Seiya celebrates the final day of Broketober by going on a treasure hunt, because the best way to make money is to chase legends. Seiya and Isuzu, along with Moffle, Macaron and Tiramy, head to the southern section of the park.
While Moffle, Tiramy and Seiya square off against a tribe of boar-men, Isuzu and Macaron are in a jail cell. Seiya and the two small park mascots continue to fight against the boar people, even though the boar people don’t seem to be interested in fighting back. They get the full explanation from a little furry dude, who’s clan has been hiding in the park for years. For all the hoopla about new-gen consoles, for those looking for rock solid, traditional games, you'd be hard-pressed to top 3DS. Pushmo: A fiendishly addictive puzzle game that makes full use of 3D, Pushmo was the first must-have downloadable title for 3DS.
It's been a slow two years, but the 3DS has finally accrued a decent number of great games after my semi-regretful early adoption. And hey, I never meant to be like "ugh, you didn't pick this game you guys suck." Just wanted to throw another one out there that doesn't get a lot of love. Not surprised to see Pushmo make an appearance, but I'm glad to see Dillon mentioned as well. I'd also toss out Kokuga, a kind of tactical-feeling top-down shooter, and Harmoknight, which I enjoyed in spite of its art style. Would you say 999 is required playing to get enjoyment out of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward? And there's another good reason to play 999 first, probably a more important reason: VLR spoils 999's ending.
One suggestion for the US Gamer team: Could you identify whether these games are retail, eShop, or both? Looks like the new addition of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is using a screenshot from the unreleased GBA game. It's great to see so much Link Between Worlds love, I was totally delighted and blown away by that game. Is this an update of last year's document, or did this change since it was first published?
If it's an update, I'd suggest keeping last year's choices in either a separate section, or creating a separate article.
Glad to see both Bravely Default and Fire Emblem Awakening included among the system's very best games.

Mondo's first Castlevania music release on vinyl looks great, but these legendary tunes deserve better treatment.
Giant Squid's stunning, serene underwater adventure trips over itself, despite rarely setting foot on land. Ghost Town Games' arcade cooking game dishes up some very enjoyable - and often riotous - multiplayer action.
Moffle and the mascots mention the legend of Dornell, a former park mascot who found a cave littered with treasure. Seiya sees a large dilapidated stadium and learns that the plans for a sports stadium never panned out and it’s been deserted for years. They’re immediately set upon by multiple triggered traps, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, and are separated in short time when Isuzi and Macaron fall through some trap doors. Seiya then cheats by using his telepathic abilities to discern the answer to Ruby’s question.
Sometimes she would buy the $5 or $10 scratch offs, or sometimes play Mega-Millions or one of those multi-state lotteries.
I have candy sitting next to me and am ready for the initial rush of grade-school or younger kids that usually come around first. Team USG has compiled a comprehensive list of the very best games available on Nintendo's excellent hand-held.
It plays host to an amazing collection of RPGs, adventures, action games, and more - many of which are absolutely top-notch. We've looked at the complete 3DS software library and rounded up what we believe are the finest games you can play on Nintendo's hand-held system.
That same devotion applied to a top-tier masterpiece makes for an essential addition to any 3DS. Instead, expect a fast-paced Mario classic that delivers the kind of simple, yet highly addictive and fabulously enjoyable gameplay the series is known for. These old Color Game Boy classics might look simple, their sound may be crude, they're sometimes almost unfairly hard, and can be frustrating and fiddly to play.
Despite its move to a portable console, this really does feel like a game worthy to be the next step in SMT's evolution. But even though it has an easy mode and lets you turn off permadeath, don't make the mistake of assuming its content and variety has been watered down in the least.
And for Euro folks, Crashmo is known as Fallblox in your territory - and Pushmo is called Pullblox. I traded it in for a Vita (something that a few months later I regretted, but now considering the PS4 news, I'm actually really excited about).

3D Land and Kid Icarus helped stem the buyer's remorse early on, but Etrian Odyssey has done away with it completely. However, I can speak as someone who just recently beat VLR and has not yet played 999 and I don't think it is at all essential. On paper it's just a re-hash of a game world we've seen before with dungeons we've played before.
The missing mascot explains how his time away from the park sort of got out of hand, thanks to discovering an MMO. After the violent repeat offender Moffle slaps Ruby, the dragon’s soft side is on clear display. Speaking of Dornell, the park leadership ends up selling his entire otaku collection to pay that month’s bills. I usually close all the doors, turn off the lights and park my car down the street, so no one thinks I’m home. Each member of the USgamer team has also listed their personal favorite 3DS games, along with an explanation as to why they've chosen each one.
Packed full of nifty details and some delightful moments, Mario fans young or old will get their money's worth out of this – and then some.
Don't let the first few deliberately underwhelming hours of the game fool you; SMT IV deserves to be ranked among the genre's best. Whatever you call them, both games offer some of the most enjoyable, addictive, and fun puzzling anywhere - and will magically make any long journey fly by.
They each have plots that stand by themselves, but you'll get more out of them if you play both.
All the new characters are hired by Seiya, who still needs to figure out a way to make money.
It might not make a lot of Game of the Year lists, but I can assure you that it is one of 2015's best. On the surface they are rudimentary, yet they create an experience that transcends the limited technology upon which they were built. If you enjoy characters making stupid faces, you’re probably still laughing 21 minutes after watching this episode.
For example, kicking the living shit out of and even burning alive all those boar-men who turn out to be friendlies.

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