Money making guide, Quest guide, Skill training guide, Wilderness guide – All your RuneScape guides in short videos! I-Eat_Pie wrote:We all know this u not getting honor student a lot of 'helpful' players are popping up and making guides, wouldn't you say? Lenses do make a difference, but if it is too difficult or irritating, don't force yourself :)Kirin Macaroni: lenses are really helping the look isn't it? If you want to be a trophy hunter, protecting your defenses and Town Hall are your main priorities.
If your opponent attacked only to destroy the Town Hall, you only lose 1000 gold and elixir. This is my strategy guide, which will include my strategies for layouts, actions, and how to stay out of trouble!
To do this, put your Town Hall in the middle of the base, and put your defenses close by, but spread out so that 50% of your base won't be wiped out.

Wall Breakers are more useful in this tactic, for it is the most expensive when all troop levels are balanced and has a low housing space.
I'm a really cool and fun guy, so you will see some polls along the way to lighten the mood. Your resource storages should be your second priority, and you should put them close to your defenses. Some farmers might think if they want to put the Town Hall in or out of their base, but it is advisable to leave them out to be able to get easy shields and warn off a few players.
Usually people will put traps in that place where the funneling is, but you can also put a mortar close by so that once the troops are bunched up, the mortar will bring them down. It is when you have many sections in your base, making wall breakers useless and making it harder to win the battle. And even if you did have that many wall breakers, they might not go where you want them to go and may get killed easily.

Train your army, and tap the game once in 2 minutes to keep the game from that annoying reload button. If you look at Jorge Yao's base, he is more of a trophy hunter because he surrounds his town hall with walls and puts the storages somewhere else. Just to remind, get 400 trophies to be in the bronze league, 800 in the silver league, 1400 in the gold league, 2000 to get in crystal, 2600 to get in master, and 3200 to get in champion!

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