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As good as the game looks though, we should not forget that it will be GTA V on PC that offers the best version of the game, hands down without any argument from a graphical point of view. The minute Rockstar releases those GTA V PC files, the hardcore community will get to work on texture mods that could make GTA V look very special indeed. We personally can’t wait to see GTA V PS4 Vs PC graphics comparisons this Fall and Rockstar should be fully aware that somebody is going to come along and just make the PC version of the game better looking than what they have managed. Let us know if you plan to take full advantage of a modded GTA V when it releases on PC later this year. In the same way that Paris Hilton can have the best shopping experience over the man in the street, a small percent of PC users with great rigs and lots of money to spend will have the best GTA V experience in time. Alongside the different types of experience (which are explained in detail in another section of this guide), Silver is one of the most important resources in Black Desert Online, with almost everything you do in the game costing you this in-game currency to some degree or another. Some people will try to advise you on in-depth setups to make a lot of money in the late-game, but what about if you don’t have the time or the resources for those complicated, partly automated setups?
One key thing to understand is that most of these methods of making Silver require Contribution Points, which are limited. This might seem obvious, but let’s get the truly obvious one out of the way first: you gain quite a bit of silver for completing quests.
Doing quests will also reward Contribution EXP and other things vital to progressing, so don’t underestimate the power of simply grinding side quests for a while. Black Desert Online is a vastly populated game, and the enemies out in the world have a generously speedy respawn rate, making it quite easy to stand in an area and farm enemies. A basic enemy will drop some sort of silver as standard, but in addition if you’re lucky you’ll find enemies drop equipment that can either be used or sold and tokens. In order to find out where to go in order to trade these items, open our inventory and right click them – the game will show you the path to the nearest vendor of interest. While perhaps one of the more boring methods of earning money in just about any MMO, fishing is a more hands-off and relaxed way to grind out some levels.
Trading is an easy way to make money, but is a little less approachable and takes a little longer to get going thanks to high initial costs. Once you have two nodes that are a decent way from each other – vital for getting a good price – use the Node’s Trade Manager to find items that are needed. It wouldn’t be an open-ended MMO if you can’t use your skills to create items you can then sell.
Better still, partaking in crafting grants various types of EXP also, so you’re grinding in more ways than one. Another top way to earn a little bit of extra coin that doesn’t require much money is via your horse. If you’ve access to a mare, you can do the reverse – you can hire male horses to breed with, and then sell the resulting offspring for decent prices.
Anyone hoofing around the Crucible lately will have run into the bullet hose that is the legendary auto-rifle Doctrine of Passing. Not since the exotic hand-cannon Thorn has there been such a heart-breaking PvP weapon as the Doctrine of Passing.

So, the thing with Doctrine of Passing, like Atheon’s Epilogue before it in Year One, is that it has an INSANE rate of fire. Doctrine of Passing is exclusively earned via Trials of Osiris, the end-game PvP event taking place every Friday through Monday.
The DoP has a very good base stability rating for an auto rifle of 42, plus an excellent reload rating of 78. As we’ve already established that DoP excels at anything from close to medium range, the last part of the puzzle that you want to take care of is extreme up-close and far distance.
As touched upon earlier, The Last Word is exactly what it sets out to be against almost anything up close – those fan-fired rounds beat the crap out anything.
For reasons mentioned above, it isn’t entirely true to declare DoP as a game breaking piece of shit along the lines of Thorn pre The Taken King.
Doctrine of Passing is currently riding the wave of update 2.0, which significantly boosted the performance of all auto rifles in PvP at close to medium range. The trailer was actually confirmed to be running on PS4 hardware and it has made a lot of gamers happy, even one certain Hideo Kojima. We showed you a PS4 Vs PS3 comparison giving you an exact idea of the graphical differences and it’s a real eye opener truth be told. You only need to search through some of the breathtaking existing mods for GTA IV to see just what can be done unofficially for that added layer of polish on top of what Rockstar already brings to the table. Is this the single reason why you are choosing to buy GTA V on PC, rather than a PS4 or Xbox One copy? We explain how to grind out more contribution Points in the EXP section of the guide, so if you haven’t and you’re a beginner we suggest reading that first.
That doesn’t just go for the core quests that sit at the centre of Black Desert Online, but also for many of the side quests. We’ve got some recommended areas for farming enemies for EXP elsewhere in our guide – they may well be a good place to start. This strategy carries through even to the late game, with tokens from later enemies selling for ridiculous amounts. In order to fish, you’ll need to get a fishing rod from a merchant or craft one, which is easy enough.
You can cook them, but be sure to do all this in good time, as fish will go bad over time and thus not be worth selling.
The easiest way to do this is to find the nearest city on your map, right click the node on the map, and then auto-run there. You want to look for things that are selling for less than their initial value – if you can grab an item for 75% of its initial value and sell it elsewhere for 105% of its initial value, that’s a solid profit. The more you invest the more cash you’ll have to buy and trade more expensive things with larger profits. Just as you can sell loot gathered from enemies, Crafting things or Cooking them can increase the value of the base components, giving you something more valuable to sell on.
But whereas Thorn almost demands that you cowardly duck out of the way to let its poisonous bullets finish the job for you, with DoP you get to watch the life drain at around 13-16 damage per bullet.
While there are similar guns (mentioned further down) that you could own, the boon with DoP is that it seems to ignore the puny range statistics, chewing Guardians to pieces from a surprising distance in addition to shredding them from the hip up close.

There are a few ways to obtain it, we got ours from completing the relatively easy Gold Tier bounty.
These already make it preferable to running with Atheon’s Epilogue if you think that’s so smart. There’s a reason that the trinity tormenting PvP right now is unerringly TLW, DoP and MIDA Multi-Tool because they suit different play styles while being evenly matched. Although DoP especially mocks the ‘stability for reliable close quarters’ and ‘range for accuracy at distance’ ideals.
You can even leave the computer at this point; without your interaction your character will still catch fish, just at a lower rate. Keep in mind that the location where you fish will help determine the value, and heavily populated fishing areas will result in slower catching than an area where nobody is around. It’ll lead you to an NPC – that person is in charge of the node-related shenanigans for that city. Prices can range hugely and fluctuate in real time, so it’s important to pay attention to what and where you’re buying and selling.
The upshot is that you’ll likely win almost any primary 1v1 with the exception of The Last Word. Sometimes it is offered for winning seven matches, but the ultimate aim is to achieve a flawless run of nine games and hope to secure an Adept version (320 Light plus Last Resort perk) from the Lighthouse on Mercury.
And so the conversation has settled on Counterbalance versus Hidden Hand to ensure that all your bullets find their target. If you prefer to go to work as a marauding Titan, or sneak-ass Hunter however, impact shotguns or fun-packed exotic fizzler fusion Telesto will permanently embed that grin into your cheeks. All things being equal (so, in regular Crucible, not Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris) you’ll learn to respect the steady hand and map reading prowess of a MIDA guy, and the quick-witted take downs of a TLW user. Ignoring Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, where your DoP needs to be > 310 to even count, we’d recommend the Gunsmith Hakke Arminius-D when it’s on order, Righteous VII from New Monarchy, and Crucible Anitpodal Hindsight as alternatives to proudly bear, especially with Glass Half Full as a perk. Having that guaranteed Light level is awesome all by itself, but the thing looks gorgeous too. Since many duels end up as butt-clenching, side-strafing hopes for the best (you’ll stop hoping after a while with DoP, you’ll just know) we’re going to say that Hidden Hand is the best partner for on-board Persistence.
It will improve your overall score, then, but unlike TLW and MIDA that require some finesse, DoP could make you a lazier. Though not completely infallible, it is almost idiot proof and I should know, because I’m an idiot.
You’ll have them in your sites and eating their own teeth before they’ve landed a single shot. That said, you are required to read the maps and the flow of the game to avoid embarrassment while using DoP. This is why DoP is more of a menace in 3v3 modes, so as not to get caught in a crossfire while humiliating targets.

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