Measure the success of converting each patient into another product or service.  Establish an optical capture rate, or a case acceptance rate and work with the team to continue to improve that number. December 26 - The United States is the biggest financial supporter of the Olympic Movement. Last week, the USOC decided that it would welcome interest from cities for either Games, knowing that it could delay which one to go for until 2015, with the IOC vote for the 2024 Summer Olympics not taking place until 2017. It would seem more likely that the USOC will aim for those Summer Games, rather than the 2026 Winter Games, but this will depend largely on the quality of the bids from the contending cities.
The IOC needs the United States and, at this stage, it would certainly seem appropriate for an American city to bid –and this time not be humiliated as Chicago was in 2009.
If the staff and the doctor don’t communicate what they uncovered effectively, an opportunity to deliver what the patient really needs may be missed.

If the findings are missed or not clearly communicated, not only is it a loss of potential revenue, but a patient leaves thinking all is well when it actually may not be.
There were lingering memories of the 1996 Games in Atlanta, regarded as the worst in the past 20 years. As it is,  we know that the 2020 Olympics will be staged either in Tokyo, Madrid or Istanbul and so a bid by the United States, more than 20 years after Atlanta, would seem to have a strong chance. He was Sports News Correspondent of The Times 1986-2007, for whom he received journalistic awards in all three decades on the paper, including Sports Reporter of The Year in 2001. In Singapore in 2005, New York was up against probably the strongest-ever field when the poll for 2012 was being considered.
And that was with a credible bid from the home town of Barack Obama, who himself was present in Copenhagen to lobby for his city.

Every sports event wants to attract the interest of the United States and this applies as much to the Olympics as any other.
London, the eventual winner, went on to the third round, together with Madrid and Paris, the pre-ballot favourite. And, most important of all, the IOC was in dispute with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) over the distribution of revenue from American companies in their sponsoring of the Olympic Movement.

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