Speaking of things which are all warm and make me feel good inside, few meals are as satisfying as a nice jacket potato.
Speaking further of things which make me feel warm inside, PRAISE THE LORD for grey joggers. Whatever the reason for denying your own pursuit of happiness, Raj Raghunathan has likely heard it before – and he, for one, believes you should be happy. Raghunathan, an associate professor of marketing at the McCombs School of Business, has more than a passing interest in happiness. People are conditioned by society to follow certain rules for living, Raghunathan explains. Finally, he said rather than requiring clarity on complex issues, we should be willing to embrace ambiguity. Of course, there aren’t any simple answers to becoming happy, as Raghunathan himself has discovered. As a writer for Texas Enterprise, Jeremy covers business-related research and news from the University of Texas at Austin. Log in with Facebook to receive our email newsletter, and comment on articles written by The McCombs School faculty and staff.

The beat just makes me want to dance, and when I hear the first couple of bars in a club bitches better make way because the dancefloor is MINE.
They’re just so clingy and indiscreet, and they have livened up many a walk on the beach for me. When asked about their choices, people provide numerous explanations for not picking happiness. For example, rather than promoting selfishness, he noted how emotion research suggests that happy people are actually more likely to give back.
In fact, when he prompts people by noting happiness as a wish option, the percentage of people asking the genie for happiness suddenly shoots up. Once we lose sight of happiness as the goal, we can get caught up in seeking money, power, and importance.
That extends to a willingness to entertain spiritual ideas, such as considering the possibility of a benign universe that wants us to flourish and prosper. It was also our first dance at our wedding, so hearing it will always bring back lots of happy memories. Among the responses, some people believe that unlike more concrete desires (like wealth or fancy homes) happiness is too abstract a wish.

Little did he know, I LOVED IT and quite wanted him to muddle them all up again afterwards so I could do it again. One of the things I miss most about being in education is submitting something to be marked and the feeling of validation you get when it comes back with a good grade on it.
Or if you go into the kitchen and forget what you went in for so you just make a cocktail because that’s as good a reason as any.
What’s the point in saving if you’re not going to count it in little piles like a Victorian workhouse owner?
I just want to be told I’m a good boy and have chocolate buttons thrown into my mouth. And then when you’ve finished counting it you put it back in the treasure chest where it belongs.

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