Would you like to exchange that gold mine of junk in your basement for a fistful of dollars?
I was pruning my basil and I when I picked this leaf I found what I think are baby ladybugs that had just hatched. Question: Sasha do you think you could make a cap or comic based on latex as the material for the TG? This was a TG caption I made for Steffie who is a very silly girl and likes silly captions. I usually do not remember my dreams but I can tell you that lately I've been having some weird dreams.
I've been dreaming more often than not that I go to sleep and then wake up a girl, it happens more often if I do something particularly feminine that evening like wear some make up or do my nails. Question: Would you create some captions where the male is turned into a super horny adult baby girl going from Mike to Michelle please?
You would think that the best way to make money would be to become a hot girl and then just go sell yourself to the highest bidder.

When you ask questions like these it always makes it hard for me to give you a straight answer. If I had a body suit I think I'd wear super slutty and then eventually dress up a little more casual. While being unemployed it’s a good time to streamline your outgoing expences by making adjusts to your household bills.
I guess it is because it tells the world you're a woman and you spent hours wearing a sexy bikini. The dreams are quite intense, sometime in the night my body changes and shapes into of a curvaceous girl. Oddly enough the first things my hand reaches for are the clothes that show off my new curves.
I love the perky hotness not to mention her colorful pink bikini and yellow mini skirt set.
You don’t necessarily need a garage to hold a garage sale, but you do need to know the secrets of success.

Most of the times I just end up bend over the desk looking as closely as possible but it is always so hard.
I don't know which bodysuit captions you refer to because the files in my computer are not in order by date nor did I post by date. I think I've been fantasizing too much about being a girl that it finally happened and now that it did. My brain works really hard and you know that always hurts a bit, especially at first when i'm not all warmed up. My mind reels as I feel the flat mound of flesh between my legs but at other times, in the dream, my tgirl clit is still there nested between my legs.

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