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I frequently mention a vision board on Twitter and Facebook, and many of you ask me about mine, and how to make one. But, I have been using a vision board (or dream board as it is sometimes referred to) for a while now. I like to have one sentence – the overall, big picture dream written out in the middle, or at the top. B-All, I share Energy Surge #6 and the importance of practicing the Appreciation Perspective Experience every night while in the process of falling asleep.
I find that most people get into bed and then relive their day in their mind with the focus being on everything that they did not accomplish or those aspects of their day which did not go the way they wanted it to go. They attempt to fall asleep while dwelling on a list of everything they feel they must do the next day or what they wish they could go back and do over again. As always, thank you for sharing this Attraction Tip with your team members, co-workers, friends and family…any one you feel would enjoy being more ‘attractive’ with what they desire to have in their lives to achieve their goals with velocity and ease.
I was one of those people that my mind was still going when I wanted to go to sleep and stay up tossing and turning. Doctors acknowledge that stress is a leading factor in the development of life-threatening conditions.
We love to connect, so take the next step and click on our links below to become a Member of the Chi-To-Be! You can use a brainstorming clip art to encourage students to think intensely before they answer any questions.

Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. And of course they come to me at the right time as I seem to have entered some form of transformational time by the start of this week. I would post own my vision board for you to see, except I’m kinda superstitious, and feel like my vision board is like a birthday wish. It consists of every image, or word or sentence that you envision for yourself in your life. Start browsing through magazines and newspapers and cut out images and pictures that symbolize your goals and dreams.
This has helped me to relax and focus on all the positive things that I was able to accomplish throughout the day. It’s the month of my birthday coming up on September 18th and it seems to have to do with that. You know, you cover your eyes, make a wish, and only if you tell no one, it will come true?
In case you have dismissed the idea, thinking that it is just a giant poster board of images of fancy cars, clothes, jewelry and skinny women, think again.
Perhaps there is a picture of an open door, symbolizing you leaving your current job, and opening the door to new possibilities. I am experiencing that the more often I use Energy Surge #6 for myself the more I can extend it outward to others. Even if I was not able to complete all the things I wanted to it doesn’t matter because getting a good and restful nights sleep allows me to wake with more energy for the next day.

There is no more perfect time than NOW to make your vision board, and put your plan into action. Perhaps there is a picture of an ocean, there to remind you to take a walk by the seaside every now and then to clear your mind. I am then able to achieve my goals throughout the day more easily so that I can begin the cycle all over again.
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I’m shedding a lot of tears at the moment and try to give myself time to go through that and see what turns up on the other side of the tunnel.
I started acknowledging one thing and as I felt my energy shift and my Chi-Lift, I could feel the corners of my mouth smile bigger and bigger.
Being able to appreciate and love myself helps me to attract more appreciation and love into my life. Perhaps there is a cozy table set for two, to remind you to inject more romance into your relationship. I even have a little ACTION PLAN section on mine, with a few action steps on how I plan to implement my goals. I bought it for $12.99 at Office Depot, and I write and erase as my goals and visions change.

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