As the new series of Dragon’s Den approaches, we are once again reminded of the huge number of people out there who are passionate about a myriad of different product ideas. Despite the economic challenges that face all business people, the Dragons know that the best way to keep ahead of the competition is to continually find new ideas that help to address specific problems –and make lots of money along the way. Last year Applied Product Design was lucky enough to help develop the Dry Ice product with Karen Coombes and Karen O’Neil. If you have an innovative idea you think has the potential to fill a gap in the market, get in touch with us today, and see how we can bring your concept to life.

The hands are painted like an American flag and placed in a heart shape, representing my love for America. And then once I printed both hands, I painted on stars and fixed up any fingers that didn't quite show up. From what we can garner, the new series (Wednesday 14th July, 21:00, BBC 2)  looks set to be the most explosive yet, with the Dragons all looking to get maximum value from the ideas they eventually invest in. Our strong connections with manufacturing facilities in China also mean we are able to help with long-term mass production, when ideas really take off.

Among the highlights are a Devon-based vineyard, and an innovative approach to re-designing the nation’s road signs. APD were involved with everything from the screws and fittings to protecting the intellectual property.

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