One of the most important aspects of the Islamic Meditation Program is the cultivation of gratitude in Islam, for not only is gratitude the heart and essence of Islam, it is also the key to attracting abundance, prosperity, peace and success.
Furthermore, the Holy Qur’an time and again emphasizes that gratitude is essential to Islamic character, and that exercising gratitude in Islam is the means to greater abundance.
The Prophet Muhammad (saws) would often spend long hours in prayer and meditation deep into the night.
There are varying levels of understanding Islam and Islamic Spirituality, yet based on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), gratitude in Islam is the most essential reason for Islamic practice and worship. The great Sufi saint, Rabia al-Adawiya, is best known for her total selflessness and absolute commitment to God. As one progresses spiritually, they increasingly harmonize with the experience of gratitude in Islam, and as one draws nearer to the Divine Presence, he or she more and more realizes that real joy and happiness are had through expressing gratitude in Islam, for Islam is, fundamentally, simply an expression of gratitude. Through practicing gratitude in Islam, you strip away the veils of separation, fear and need, and begin to realize that you have been given more than you know or could ever earn.
The most joyous moments in Islamic practice and worship are the moments that are experienced with no fear or desire, but simply for the moment itself.
In seeking to understand the place of the Law of Attraction in Islam, one must understand the importance of personal responsibility in Islam. Yet the ego seeks to prove the contrary, that there is no God and that the Universe is a hostile, fearful and lonely place, for then and only then can it maintain its sense of separation and thus its existence. Allah’s generosity is connected to gratitude, and gratitude is linked to increase in His generosity. Actively and consciously practicing gratitude in Islam is the key to a life of abundance, prosperity, peace and joy. Islamic practices provide a minimum of five opportunities daily to take rest in the Divine Presence of God and to be grateful.
By taking a little extra time to experience gratitude when you eat and drink, you become more present, and in Islam, eating is meant to be a spiritual experience.
By consciously giving charity in Islam, you not only affirm that you are blessed, but you attract greater abundance to yourself as you strengthen your belief and trust in God, become less dependent upon dunya, the world, and so become rooted in a paradigm based in Providence. Spend even just a few minutes to meditate each and every day, for meditation teaches you to be more present, particularly with your breath, with be-ing, and thus with God.

As awareness and presence increases through a meditative spiritual practice, one’s sense of gratitude naturally develops and becomes a dominant trait of your character and perspective.
Tasbih, one of the forms of Islamic Meditation, is a powerful spiritual exercise to strengthen one’s mind and soul on Haq, Truth. Be grateful even for calamities and misfortunes, for nothing happens except to ultimately serve a divine purpose.
Gratitude for the abundance you have received is the best insurance that abundance will continue.
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Actually adopting the process of gratitude as a way of life will teach us discipline and brings us closer to God, and hopefully melt us within his heavenly kingdom.
Yes brother Ihsan, too many Quran verses and Hadeeths for the profit SAWS emphasize the importance of gratitude, when you thank God for everything, you basically emphasize his presence, and more important that he is the one who can, and no body else. May Allah swt reward you Both in this world and the Akhira for all your efforts and for sharing this with us. I do not thank Allah(swt) enough for the food that Him Almighty provides for us, even though i always think of those who do not have enough.
This is such a meaningful and well written piece; and something that all of us need to be reminded of. JAZAK ALLAH BROTHER!THROUGH THIS PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF WISDOM I FIND MYSELF CALM AND MORE CLOSE TO GOD.
I awaken most mornings for my Tahajud salaah and when I make intentions for the salaah, this is wht I say “Yah Allah I am makin four rakaats of Tahajud with the intention of Salaatul Shukran, Salaatul Towbah and to ask Allah to mke all my duas qubool, so if this could be an inspiration to all my Muslim brothers and sisters across the globe I say Alhumdulilaah. Thank you Sister Soraya, I wake up for Tahajud almost every day and I will put your advice in practice, May Allah swt always bless you.
She is a brilliant example of gratitude in Islam, illustrated in one of her most famous poems in which she states that above all else, she worships the Almighty purely for the Grace and Beauty of His Divine Being.

The Divine Presence, the abode of peace, love and light, is what our souls seek, and in reality we have never left there.
Above perhaps all other paths, Islam emphasizes that it is personal responsibility and thus individual choice that determines an individual’s ultimate destination and experience. Should not the Muslim then live his or her life from a place of confidence, certainty and gratitude? Therefore, actively and consciously practicing gratitude in Islam not only attracts abundance by affirming a paradigm of peace and prosperity, but it also overcomes the ego, which is dependent on anxiety and fear to persist.
The generosity of Allah will not stop increasing unless the gratitude of the servant ceases. And the fastest way to move beyond undesirable circumstances is to stop resisting them, to simply let them be, be grateful and thus surrender and accept what is, and so allow them to flow out of your life. I have personally experienced abundance coming into my life after consciously being grateful for almost everything.
From my teacher I have received the following dhikr of gratititude which I always try and do for a number of minutes in connection with every prayer: Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah wa schukrulillah wal hamdulillah x number of times.
May Allah Almighty continue to illuminate your path and keep you in the company of the saliheen. Also a dua that I mke religiously afte my Esha Salaat is to ask Allah(SWT) to allow me to awaken for my Tahajud. And the most essential dimension for which we must take responsibility is our thoughts and beliefs.
Thanks for sharing all this information and reminding me of this beautiful gift of Gratitude.
All day long this was his constant dhikr in gratitude, praise and thankfulness to our Creator.

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