The British army is set for major change over the next few years following a restructuring review known as Army 2020.What is happening to the British army?It is getting smaller. How have these decisions been made?The Army has made recommendations to the government as to which units or regiments should be lost.
Great Britain claim two Olympic titles to go fourth in the medal table on day seven at Rio, while Katarina Johnson-Thompson leads the heptathlon. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. ACN Compensation ACN 1 Monthly Residual Commissions Commissions Over time, your goal is for the majority of your compensation to come from the residual income of your customers’ monthly billings. ACN Compensation ACN 2 Weekly and Monthly Bonuses Bonuses The second way IBOs can earn compensation is through weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) and monthly Team Customer Acquisition Bonuses (TCABs).
If you spend 10 minutes reading this post I promise you that by the end of it you’ll understand how to buy a low energy light bulb. Although there are literally hundreds of light fittings in existence, your home probably only has a couple.
Bulb shape is not just a question of liking the look of a bulb, it is about how it throws light. There is literally an alphabet describing different bulb shapes, but since I promised not to bore you I’m just not going to go there. All you need to do for shape is use your common sense. For a ceiling pendent you might want an ‘omnidirectional’ bulb like the arbitary, stick or spiral shape. A bulb that throws the wrong angle light can be really annoying, so do take the time to contemplate the shape before you buy. This is particularly the case when buying LEDs, because the use of the term ‘replacement’ can be abused by bulb re-sellers, and occasionally by lesser manufacturers too. So, if you’re in Australia, and want to replace an old 60W bulb and get a similar amount of light, then you know you’ll need to get at least 700 lumens to get a similar brightness to the old bulb.
Knowing your lumens means you will get the brightness you want, and avoid being mis-sold ‘replacement bulbs’. This question might sound complicated, but it is dead easy and one of the great things about LEDs. In a kitchen, bathroom or other situations you may prefer a slightly less yellow light, sometimes called a natural white (3,000K). Compact fluorescent (CFLs) bulbs are now so cheap that a CFL can pay itself off with energy savings in just months for a well used bulb. Because of the huge difference in the prices of electricity the $10 outlay for the LED pays itself off in anything from 9 months in expensive Denmark to three and a half years in India or China, where electricity is cheap.
In most cases the one year running cost of an incandescent bulb you use regularly (>2 hours a day) is greater than any drop in LED prices we are likely to see. Like I said in the introduction, I bought my first LED five years ago and only really got the first of these five steps correct. If you have never bought LEDs before I highly recommend trialing a single bulb, or spotlight, first before buying too many.
This post is one of the efficiency projects connected to our How to Save Money on Electricity video program. This is an edited version of an article that was originally published on Shrink That Footprint. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
Money For Kids coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition. Customer Acquisition Bonuses – CABs Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) are paid when your newly sponsored Team Trainers become qualified within 30 days of their start date.
But if you scribble down the fittings before you start shopping for bulbs not only will they fit, they’ll be the right voltage too. The following tables are a rough explanation of how many lumens you get from your watts for different bulb technologies for a standard fitting. One for our readers in the low voltage (120V) countries like the US, Canada, Brazil and Japan.

Most people simply want what is called ‘warm white’ (2,700k) to replicate the warm, slightly yellow glow of an old incandescent or halogen. If your home has a quite modern style you should definitely consider trying some cooler temperatures, as they can look great in the right context.
I personally quite like CFLs in the right context, but if you want instant light, dimming or cooler light they aren’t great.
In the following chart I estimate how quickly energy savings will recoup the cost of replacing a 60W incandescent with a 10W LED that costs $10, assuming the bulb is used for 2 hours each day.
LEDs are not cheap and last a long time, so you want to be sure about fitting, shape, lumens and kelvins before going all in on them. I wish you much success with your LED hunt and hope you get the right fit, shape, brightness and temperature at a decent price. The government has already announced that it is cutting its size by a fifth as part of the wider defence cuts. I’ll also show you the 12 success factors to consider before committing any money to any company.
Business Owners (IBOs) can earn money in two ways: Compensation 1 Monthly residual commissions based on their personal and downline customers’ usage of ACN’s service2 Weekly and Monthly Bonuses Plan Overview based on customer acquisition Effective July 1, 2011 Get to know ACN’s Compensation Plan in detail – so you can learn how to put it to work in your business.
The bottom line is that you are acquiring customers and teaching other people how to do the same U.S.
In order to count for qualifications, all new customers must show a “complete” status on the IBO’s Personal Customer List. And if you are putting a spot into a recessed downlight you’ll need a reflector with an appropriate beam width for the context. And a second one for readers in high voltage (240V) countries, that’s the rest of the world.
Most importantly I hope you prefer the light of your new bulb, as that is the main test of success. Here, you’ll get a thorough and fair review of the company, the services, and the compensation plan.
A customer will show a “complete” status when all the necessary ® information has been received and processed by ACN.
In our bathrooms I have replaced 700lm halogens with 320lm LEDs and actually prefer the light. At the end of this ACN review, you’ll have enough information in order to justify whether ACN is right for you. Qualified Team Trainer (QTT) Compensation is earned at ACN only when To become a qualified Team Trainer, you must have at least 5 customers are acquired. Your Business Assistant2 1 Point None Life of Subscription Compensation *Commissionable revenue is billed revenue less taxes, surcharges and an allowance for bad debt.
Plan Overview ® Personal Commissions As you acquire your own, personal customers, you qualify to earn between 1% and 10% of their monthly bills.
CABs will be paid 14 days following the new TT’s start date once they qualify within their first 30 days. ACN reserves the right to reduce commissionable revenue by a percentage factor for promotional plans, products, 1 2 Customers will no longer count toward points if they cancel prior to the term of their agreement. Team Trainer CAB: $25 A QTT must have at least 5 Customer Points Qualified TTs can earn a $25 Customer Acquisition Bonus for every (including at least 2 Preferred Customers). Preferred Customers must be either different services or the same service from a household other than your own.
If a Your Business Assistant subscription was used for CAB or T-CAB qualifications and is cancelled within the negotiated pricing or certain services. What is Army 2020?It is about restructuring the Army - deciding what kind of army there should be in the future, what it should do, and how it should be structured.
Access your IBO Back Office for details on 5 Customer You must be a qualified Team Trainer (QTT) in order to earn ACN’s monthly, promotional bonuses – Points bonuses.
Refer to the ACN Customer Point System chart for Telecommunications DigitalTalk Commercial QUALIFICATIONS FOR EACH COMMISSION LEVEL amounts. That suggests that some Scottish regiments, which have a poorer recruiting record than others in the Army, will be protected.

Levels and Home Services Digital Phone Personal Customer Points IBOs will receive a percentage of these amounts each month Personal 1-10 % 3-10 % See box above depending on where they fall in the compensation plan. However, the sponsoring Remember: TT does not have to be qualified on the day they sponsor the new TT, but must Compensation is earned at ACN only when customers be qualified by the new Team Trainers 30th day. The government does not want to fuel nationalist sympathies.Will all the old regimental names survive?Not necessarily.
Many historic regiments have already been swallowed up into larger regional regiments, though in some cases their names, battle honours and traditions still survive. Executive Team Executive Team Team Coordinator Regional Director Regional Vice Senior Vice Trainer (ETT) Leader (ETL) (TC) (RD) President (RVP) President (SVP) You You You You You You 7 Customer 15 Customer Points Points QTT ETT ETT QTT 200 200 200 TC TC TC TC RVP TC RD Customer Customer Customer Points Points Points QTT ETT TC TC RD RVP Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an TC TC TC individual’s specific effort. For example, The 5th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland still carries the name of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. IBOs will receive commissions on 50% of the customers’ actual energy usage, excluding regardless of the reason for cancelling and may result in reversal of all bonuses. So what units will go?Four infantry battalions will disappear - the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards), the 3rd Battalion the Mercian Regiment and the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh. ACN’s Compensation Plan is 1 QTT in 1 ETT in and one of those legs subject to change without notice at 2 separate legs 3 separate legs must be a RVP leg.
Set a goal to acquire and maintain 50 an unlimited number of levels to the next RVP’s 7th level. A fifth infantry battalion, the 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), will become a single company to carry out public duties in Scotland. Commissions are released on the first business day following the third RDs, RVPs and SVPs also receive overriding residual income beyond theFriday of each month.
This will be the "teeth" of the Army - highly trained units and ready to deploy at short notice. This will consist of regular troops and an increased number of reservists from the Territorial Army. The adaptable force will provide troops for ceremonial duties, and for standing commitments such as defending the Falklands. It will also include a security assistance force that will send small teams of troops to advise, train and keep the peace around the world. The important fact here is that the Army of 2020 will be increasingly reliant on part-time soldiers.How will the role of reservists change?The Territorial Army, which is to be known as the Army Reserves, will double from 15,000 to 30,000. Reservists will receive more training and increased opportunities for promotion in exchange for having to make a greater commit to regular training and deployment. Under current arrangements, TA soldiers who have full-time or part-time jobs attend training sessions in their own free time and commit to between 19 and 27 training days a year. A government White Paper published in July 2013 outlined various changes, including increased payments for reservists and ?500 a month for small businesses while their staff were away on military deployments.What will the new Army be able to do?The defence secretary insists that Britain will be left with an effective, well-equipped fighting force. In the past decade the Army has been able to fight in two countries at the same time - in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new structure suggests the Army will intervene at an earlier stage to avoid conflicts by sending advisers and trainers to difficult parts of the world. But if it is engaged in a large-scale military operation in the future, it will have fewer resources.
In the words of Prof Michael Clarke, the director of the Royal United Services Institute: "With 82,000 we've got a 'one-shot' Army. If we don't get it right the first time, there probably won't be a second chance." One senior former army officer has likened it to switching from comprehensive insurance to third party, fire and theft.
And no one knows what the next threat may be.What will happen next?The White Paper on reservists is the latest stage of the process, so more part-time soldiers will be recruited while redundancies continue in the regular Army.

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