Monjur Hossain loves to write about latest Online Money Making Idea, Celebrity Gossip, Tech Related news and reviews and Many Other. It’s a one of the best way to earn money online you have nothing to do you get paid to take surveys, watch videos, shop online, even you get paid for reading your emails also. If you have the hobby of writing and want to express your ideas to the world then blogging is a truly suitable way of making money online from home.
If you are still not aware with this online money making game then you need to know that a lot of people are earning some large amounts of money by contributing articles to different freelance writing websites that pay well. In today’s Internet guide, I am going to list top 50 best websites that will pay you good money for writing articles. Below listed all websites are specially designed to get paid for writing and well recognized on the internet to earn money online by writing articles. I hope, you found some helpful websites to make money online by writing articles and best ways to make money online from home. Please, let us know – which one is your favourite website to earn money online by writing articles from above listed top 50 websites or which one you are going to use for making money online from home by writing articles? Great list for writers, I guess I’ll have to save this post and also apply on all of all them. I am happy to know that you liked the list of top 50 Best Websites to Make Money Online by Writing Articles. How To Make Money Online With Top Micro Job Sites? Micro job is very easy and common job in online. MinuteWorkers is a short term based online working site that allow the user to complete the short work such as Facebook like,Vote, Share, Tweet, Stumbleupon, Anser Yahoo questions and many other short time framed work. This is not full Micro job sites list, I just mention and write short review the top micro job site list which is popular and legitimate. If have any good idea in any subject and you think that the idea is saleable then you do not late to sell the idea.
Who doesn’t want to work by sitting in pajamas on a couch at home and having a cup of coffee in hand and no botheration of work and the important thing is there is NO BOSS you are your OWN BOSS? That attracts lot’s of peoples or visitors just cause of its humor articles, photos, videos, personal experiences of peoples.

This website allows you write anything what to you want your readers to read but the limits of words are 300-400. The development of technology in the different field has made people remarkably independent and intellectual.
In case, you like to write articles but don’t have enough time to manage a blog successfully (in short, you want to make money online without a website), however, you can easily earn some decent income online through writing articles. This is one the best ways to make money online for students, housewife and all those people who want to make extra money by writing articles from home.
Feel free to suggest me through comments if I forgot to include any popular article writing sites that pay well.
There are various online jobs to make money but earning Money by Writing Articles is one of the most easy and quick process so, you must dive into it as soon as possible. In this site you can offer the job and also you can able to offer the price for your work which is fixed $5 to $50. If you are a programmer and looking money make with Software Developing it’s possible.
You can make money surely with blogging if you have skilled at any area such as writing about Food Blog, Fashion Blog, Cartoon Blog,Hair Blog, Child Behaviour Blog, Model and Celebrity related blog , Photography and many other.
You can find out different type of Virtual Assistant work area such as administrative, technological and many other, You just chose your niche area. In the internet you can find a lot of web site who buys new invention or ideas, you just select any trusted sites and submit your invention or idea. The article you write is called “bubble” , share your bubble on various on various social site and per click, comment, like and  even a single view will increase your payouts. Specially, the Internet world is a magnificent source of learning, teaching, communicating, data storing, sharing or data transferring, helping, and earning money too. Only, you have to contribute articles as per your topic preference and you will make money online fast. I am now a regular contributor for a popular blogsite and now making enough money to pay for my own apartment!
If you haven’t any professional skills about online money making , but you still want to make money with simple effort then micro job is the best for you.

I feel Gigbucks is a legitimate site, Because when I was writing this post, I read lot of Websites, Forums and blogs article about Gigbucks, and I found most of Information is positive. You can make any kind of Software Developing such as PCs, tablet PC as well as Cell Phones for money making based mostly on your skills and abilities. Now I will provide some authentic and unique micro job sites list and write review that list which is 100% legitimate for online money making.
Microworkers pay your earning when you get a verification code which is send Microworkers via post, then You get your income if your income reach $10 via Payza and Paypal.
In online you can find numerous website and apps stores, which you can sell your developing software and make huge money. When your blog becomes a popular and has a lot of traffic, Then you make money very easily.
So if you also the one then who got fed up from daily 9 hours job and lot’s of boundation then this work is only for you. Gigbucks pay you income when your earning reach $5, and you get your earning payment via PayPal, Payza and credit cards. I ended up with someone who will create my ebook for me, which is around 20,000 words for $100, he promised to finish the work in 1 week.Amazon Kindle is another venue of making money online i want to explore, although this will not take place until July 2013, i will wait until i have about 3-5 books to upload.
My guess about blogging income depends on visitor, If you have 50, 000 visitor in a month, you may earn $100 to $200 via Google Adsence and many other advertising site.
Guru is a great freelancing website for web designers, clients pay up front for your work, and when you are done with the work you get paid, guru use escrow which will hold the money until you are through with the job.2.
Logomyway This is a great place for logo designers to make money online with what they are doing already.3. Freelancer: This is the oldest freelancing website in the world, it has lots of job opportunities and you can get top work from here, but do your due diligence before working here as there are lots of scammers here4.

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