Chrissie Chau and Angelababy are two of the best-selling photo album models currently in Hong Kong. Born in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 10, Chrissie Chau ( ??? ) is a Hong Kong pseudo-model and actress. Born in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 13, Angela Yeung ( ?? , better known by her stage name Angelababy) is also a model and actress.
With her three exquisite photo album books, Angelababy has previously been the best-selling model in Hong Kong. With Chrissie’s recent innovative and provocative 3D honeymoon-themed and wedding-eve-themed DVDs, Chrissie has already beaten Angelababy and became the new “Best Selling Queen”.
Since 2009, Angelababy has been popular in Japan, appearing on numerous Japanese fashion magazines such as Glamorous, Nylon Japan and Classy.

After Angelababy’s success in Japan, Chrissie has joined her in the Japanese entertainment industry as well. I rate Angelababy as being better just because she doesn’t rely on cleavage shots as much.
Hm I do prefer Angelababy’s style, as she is fashionable and exudes a certain amount of poise and elegance rather than simply lingerie and a provocative image.
I’m not familiar with chinese stars, but seeing this as a foreigner, I think that Angela Baby is wayyy more pretty. Recently both have released new photo albums as they battle it out to be the best-selling model. With her continuous provocative photo shoots, Chrissie is titled “Hong Kong’s Young Model Pictorial Queen”.

Chrissie modelled for a Japanese lingerie brand last month, earning her a 12-page spread in its catalogue.
Not that I don’t appreciate curves, but too many models just push them together to get famous these days. Nevertheless, Chrissie’s latest TV commercial for Slim Beauty seems to be a copy of the 2006 Bavaria Beer Ad.

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