First thing you want to do is scan all the open roulette machines and see how much they have paid out. Once you have picked a machine registering a low payout, look to see what numbers have recently come in on the history panel. If your intuition is not coming in clearly and concisely or there are a lot of different messages coming through quiet your mind and ask your Divine guidance the following questions in order to minimize your losses and maximize your wins. Start with small bets until you have gotten a sense of how your psychic impressions are coming in and if the machine is letting you win or if it is “forcing” you to lose.
The more in tune and in sync you become with the machine, the stronger and clearer your intuition will be and you will start beating the machine at its own game. In Part 2, we will go over the process in-depth and also talk about winning at table games.
I am truly honoured to be representing England in Sanya, China for the Miss World final this year. I would like to thank the 50 amazing girls who were on stage with me during the Miss England finals and who were all supportive of each other, they are incredible, intelligent and already Miss England quality to have been selected to run their regions, so I may have been chosen but every girl was a winner.
Thank you to my followers who have shared my journey to Miss Cheshire and then to Miss England. I arrived at the Ricoh on the morning of the 13th at 10am as requested and I was both excited and nervous.
On arrival, the Miss England team were quick and efficient in helping us all get registered and organised into groups. We then moved on to the Billion Dollar Smile where the sponsoring company had already short-listed 22 girls as potentially having a great smile for their product promotion. The first stage of the rounds were complete and after lunch we then had fun with the rehearsals. At 7pm we were streaming live on Periscope and Youtube and it was time to find out who would be the next Mr England and to catwalk our Eco dresses. The Mr England competition was great to watch and the winner was of course Christopher Bramell (Mr Liverpool) and I look forward to seeing him again.
Eco Wear was an amazing round, it really was the most fantastic spectacle; colourful, creative and imaginative, it was so vivid on the eyes. I recycled my old, long and unshapely choir dress and transformed it into a sexy, backless cocktail dress fit for a bond girl and I trimmed it with money for Miss Moneypenny.
Made with cards and roulette tables, a dress was made from a diver’s wetsuit (ingenious!) and my favourite the ice palace was so spectacular it was made with old crushed CDs and other wonderful materials and it was such a show stopper, that would make a fabulous gown for any event. This was a truly magical day and I would compare it to the feeling a bride has on her wedding or a child going to Disney for the first time. There wasn’t time to think about how you were doing and the judges must have found it difficult to short-list as no one could predict who would win as all the girls looked sensational and certainly all Miss England quality.
I had been short-listed for the Talent round and I was rather nervous but it has always been a dream of mine to sing in front of a large audience so the Ricoh Arena felt very special indeed. There was a special award on the night for the Wheelchair Awareness Challenge which was very dear to my heart as I met the most incredible family and the courageous and inspirational Calum Mayes, a young man who has received recognition for the most inspirational young man from Prince Harry and who it was my absolute pleasure to walk with whilst he travelled 162 miles across the country to raise money for Wheelchair Awareness. This was just after I sang in the Talent Round, where I was awarded to recognition award for the Wheelchair Challenge. We are all raising awareness in our regions of the deserving causes and getting involved in community activities and we are Ambassadors for our own regions but our primary objective is to help those who cannot help themselves and therefore all the girls have been holding events, doing crazy things (bungee jumping and sky diving!) and everything and anything to get sponsorship for charity. From the bottom of my heart I can tell say that all the girls are outstanding and they should all be extremely proud of the contribution they have made, they are all compassionate, caring and special.
Then places were awarded for those girls who had scored high in multiple rounds but had not won a category, the Judge’s Choices.
Liz Brewer was on the judging panel and she has impeccable standards of behaviour, grace and manners. Whilst they were considering the top 15 to reduce the finalists down to just 5, the top 15, including myself, were privileged to model hand-made outfits from Simply Batik collection created by the Sri Lankan designer Sonali Dharmawardena Acushla.
After 4 of the girls had been called and I knew there was just one place left in the top 5 I waited and I don’t think I took a breath.
Third place was called and went to the beautiful Sophie Smith, Miss Cheltenham and the Publicity Queen.

There were 3 of us left; Jess Page, Wild Card, Jodie Eyre, Miss Manchester and myself, Miss Cheshire. When I walked out to meet the current Miss England, Carina, I saw all my family smiling and cheering a memory I will never forget, a moment I will treasure forever. I would like to say thank you to the Miss England team for the incredible job they do, for making every girl feel special and for being an amazing organisation that creates a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience. A huge thank you to all the amazing girls for showing true sportsmanship and just for being you, as you are the most beautiful group of girls with your own unique talents and qualities and it was a privilege to share the stage with you. I would like to credit and give thanks to all of the photographers and film crews who captured the moments of this event perfectly. And last but not least, thank you for reading, for following, for sharing and for enjoying. Depending on your intuitive level and the amount you wager, you can rack up substantial winnings, in a short amount of time, on a consistent basis like the best psychics. First ask, “What color is going to come in, Black, Red or Green?” If the answer is Black or Red, the next question you ask is, “What quadrant is coming in, First, Second or Third?” Once you have ascertained the color and the quadrant, bet a $1 on each number in that color in that quadrant. The way you know a machine is “forcing” you to lose is if you were pretty certain a number, color or quadrant was coming in and the roll stopped abruptly short and dropped into another number far from the number you bet.
If a number came to you very strongly and clearly, but it didn’t come in on that particular roll and you are doing fairly well on that machine, then trust in yourself that the number is coming in and bet it on the next roll. How you can take part for free, what over 2,000 girls, just like you, have loved about the whole experience and why we especially want YOU even if you don't think that you're "beautiful" or "confident" enough. The girls were all feeling the same as we have been preparing for the finals for months and have all dedicated a lot of hard work and effort.
The day kicked off with a ‘piece to camera’ that allowed us to share something about ourselves with the judges and the audience.
5 of the girls all tied with 100% scores which is extremely impressive, I don’t think the judges expected that!
What incredible Miss’ we have as every girl was so deserving to be there and although it was ‘extreme’ no one dropped out and every girl completed the round.
What a great visual way to raise awareness of waste products and how to recycle clothes into wearable outfits.
Fun, beautiful, exciting and with the feeling that these memories will stay with you forever. The Miss England team are such professionals and moved us through the routines and rehearsals, sound checks and hair and make up. Every girl had her own strengths through the show and managed to showcase them through the different awards presented at the end. I am thrilled that they would recognise me with such an award but Calum is the true hero and inspiration here.
The charity award went to Miss Surbiton, Charlotte Rudham, raising a fantastic amount for Beauty With A Purpose. I had won the Public Vote (thank you to everyone who took the time and voted for me, it means a lot) but this win alone would not be enough and I knew I would have to score high in all other rounds to make the Judge’s consideration. As well as the celebrities and businessmen judging we also had the wonderful previous Miss England, Kirsty Heslewood, who looked absolutely incredible and knew exactly what skills were required for the role and who had the potential to fulfil that role. This is now my favourite item of clothing (after my finals dress of course) take a look the outfits were exquisite!
I was nervous and anxious; waiting to hear if my name would be called for a place in the top 5. Then after a long pause they called my name and it was the most incredible feeling, I was so happy and excited to be invited back to the stage. The wait felt like a life time and we all held hands back stage whilst listening to Carina’s fantastic speech that laid out the potential of the journey ahead for one of us. Sitting on the Miss England Throne, cameras flashing, the audience cheering, and my smile from ear to ear, my world was glittering.
I am heading off to Sri Lanka with Chris, Mr England, Angie and Jennifer McSween (Miss Beach Beauty) very soon and I am so excited to share with you these incredible events and I hope you can support me on my way to Miss World 2015. The total amount of bets played is $6 and if you were correct, you will win and the payout will be $36.

If you know the machine “forced” you to lose, immediately collect your voucher from the machine and go to another machine.
Since there is no time or space in the spirit world, sometimes we get guidance a little further into the future than what we are asking for. Enter your details below and get all the information you need straight to your email inbox NOW! With such super smart ladies they had to do further questions until there was a clear winner.
At the end there was a real challenge to see who had the most stamina and strength and of course it was the remarkable Holly Desai, beautiful, strong and fit and managed to hold the plank for a record time. We all did our best to look memorable to the judges and we knew the following day would be fantastic but there was that feeling of trepidation as you secretly wish for your dream to come true.
The positions were filled from the winners of the categories such as Talent, Charity, Billion Dollar Smile, Fresh Modelsque, Beach Beauty, Sports, Public Vote, Eco wear, Top Model and Judges Choices. Looking around at all the beautiful girls in the room and wondering who would be short-listed.
This was truly an amazing achievement to have made it so far in the competition I was delighted and I could not stop smiling!! Suddenly we heard that the results were going to be announced and we all stood together smiling. If a machine has paid out some significant wins, the machine will then “force” losses to the next player to make up for some of the previous payouts. Well done Larissa Hirst (Miss Hampshire) who really has got brains and beauty as she won the round. Jodi Eyre (Miss Manchester) has the most amazing smile (truly beautiful) and she successfully secured this award.
The other girls dived in to hug me, which was wonderful and shows the beauty of the Miss England family.
But if you trust in your psychic abilities, your good with numbers, and you have some cash, roulette is a fun way to earn a little extra money based on your psychic abilities and talents.
The following is a how to guide on how to consistently win and beat the roulette machine at its own game.
But for right now, to maximize your chances of winning, first pick a machine that has a low payout and has had some action from previous players like the best psychics do. Once you have found a machine that is letting you win, and your intuition is serving you well, and you have racked up some winnings, start betting $2 or $3 a number. Even though the machine is an inanimate object, we as animate beings have the ability to tune into an inanimate object and connect to its energy. So don’t be afraid to bet the same number that just came in if that is what your intuition is telling you. So sit there quietly, tune in, and see if your intuition comes to you in the form of a number or color.
If a number comes to you clearly and concisely, place your bet on that number and the two numbers on either side of it on the wheel.
Often times, if you are correct about the number, but only bet that particular number, and the machine wants to “force” a loss, the machine will drop the ball on the number next to the number you bet.
By betting all three numbers, you are tricking the machine and will usually win even though the machine tried to “force” a loss.
If a color is coming to you clearly and concisely delve a little further and try to ascertain the winning number.
Once you have the number, check to see if the number corresponds to the color that came in clearly and concisely. Do this several times in a row and your winnings will get you significantly ahead in a short amount of time.

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