple in color.
Tip #1: It is important that you give your hair a hot-waterrinse before applying the shampoo. This will cause the hair shaft to expand, thereby allowing the purple pigment to be deposited appropriately. Tip #2: After applying the shampoo allow it to sit on the hair for about two to five minutes. This will help close the air shaft and help seal the color, thereby leaving your chemical treated hair feeling soft, smooth and protected.
However, it should be noted that using this shampoo daily can cause your hair to turn purple in color. Thus, using this shampoo once a week or every few day is highly recommended.
Certain type of hair dyes to tend to leave behind yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair, thereby giving way to an unwanted hue that usually tends to increase gradually. However, when a purple colored shampoo is used on such hair types, it aids in removing unwanted pigments and helps neutralize unwanted colors to a great extend.
Chlorinated water in the swimming pools can often make your blonde hair turn green in color.
This kind shampoo usually works best for all those people who have bleached or blonde hair and wish to tone down yellow, orange and brassy undertones. This purple hair care product when used occasionally is also beneficial for people with white, grey or naturally blonde hair which want to revive or refresh their natural color. This shampoo is an ideal choice for not only refreshing bleached or highlighted hair, but for also brightening grey or white hair. This shampoo contains cool violet pigments that helps neutralize yellow tones, thereby enhancing blond, white and grey hair. This violet based toning shampoo helps revive blond, grey, highlighted or bleached hair that had acquired unwanted copper, green or opaque reflections. Using this shampoo will not only help strengthen and nourish hair, but will revitalize hair, thereby making it silky and shinny.
Buying a shampoo with purple coloring can prove to be a great boon for your blond or chemically treated hair. However, since this type of shampoo is available at much beauty and fashion websites on-line, doing a little of research or reading user reviews can go a long way in helping you find the perfect purple shampoo for your particular hair tone. Filed Under: Hair Products Cute HairstylesThis site gives you the best guidelines on latest hair styles out there. There was a time when I tried to change my position, which was not in harmony with my conscience; but the conditions created by the past, by my family and its claims upon me, were so complicated that they would not let me out of their grasp, or rather, I did not know how to free myself.
It has occurred to me that I do not occupy this position for nothing: that Providence intended that I should lay bare the truth of my feelings, so that I might atone for all that causes my suffering, and might perhaps open the eyes of thosea€”or at least of some of thosea€”who are still blind to what I see so clearly, and thus might lighten the burden of that vast majority who, under existing conditions, are subjected to bodily and spiritual suffering by those who deceive them and also deceive themselves. Free from desire for self-vindication, free from fear of an emancipated people, free from that envy and hatred which the oppressed feel for their oppressors, I am in the best possible position to see the truth and to tell it.
Alexander Ivanovich Volgin, a bachelor and a clerk in a Moscow bank at a salary of eight thousand roubles a year, a man much respected in his own set, was staying in a country-house.
The old butler, Stephen, the father of a family and the grandfather of six grandchildren, who had served in that house for thirty years, entered the room hurriedly, with bent legs, carrying in the newly blackened boots which Volgin had taken off the night before, a well-brushed suit, and a clean shirt. There, thanks to the efforts of the housekeeper, the footman, and under-butlera€”the latter had risen at dawn in order to run home to sharpen his son's scythea€”breakfast was ready. Volgin took his panama hat from the hall table (it had cost twenty roubles) and his cane with its carved ivory handle, and went out. The boy was so filled with wonder, verging on terror, when he gazed at the hat, the well-brushed beard, and above all the gold-rimmed eyeglasses, that he could not reply at once. The boy told him, and Volgin went on towards the house, thinking how he would chaff Nicholas Petrovich about the deplorable condition of the village schools in spite of all his efforts. On approaching the house Volgin looked at his watch, and saw that it was already past eleven.
Volgin took three roubles from his purse and gave them to the peasant, who showed his gratitude by touching the ground with his forehead, and then went into the house. Volgin got out his case, with all the requisites for writing, wrote the letter, made out a cheque for a hundred and eighty roubles, and, sealing down the envelope, took it to Nicholas Petrovich. While he was scanning at his ease the political news, the Tsar's doings, the doings of President, and ministers and decisions in the Duma, and was just about to pass on to the general news, theatres, science, murders and cholera, he heard the luncheon bell ring.
Thanks to the efforts of upwards of ten human beingsa€”counting laundresses, gardeners, cooks, kitchen-maids, butlers and footmena€”the table was sumptuously laid for eight, with silver waterjugs, decanters, kvass, wine, mineral waters, cut glass, and fine table linen, while two men-servants were continually hurrying to and fro, bringing in and serving, and then clearing away the hors d'oeuvre and the various hot and cold courses. The hostess talked incessantly about everything that she had been doing, thinking, and saying; and she evidently considered that everything that she thought, said, or did was perfect, and that it would please every one except those who were fools. Mitri crossed himself three times, turning towards the corner in which the ikons hung, and repeated some utterly meaningless words, which he called prayers, to the Trinity and the Virgin, the Creed and our Father. Mitri took off his ragged coat, laid it out of the way near the fence, and then began to work vigorously, raking the corn together and throwing it into the machine.
The hut was smoke-begrimed, as its stove had no chimney, but it had been tidied up, and benches stood round the table, making room for all those who had been working, of whom there were nine, not counting the owners. An old one-armed beggar, with a bag slung over his shoulder, came in with a crutch during the meal.
Among these downtrodden, duped, and defrauded men, who are becoming demoralised by overwork, and being gradually done to death by underfeeding, there are men living who consider themselves Christians; and others so enlightened that they feel no further need for Christianity or for any religion, so superior do they appear in their own esteem. Here is a bachelor grown old, the owner of thousands of acres, who has lived a life of idleness, greed, and over-indulgence, who reads The New Times, and is astonished that the government can be so unwise as to permit Jews to enter the university. Here is a kind, gentle mother of a little girl reading a story to her about Fox, a dog that lamed some rabbits.
Especially in the beginning of the year, I occasionally took a glance at the list to remind me what I wanted to achieve.
Yesterday I offered some comments on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), saying that even the UN can learn something from inspiring quotes on the internet. Ban is about as boring as a diplomat can get, but struck a cool tone at the conference.  He invited the audience to take selfies and  spoke very upbeat about the power of people, especially young people, to drive change. He answered a question about the failure of achieving sanitation goals with a personal story about growing up without a proper toilet in South Korea. On climate change, he also had a good sound-bite to show his confidence that humans will do the right thing: “There is no plan B, because there is no planet B”. Social support: develop and nurture support mechanisms in families, wider social groups, and via social security. Perception of corruption (operationalisation of trust): develop a community where people trust each other. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have contributed to making earth a better place to be. To be truly successful in building on the progress of the MDGs, the new development goals, or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be a smart set of goals focused on the areas that make a real difference in people’s daily lives. Well-being is only referred once, in a horrible and vague formulation in diplomat speak that has all signs of being negotiated in multiple rounds. For example, your goal to organize the house excited you until the clutter overwhelmed your motivation. And for people wanting to get in shape, tell yourself to do the exercise for 10 minutes this week, then 15 minutes the next, and build from there.
The Happiness Goals Countdown seeks to provide a much-needed salve to this perennial problem. To make it even more concrete, we’re publishing a series of articles about goals that research has shown do have lasting impacts on goals. This post was first published on the blog of TEDxAmsterdam. TED’s library contains about fifty talks on happiness. Shawn Achor begins his twelve minute happy rollercoaster ride with a simple anecdote illustrating how fundamental optimism is for our happiness. Seven-year-old Shawn was a reckless little boy.
If you are like me, you’ve tried to start 2014 fitter and happier, like in the Radiohead song.
Evidently, New Year resolutions have something arbitrary: why would I quit smoking or start reading more often on the 1st of January? In principle a new year’s resolution should do something very basic: replace a bad habit (like snoozing too long or wasting time on the internet) by a better one (getting up early or productively writing a blog post). If there’s one thing I don’t aspire to (apart from losing my enthusiasm and curiosity) it’s feeling like a pig in a cage on antibiotics yet.
The brushed aluminium design and rubberised feet keep your laptop in place while elevating it, and while it’s not height adjustable, it does bring your laptop up to a workable height whether you choose to use it there (perhaps with a standing desk setup) or connect an external keyboard to it. It comes in a number of models, and can accommodate multiple adjustable cooling fans designed to keep your system cool while in use.
Fortunately, vermouth is becoming quite a "thing", and whole bars are being dedicated to this complex, flavorful, fortified wine. The fact that the color purple happens to be exactly opposite to the color yellow of the color wheel, a purple hue effectively helps in neutralizing all the yellow or orange tones in your hair.

This feature makes not only makes this shampoo a perfect product for people with blonde or grey hair, but also proves to be a great solution for people with chemically treated hair.
This color often seeps in more porous hair and can be easily distinguished in people with light blond hair. It also helps to brighten up your hair color making it look like as if you have stepped out of a beauty salon.
Using this shampoo maintains the beautiful ash tones color of your hair and tone down the brassiness, thereby leaving full and shinny with no residue. With mild cleansing ingredients and powerful conditioning extracts, this shampoo gently cleanses your hair and provides moisture to your hair and makes it soft and shiny. You can enjoy browsing various trendy hair fashions for all age and sizes, which we upgrade on a timely manner. The chances are that there is not a single wretched beggar suffering under the luxury and oppression of the rich who feels anything like as keenly as I do either the injustice, the cruelty, and the horror of their oppression of and contempt for the poor; or the grinding humiliation and misery which befall the great majority of the workers, the real producers of all that makes life possible.
Indeed, it may be that the position which I occupy gives me special facilities for revealing the artificial and criminal relations which exist between mena€”for telling the whole truth in regard to that position without confusing the issue by attempting to vindicate myself, and without rousing the envy of the rich and feelings of oppression in the hearts of the poor and downtrodden. His host was a wealthy landowner, owning some twenty-five hundred acres, and had married his guest's cousin. The guest thanked him, and then asked what the weather was like (the blinds were drawn so that the sun should not prevent any one from sleeping till eleven o'clock if he were so inclined), and whether his hosts had slept well. On a spotless white cloth stood a boiling, shiny, silver samovar (at least it looked like silver), a coffee-pot, hot milk, cream, butter, and all sorts of fancy white bread and biscuits. Crossing the veranda, gay with flowers, he walked through the flower garden, in the centre of which was a raised round bed, with rings of red, white, and blue flowers, and the initials of the mistress of the house done in carpet bedding in the centre.
He remembered that Nicholas Petrovich was going to drive to the nearest town, and that he had meant to give him a letter to post to Moscow; but the letter was not written. The horses have already been standing a quarter of an hour, and the flies are biting viciously. He only read the Liberal papers: The Russian Gazette, Speech, sometimes The Russian Worda€”but he would not touch The New Times, to which his host subscribed.
Volgin felt and knew that everything she said was stupid, but it would never do to let it be seen, and so he kept up the conversation. And yet their hideous, lazy lives are supported by the degrading, excessive labour of these slaves, not to mention the labour of millions of other slaves, toiling in factories to produce samovars, silver, carriages, machines, and the like for their use. There is his guest, formerly the governor of a province, now a senator with a big salary, who reads with satisfaction that a congress of lawyers has passed a resolution in favor of capital punishment. For me, the end of the year is the natural moment to look back and review what I experienced and achieved throughout the year. And I celebrated it well, spending a weekend in the Belgian Ardennes with a group of friends.
I spent two weeks in both of them, discovering different towns and landscapes and learning a lot about their culture.
I’ve had a good amount of inspiration in watching TED talks this year, with topics ranging from basic income to indoor plants to improve air quality in house and from the strength of Muslim women in peace processes to cold-water surfing. Two and half years after joining, I finished Toastmasters International‘s Competent Communication programme. Some weeks ago I had the chance to listen to a speech by UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon in Brussels and find an answer for myself. He urged youth to speak up in face of injustice, to make their voice heard, and make opinions clear at the voting booth and the supermarket counter. In the MDGs, enormous progress is being made on improving access to drinking water and sanitation.
From 1990 to 2015, they have helped the international community focus its efforts to improve access to healthcare and sanitation, make progress on gender equality, and reduce extreme poverty and hunger. It is sad to see that the SDGs succeeding the MDGs don’t guide us as well to reach higher levels of well-being as the previous set. As they are negotiated, the current set consists of 17 goals with a large number of sub goals. Everybody is in favour of sustainable tourism and creating jobs (buzzword!), but should that be the priority in the next 15 years?
It doesn’t cover health, social support or personal development but… sustainable infrastructure.
Tomorrow I’ll continue with more questions: can Ban Ki-Moon help us to achieve concrete goals?
Time magazine reported in 2013 that among people working toward a goal 35 percent said the pursuit itself made them happier. We present research about the relationship between goals and happiness, and discuss the types of goals that lead to longer term fulfillment as well as those that not only don’t fill up our happiness banks, but actually make withdrawals from it! For instance, happiness goal #1 is about making it a resolution this year to set aside 10 minutes of each day to daydream.
After the post about the flow of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, this is the second article in my series of articles under the title TED & Happiness.
Through New Year resolutions, we motivate ourselves to reinvent ourselves or to create a new and improved version. And I guess that by now, three weeks into the year, you might already have hit some of the dark moments. Therefore, one of the key parts of my resolutions is to allow time for a break in all of them. Whether you build one of your own or buy one with a fancy design, it can make a big difference. The new mStand 360 has an adjustable base so you can swivel your laptop from side to side while you work.
Both models are basic but get the job done, and there are lots of other IKEA laptop stand hacks if you’re feeling creative. Even without the fans, the mesh material and elevated design elevates your laptop for easier use and cooling, and when you’re not using it you can disassemble the stand to use as a protective carrying case for your laptop to keep it safe while you travel. This allows it to become useless if you a accidentally drop one part of it and misplace it. Thus, when you wash your hair with a purple colored shampoo, the purple pigments present in the shampoo are absorbed by the hair. However, using shampoo with purple coloring can be highly beneficial in counteracting this problem and helping to hair return to its more natural color. Thus, your trips to the beauty salon can become less frequent, thereby helping you save time and money. Now, you no longer have to worry about bad hair days and find out the hair style of your life. I have felt this for a long time, and as the years have passed by the feeling has grown and grown, until recently it reached its climax.
Now that I am over eighty and have become feeble, I have given up trying to free myself; and, strange to say, as my feebleness increases I realise more and more strongly the wrongfulness of my position, and it grows more and more intolerable to me. I am so placed that I not only have no desire to vindicate myself; but, on the contrary, I find it necessary to make an effort lest I should exaggerate the wickedness of the great among whom I live, of whose society I am ashamed, whose attitude towards their fellow-men I detest with my whole soul, though I find it impossible to separate my lot from theirs. Volgin, tired after an evening spent in playing vint* for small stakes with [* A game of cards similar to auction bridge.] members of the family, went to his room and placed his watch, silver cigarette-case, pocket-book, big leather purse, and pocket-brush and comb on a small table covered with a white cloth, and then, taking off his coat, waistcoat, shirt, trousers, and underclothes, his silk socks and English boots, put on his nightshirt and dressing-gown.
The only persons at table were the second son of the house, his tutor (a student), and the secretary. Leaving the flower garden Volgin entered the avenue of lime trees, hundreds of years old, which peasant girls were tidying and sweeping with spades and brooms. The boy was wearing shoes of plaited birch bark, bands of linen round his legs, a dirty, unbleached shirt ragged at the shoulder, and a cap the peak of which had been torn. The letter was a very important one to a friend, asking him to bid for him for a picture of the Madonna which was to be offered for sale at an auction. Theodorite was glum and silent; the student occasionally exchanged a few words with the widow.
After he had got three roubles from Volgin, and the same sum from Nicholas Petrovich, he returned to his house, gave the money to his wife, and went to his neighbour's. The cocks had crowed two or three times, but no one paid any attention to them; not because the workers did not believe them, but because they were scarcely heard for the noise of the work and the talk about it.
The man in charge of the thrashing-machine got up, said grace, thanked his hosts, and went away to rest. While he smoked he chatted to a man from Demensk, asking the price of cattle, as he saw that he would not be able to manage without selling a cow. They live among these horrors, seeing them and yet not seeing them, although often kind at hearta€”old men and women, young men and maidens, mothers and childrena€”poor children who are being vitiated and trained into moral blindness. During her walks she sees other children, barefooted, hungry, hunting for green apples that have fallen from the trees; and, so accustomed is she to the sight, that these children do not seem to her to be children such as she is, but only part of the usual surroundingsa€”the familiar landscape. They helped me somewhat improve my discipline in going to sleep and getting out to bed on time.
I’ve taken the chance to take on some speaking occasions presenting my work in this field. And while I ran a personal best at the 5k (22 min 20 seconds!), I have only ran in training for that race, not all year round.
And apart from these two, I also visited Denmark for the first time and made stopovers in Nepal and Qatar en route to Bhutan.
Still, (un)happiness was also a theme in other books that I read, such as Haruki Murakami’s title Norwegian Wood. And I undertook some public speaking opportunities to talk about my discoveries on happiness.
The speech and the conference were dedicated to the contribution that young people can make in development and in the SDGs. The World Happiness Report finds that 75% of the differences in happiness levels between countries is explained by six factors.

Set new targets for infant mortality, and maternal health, and access to water to sanitation. Set targets for access of women to education, work and decision-making, and targets for primary, secondary and tertiary education rates. In this talk, I want to introduce Shawn Achor, positive psychologist and happiness researcher. Positive psychologists have shown that the way we experience our lives is a factor that explains some of the variation in our happiness (a scientifically important nuance – it does not directly predict our happiness,  though some people, even scholars, believe that optimism always creates happiness).
And psychology knows that the dark days of January aren’t the best time in the year to change a habit. If you are training for a marathon, you don’t start your first day of training with a 30k run.
Start doing the activity five minutes a day (or one hour a week), until it’s a solid habit. It’s another laptop stand that was designed for Macbooks, but it works just as well with any model of laptop.
Hopefully they update the design to include a swivel hinge in the middle at some point allowing it to essentially swing in and out as one piece if you know what I mean.
This in turn removes the yellow and red undertones and makes the blue undertone higher, thereby refreshing your blonde hair to a brighter and beautiful hair color. Although I feel all this so vividly, I still live on amid the depravity and sins of rich society; and I cannot leave it, because I have neither the knowledge nor the strength to do so. But I must also avoid the error of those democrats and others who, in defending the oppressed and the enslaved, do not see their failings and mistakes, and who do not make sufficient allowance for the difficulties created, the mistakes inherited from the past, which in a degree lessens the responsibility of the upper classes. His water was ready, and everything on the washing-stand and dressing-table was ready for use and properly laid outa€”his soap, his tooth and hair brushes, his nail scissors and files.
The host, who was an active member of the Zemstvo and a great farmer, had already left the house, having gone at eight o'clock to attend to his work. As he reached the house he saw at the door four big, well-fed, well-groomed, thoroughbred horses harnessed to a carriage, the black lacquer of which glistened in the sun.
Now and again there was a pause in the conversation, and then Theodorite interposed, and every one became miserably depressed. The knacker was out, but he waited for him, and it was dinner-time when he had finished bargaining over the price of the skin. Mitri filled his mouth with water from the pail and squirted it out on his hands, took some more in his mouth to wash his face, dried himself with the rag, then parted and smoothed his curly hair with his fingers and went out.
At last the whistle of the squire's steam thrasher sounded three miles away, and then the owner came into the barn. When he returned to the others, they were already back at work again; and so it went on till the evening.
P., reads a liberal paper, and cannot understand the blindness of the government in allowing the union of Russian men to exist.
But these challenges are insignificant in comparison to the wonderful pleasure of being together every day. We were inspired to start this cause because research has shown that people are pretty bad at predicting what will make them happier. Well it turns out that the joyful aspiration and hoping we do when daydreaming is strongly linked to happiness. And a happy, positive outlook in turn has a ripple effect, making experiences of life more pleasant: the happiness advantage, as Achor calls it.
You start with a couple of kilometres, and you gradually build it up until you are ready for that marathon.
Volgin smoked a cigarette, lay on his face for about five minutes reviewing the day's impressions; then, blowing out his candle, he turned over on his side and fell asleep about one o'clock, in spite of a good deal of restlessness.
He washed his hands and face in a leisurely fashion, cleaned and manicured his nails, pushed back the skin with the towel, and sponged his stout white body from head to foot.
Volgin, while drinking his coffee, talked to the student and the secretary about the weather, and yesterday's vint, and discussed Theodorite's peculiar behaviour the night before, as he had been very rude to his father without the slightest cause. Passing these Volgin went into the park of at least a hundred and twenty-five acres, filled with fine old trees, and intersected by a network of well-kept walks. The coachman was seated on the box in a kaftan, with a silver belt, and the horses were jingling their silver bells from time to time.
At such moments the hostess ordered some dish that had not been served, and the footman hurried off to the kitchen, or to the housekeeper, and hurried back again. Then he borrowed a neighbour's horse to take his own to a field to be buried, as it is forbidden to bury dead animals near a village.
Wrosch and Scheier reported in Quality of Life Research that our choices create 40 percent of our happiness. So we might set goals and New Years resolutions with the noble intention of a happier, more fulfilling life, but even when we reach them, our ultimate goal falls short. With humor and self-mockery, he reveals how our mental well-being is linked to a positive outlook on life.
That means… you must be a unicorn!” he said, keeping her calm and avoiding being punished by his parents. When we have achieved a goal, we repeat this cycle and look at the next goal, thus continuously pushing success towards a horizon we can never reach. Still, the start of the year is a natural moment to evaluate personal development in the past year and set new goals. But if I aim to write to at least three people I appreciate every week, it’s probably more effective. The next evolution for the object though imho would be that hinge in the middle where it snaps together atm if they manage to sell enough of them!
I do not know how to change my life so that my physical needsa€”food, sleep, clothing, my going to and froa€”may be satisfied without a sense of shame and wrongdoing in the position which I fill.
Smoking as he strolled Volgin took his favourite path past the summer-house into the fields beyond. Adrian would not lend his horse because he was getting in his potatoes, but Stephen took pity on Mitri and gave way to his persuasion. The researchers added that goals boost your happiness because they give your life meaning and a sense accomplishment. Check out the countdown and get some more inspiration of how to add happiness to your list this year!
Standing in front of the mirror, he first brushed his curly beard, which was beginning to turn grey, with two English brushes, parting it down the middle. His name was Theodore, but some one had once called him Theodorite either as a joke or to tease him; and, as it seemed funny, the name stuck to him, although his doings were no longer in the least amusing. He understood that he was expected to return the help given the week before by Kumushkir, a man as poor as he was himself, when he was thrashing his own corn with a horse-driven machine. In a moment the straw was cleared away; the grain that had been thrashed was separated from the chaff and brought in, and then the workers went into the hut. Then he combed his hair, which was already showing signs of getting thin, with a large tortoise-shell comb. In the kitchen garden, which Mitri had to pass, a girl, clad only in a long shirt, was digging potatoes which she put into a basket. Putting on his underlinen, his socks, his boots, his trousersa€”which were held up by elegant bracesa€”and his waistcoat, he sat down coatless in an easy chair to rest after dressing, lit a cigarette, and began to think where he should go for a walk that morninga€”to the park or to Littleports (what a funny name for a wood!). He had been to the university, but left it in his second year, and joined a regiment of horse guards; but he gave that up also, and was now living in the country, doing nothing, finding fault, and feeling discontented with everything. Volgin took a deep breath, and felt glad that he was alive, especially here in his cousin's home, where he was so thoroughly enjoying the rest from his work at the bank. While he was digging the grave with a spade which was very blunt, the knacker appeared and took off the skin; and the carcass was then thrown into the hole and covered up. Mitri felt tired, and went into Matrena's hut, where he drank half a bottle of vodka with Sanin to console himself. He put his watch into his waistcoat pocket, and his pursea€”with all that was left of the hundred and eighty roubles he had taken for his journey, and for the incidental expenses of his fortnight's stay with his cousina€”and then he placed into his trouser pocket his cigarette-case and electric cigarette-lighter, and two clean handkerchiefs into his coat pockets, and went out of the room, leaving as usual the mess and confusion which he had made to be cleared up by Stephen, an old man of over fifty.
His wife was in the hut with the girlsa€”there were four of them, and the youngest was only five weeks old. Glancing at a mirror, and feeling satisfied with his appearance, Volgin went into the dining-room.
He groaned as the memory of the day before broke in upon hima€”how the horse had struggled and struggled, and then fallen down. Now there was no horse, and all he had was the price of the skin, four roubles and eighty kopeks.
After a stroll in Littleports he turned back, going straight across a fallow field which was being ploughed. Getting up he arranged the linen bands on his legs, and went through the yard into the hut. A herd of cows, calves, sheep, and pigs, which belonged to the village community, was grazing there. His wife was putting straw into the stove with one hand, with the other she was holding a baby girl to her breast, which was hanging out of her dirty chemise. He frightened the sheep, which ran away one after another, and were followed by the pigs, of which two little ones stared solemnly at him.

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