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Please see the overview of the different digestive enzymes producted by the stomach and pancreas at the wikipedia link below. There are 3 main valves in the digestive tract, one at the top of the stomach, one at the 'bottom' (and to the side) of the stomach (between the stomach and the small intestine), and one at the end of the small intestine (between the small intestine and the large intestine (the colon)). The stomach is lined with mucus to prevent stomach acid from attacking the lining of the stomach. When food moves from the stomach into the small intestine, the liver secretes bile into the duodenum to help neutralise the acidic chyme (mixture of semi-digested food and stomach juices) that has come from the stomach such that the pH in the small intestine and large intestine becomes approximately neutral. Pancreatic juice is a juice produced by the pancreas, which is excreted into the small intestine.
Insufficient stomach acid production, a condition known as 'Hypochlorhydria', is partly a result of methylation problems. Insufficient stomach acid production can also be a result of insufficient Histidine (an amino acid) availability, the main regulator of stomach acid release, but also Zinc and TTP (Vitamin B1) deficiency. Insufficient pancreatic enzyme production is known as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI or PEI). In addition, insufficient digestive enzyme production may result if the owner of the body eats too large portions, combines inappropriate food types, or ingests insufficient dietary sources of plant enzymes (i.e.
Patients with CFS or related disorders most frequently have protein digestion problems and nutrient absorption.
Two potential markers of protein malabsorption are the presence of elevated levels of the amino acids Anserine and 1-Methylhistidine in the urine. Amino acids and the body's ability to break down protein and synthesise different amino acids (including processes like methylation) is essential in a huge number of bio-chemical processes in the body, besides building up tissue, including for example the synthesis of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, blood transport proteins and other vital types of protein; and in cellular energy production.
Enzymes are not just used in digestion but different enzymes play a huge number of different roles in the body, for example, breaking down inflammation or antioxidants. The cause of poor protein digestion is insufficient stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) and digestive enzyme production and excretion by the stomach and also pancreas into the small intestine.
Another effect of insufficient stomach acid and enzyme production is the inability to extract and absorb vital nutritional elements from food and even supplements, for example magnesium, calcium, zinc or potassium, and prolonged time food is spent in the stomach.
Poor protein digestion can also result in peptide complexes attaching themselves to the mitochondrial membrane, perhaps causing mitochondrial clumping (which in turn may disturb the function of the cytoskeleton within the cytoplasm of the cells).
If you at any point perform a stool test, to check for levels of parasites, bad bacteria, candida, nutritional composition of one's stool etc, then during sample collection one may notice undigested pieces of food in one's stool.
Please note that during a period of CFS or related conditions, one's level of regular physical activity may go up and down depending on a number of factors, for example how much energy one has. It is probably sensible to eat one's meal slowly and savour the taste of what one is eating. If you do not produce enough stomach acid, then it may help your digestion to consume a food type that is acidic increase the acidity in your stomach and thus aid in the breakdown of protein and other nutrients. Some nutritionists are of the opinion that spinach is harder to digest than other vegetables, so if you have a problem with your stomach acid production and digestion in general, eating spinach regularly may not be such a good idea - it may be more sensible to stick to other vegetables.
A tip for aiding digestion is to avoid any activity that draws blood away from the stomach and intestines for at least one hour and preferably two hours after a meal. In addition, for an impaired digestive system, it is better to avoid large meals and instead eat smaller amounts more often, spreading out one's food intake as much as possible during the day. A weak stomach may be more sensitive to aggressive inputs, for example, caffeine containing drinks, especially on an empty stomach. The stress response draws blood away from the digestive tract, and as such, it is generally a bad idea to eat a large meal when one is feeling stressed, as there will be less blood available to absorb nutrients and potentially less digestive enzyme production. As a general rule, red meat takes longer to pass through the GI tract than white meats, fish and pulses (other protein sources). Some people have the reverse problem, in that their stomach's produce too much acid, rather than too little, i.e. Please also note that if you were taking a urine test or tests, these require you to avoid supplementation for up to 5 days prior to the day of collection. A gradual decline in stomach acid and digestive enzyme production is sometimes observed in the elderly, and is alleviated through supplementation. Please note that taking additional digestive enzymes and Betaine HCl and readily assimilated protein supplements will not actually encourage your stomach to produce more acid or enzymes.
Betaine Hydrochloride (aka Betaine HCl) capsules are one of the major ways of increasing the acidity in the stomach and aiding in digestion, especially of proteins, in the short term. Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl) is not derived from betaine (and is not to be confused with betaine), but is artificially synthesized (although chemically equivalent - Betaine HCl being the chloride salt of TMG). It is more convenient to take Betaine HCl in capsule form than the tablet form, as it does not expose your teeth, mouth and throat to hydrochloric acid.
Many brands of Betaine HCl capsules also contain the digestive enzyme Pepsin, to assist in protein digestion, e.g. You may need to tailor the amount of Betaine HCl you take according to what type of foods you are eating. It should however be noted that the average person's diet is overly acidic, resulting in too high a blood pH, known as acidosis - a major contributor to ill health. Those with impaired digestive systems are usually able to comfortably eat 'within their limits' relative to food volumes and types, but if one crosses the limit even a little, the effect can often be disproportionately negative, not only on the stomach but also on the small intestine. In certain instances, particular healthy food types that have not been a problem, may over time and after perhaps a couple of years of abundant consumption, may start to create problems for the stomach (in large quantities), even when harmful micro-organisms such as parasites and candida are not prolific in the body, and so not causing food allergies. An alternative to taking just Betaine HCl to boost the stomach acidity in the short term is to take a combination of the amino acid Histidine (a precursor to HCl production) and (slightly less) Betaine HCl with each meal. Some brands of Betaine HCl contain additional ingredients such as digestive enzymes or herbs to aid in digestion. When comparing digestive enzymes, one should take into account the number of different digestive enzymes, their respective concentrations and the overall quality of the supplement. Enzymes are not just involved in processes such as digestion, but in other essential biochemical processes in different parts of the body, for example, metabolism and oxidation of water soluble toxins. Peristalsis is controlled by the nervous system, and in some individuals, who have Abnormal Spontaneous Brainstem Activations (ASBAs), dysmotility (uncoordinated movement of the muscles in the GI tract) may arise. The leaves of various members of the Aloes family are regarded as being the most powerful herbs for promoting peristalsis, and are sometimes referred to as laxative herbs. Sennae folium (Cassia angustifolia) is regarded by some as the 'third' most powerful herb for promoting peristalsis. Gaia Herbs' Natural Laxative contains Senna and Cape Aloe, and also a blend of Dandelion root, Organic Chicory root, Fennel seed, Caraway seed, Boldo leaf, Cumin seed and Fennel essential oil. Another example of a herbal formula to assist with peristalsis is Dr Schulze's Intestinal Formula 1. Other useful herbs for aiding in digestion include licorice root (helps protect the intestinal lining by promoting mucin production), peppermint and cinnamon, often found in many commercially prepared digestive herbal teas.
Kola nuts (Cola vera nuts) are reputed to stimulate the Central Nervous System and in animal experiments have been shown to stimulate the generation of gastric juices. Your doctor, specialist or shiatsu practitioner should be able to give you guidance on which herbs to take and in what dosage.
Herbs that stimulate the liver and gallbladder and bile production may also assist with general digestion, as the liver performs a vital role in digestion, especially with regards to the digestion of fats.
Each herb has a specific purpose and a specific mixture of herbs may be recommended by your specialist. Several studies show that gelatin in freshly prepared bone-based stocks can help considerably in protein digestion and assimilation. If you eat nuts and seeds, then it may be beneficial to soak them for 2 hours prior to consumption.
Blending a meal is similar to chewing in that it increases the surface area of the food being consumed to improve digestion.
Blending to many people implies having to blend raw vegetables or making fruit smoothies, but this is not necessarily the case. It is well known that the same food and drink, if juiced, will not only dilute the stomach juices less than eating it and drinking the same amount of liquid, but it will remain in the stomach for longer, meaning that you will not become hungry so quickly again. One may want to consider that the action of chewing stimulates the nervous system's impulse to produce digestive enzymes. As mentioned in the juicing section above, drinking water or other liquids with a meal dilutes the stomach juices (i.e.
Raw fruit, algae and vegetables contain a wide variety of enzymes and nutrients, including DNA nand RNA.
Cooking appears to increase the proportion of food digested in the stomach and small intestine, from 50% to 95%, according to studies involving subjects with collection bags at the end of their small intestines (i.e. Clearly there are many different and degrees methods of cooking, and this is explored in the section further below on Convenience Foods.
The above hypothesis rides on the concept of eating more 'energy rich' foods, or more specifically, foods where more energy can be obtained more easily.
According to TCM, cold energy foods, dairy products and foods contained refined sugar or brown sugar tend to have a detrimental effect on individuals with a weak spleen meridian.
I have noticed that the body appears to be most susceptible to disruption from cold energy food sources when the body is low in energy itself, in particular when qi deficiency, qi stagnation and yin deficiency are present in the body. Whilst juicing certain raw vegetables and consuming them in moderation can be very beneficial, an excess of raw vegetable intake will put a strain on anyone's digestive system and introduce too much cold energy into the body.
Please see the section below on Endocrine System Disrupting Foods for a discussion of those raw vegetables that should be cooked lightly prior to consumption and preferably not eaten raw in any significant quantities raw. There may be a connection between consumption of excessive hot or warming foods and elevated Nitric Oxide production and nervous system excitation. For those suffering from CFS or related conditions, a poorly functioning digestive system and chronic energetic imbalance is often at the heart of their problems, and a raw food-biased diet is unlikely to provide great benefit, and may conversely make the person more ill and further negatively impact the energetic system. For those with impaired digestive systems, it is probably best to be conservative and exercise caution, and avoid or limit those food types that will put a strain on one's digestive system or that are too 'cold' in energetic terms, for example, avoiding too many fried foods, soft drinks and too much raw food.
Please note that bananas are a source of cold energy and excessive banana consumption (disproportionately favoured over other fruits) can result in too high a cold energy intake. The following web site has various pages under Practitioner Notes describing the various conditions of Qi Deficiency, Blood Deficiency, Dampness, True Cold and True Heat, and also recipes and good foods to eat for these conditions, and most importantly foods to avoid if you suffer frmo any of these conditions; depending on the exact nature of one's energetic balance, different food types are recommended.
The macrobiotic dietary system uses the concept of hot and cold energetic properties of food. Some cutting edge nutritionists today argue strongly that there is no single diet that is suitable for everyone, and that each person should have an individualised diet, according to his biological make up, and that an inappropriate diet (that may be very healthy for one person) may destroy the health of a person over a number of years.
The second acupuncturist I saw was clued up enough to question me about my diet, and put me onto a herb and spice free diet, along with eating 'white' foods such as white basmati rice, potatoes, vegetables, butter, and some cheese and beans etc. Many years later, I went to a Tony Robbins seminar, where I was sold the idea of eating large amounts of raw green vegetables and salads. During 2010, I saw a TCM practitioner, and was informed that I had too much damp energy, and still a little too much heat energy. For those that can tolerate (some) raw vegetables, sprouting is a good way to eat seeds and beans as it ensures the maximum nutritional value in terms of vitamins and other nutrients. However excessive goitrogen consumption may enlarge the thyroid as it seeks to increase its size in order to try to absorb more iodine from the blood.
Some argue that it is fine to eat these vegetables and nuts raw, as long as one eats a wide variety of raw foods, including those that promote thyroid function. True fermentation of some of the above vegetables (using probiotic bacteria) is said to partially digest the foods and make them more digestible and perhaps even negate their goitrogen content. Please note that broccoli and broccoli sprouts do contain a number of other useful flavanoids (antioxidants). I created this tool to assist you in staying focused on thinking gooooood thoughts and saying goooood words! They charge you excessive fees (DSC) if you plan to sell your mutual funds ahead of time (they lock you in for years). Instead, I suggest you invest in stocks and other financial products yourself  – they have none of the disadvantages associated with mutual funds. Complex markets such as options (and to a lesser extent, currencies) are very dangerous if you’re a new investor.
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The purpose of the valve at the top of the stomach is to prevent the contents of one's stomach from pouring up the throat and out of the mouth if one is lying down or bending down! The stomach in normal and optimal healthy circumstances regulates the amount of acid it produces in accordance to the amount and type of food in the stomach, and is highly acidic.
The mucusal tissue of the small intestine is alkaline so that pH of the semi-digested food moving through the small intestine gradually increases to around 8.5. Elastase in particular is a good measure of the body's ability to digest protein and levels can be measured in one's stool (i.e. This is useful in neutralizing the acidic gastric acid, allowing for effective enzymic action. Methylation is dependent on sufficient availability of the B-Vitamins B6 and B12 and sufficient Methionine (the amino acid).
It is usually caused by a progressive loss of the pancreatic cells that manufacture the digestive enzymes.
A failure to break down proteins properly in the digestive tract and a failure to convert (specific) amino acids properly (in sufficient quantities) clearly has a huge effect on the biochemical and hormonal balance, and functioning and efficiency of many processes in the body.
In addition, inefficient amino acid conversion and stress can result in the wasting of vital amino acids in the kidneys into the urine, for example, Taurine, which is required to effectively transport minerals into the tissues and cells. This does not normally affect translocator protein sites, but could affect ATP function in a more general way.
For example, bio-live natural yoghurt is slightly acidic and also contains probiotic bacteria.
This may be viewed as a good thing if one is dieting or a bad thing if one is eating the correct amount of food! The prolonged period of passage through the digestive tract may result in more decomposition of the food and may use up more energy during this prolonged digestion process. This may be particularly tough on your digestive system, as without any additional acid or enzymes in the stomach, your stomach may struggle to cope with high protein meals, oily meals or large meals, and you may feel very uncomfortable and bloated at each meal depending on the state of your digestive system. Whilst treating the body as a whole, and specifically the methylation processes involved in the production of stomach acid (e.g. However, in the case of CFS patients, this decline occurs whilst still young and its onset much more rapidly. It is just relieving symptoms of poor protein digestion and allowing the body to assimilate more nutrients from your food. Betaine has many commercial uses for example as a homocysteine regulator and a restorer of the body's osmotic balance. Stomach acid contains hydrochloric acid (HCl.) Betaine HCl releases HCl into the stomach when dissolving in the stomach juices.
When one feels heart burn (not harmful to health), then one has taken slightly too much, and next time one has a similar meal intake, one should take slightly less.
For high protein meals, slightly more is required, and for low protein meals, then a lesser amount is required. Sufferers of CFS also do often tend to have excessive blood and tissue acidity anyway, so whilst it may be more practical to close to one's maximum amount of Betaine HCl at meal times and in between to facilitate digestion, it may not be a sensible idea to do so in terms of promoting a healthy blood pH.
For example, if you eat too much quantity, a very heavy protein meal or a very oily meal, your stomach may not feel very happy at all and the food may remain in your stomach, feeling bloated, for a long period of time, regardless of how much Betaine HCl you take. It is expected that around 3g (3000mg) of Histidine is required at a time, but it may vary according to the individual. I have found that most brands are not effectively utilised by the body, and that a good brand of digestive enzymes to try is Integrative Therapeutics (formerly Tyler Encapsulations) Similase.
Which supplements work for you can of course be determined kinesiologically by a qualified specialist. Enzyme supplements can take various forms, not only digestive enzymes but also enzymes for easing inflammation of the tissues.

Of course peristalsis may be assisted with the use of herbs but to what extent this helps with the coordination of muscle movements, I am not sure. A lack of Peristalsis may be a result of poor diet, build up of mucoid plaque, a low blood supply and 'qi level' of the small and large intestines and abnormal brainstem activity. Co-Ton A is a very powerful product, and as well as it's intestinal function, taking 2 capsules with a meal may mean you need to take less Betaine HCl for that meal.
This contains Curacao and Cape Aloe leaf, Aloe barbadensis and Aloe capensis or ferox, Senna leaves and pods (Cassia angustifolia), Cascara Sagrada aged bark (Rhamnus purshiana), Barberry root bark (Berberis vulgaris), Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis), Garlic bulb (Allium sativum), and Habanero peppers (Capsicum species).
This comes in dry form, and pre-soaking and boiling for 20 minutes is required to prepare it. Plant extracts from leaves are relatively easy to dissolve into water, but the harder parts, for example, roots, require soaking overnight and simmering in water.
This helps to remove the enzyme inhibitors, mineral absorption inhibiting phytic acid and also indigestible polysaccharides.
The difference however is that blended food does not require so much chewing and is much more finely ground that chewed food (depending on one's chewing diligence!) In Edwardian times, great emphasis was put into chewing and digestion. Richard Wrangham, Harvard biological anthropologist, has studied chimpanzee cultures in the wild for over 30 years. A recent study on a group of individuals who were to only subsist on raw vegetables, unprepared, who had no blenders and had to chew everything, resulted in weight loss in all participants (the majority spending most of their day just chewing food), some with severe weight loss as they gave up on chewing around the clock. This is a survival mechanism so that during times of plenty, an individual can stock up on fat reserves, to get him through times of low food availability. The stomach and spleen meridians tend to be quite weak in indiviuals with CFS, but of course the exact energetic pattern varies from individual to individual and should be identified by a qualified practitioner. An excess of cold food consumption cannot be counterbalanced by eating certain hot foods or herbs. The vanilloid receptor in the nervous system responds to heat as well as vanilloids (which are also hot in nature) and produces Nitric Oxide when stimulated. Whilst I agree with many of the principles of macrobioticism, this web site does not subscribe necessarily to all macrobiotic concepts (relgiously or at all). For example, from the age of 18 onwards, I developed a taste for Indian and Mexican food, and any foods that were spicy, as they had more 'flavour' and were 'more interesting'. I altered my regime massively, and ate blended raw green vegetables every morning for breakfast (either green peppers, broccoli (high in goiterogenic compounds that suppress thyroid function) or celery (with added water to make it possible to blend it)).
Therefore I had to stay off eating too many saturated fats, spicy foods, and also damp producing foods.
Probably the most convenient method of sprouting is to use a glass sprouting jar with a screw top mesh lid.
This of course does not just comprise of raw vegetables and fruit, but also nuts, nut oils, sprouted beans etc. It is not always possible to fulfill all criteria, but a balance can be achieved, or at least one can focus more on short term targets if immediately pressing issues must be addressed. This is based upon the Phytoestrogens contained in bean curd and soya protein products, which are similar molecules to mammalian hormones and its enzyme inhibited properties. The awareness of peace comes from our faith, purpose, and confidence - not our circumstances. Sorry to break it to you, but the world of investing is a lot harder today than it was 30 years ago. For those of you who can wade through all the muck, the profits to be made have never been greater.
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I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and all the best in your future investment endeavors! Whether you use an advisor like us or not you wouldn’t hand over cash for a product at the store if you had no idea what it was or what it did, would you? Still, I always encourage everyone to personally find someone you trust, a professional, to give you the answers you need, straight up. By reading you build up knowledge so you have your own investment guide that you build your experience and education from. This is a great way for me to learn about basic investments and how to invest from the beginning especially why investment diversification is important. I’ll have to have my hubby have a look at this as well as we seem to have it backwards with Mutual Funds! I know many people who sold at the bottom of the market in 2008-2009 and locked in the loss forever. Overeating can sometimes temporarily open this valve and cause stomach acid to rise up into the mouth. Sufficient acidity is required to break down proteins effectively and also to absorb nutrients.
Pancreatic juice secretion is regulated by the hormones secretin and cholecystokinin, which is produced by the walls of the duodenum upon detection of acid food, proteins and fats. This may be brought on by inflammation (pancreatitis), pancreatic tumor, atrophy (wasting away) of the pancreas, gallstones (cholelithitis), diabetes mellitus, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) or Shwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS).
The body partly compensates for insufficient digestive enzyme production by 'stealing' from the immune system, thereby impairing the immune system. Without sufficient essential and non-essential amino acids to use to repair and build the body, the patient can fall into a never-ending cycle of re-injury and susceptibility to new injuries, leading to muscle volume decrease and eventual immobility.
More information on cell membrane congestion can be found in the identification, nutrition and toxicity pages. The purpose of chewing is not simply to break food into swallowable sized chunks and to titilate your taste buds. Certain food types may be more prone to avoiding chewing, such as lentils etc, as they are small, but it is important to chew these properly before swallowing. Often, if one rushes a meal, then one isn't really focussed on what is going on, and the ego may then require a large quantity to get the same level of stimulation. If you are taking amino acid supplements, then their natural acidity will help your digestion but lowering the stomach contents pH and compensating for a lack of stomach acid - meaning you may not need to take so much Betaine HCl.
And also mental stress (at any time of the day) which diverts blood away from the digestive tract, reducing absorption rates and also oxygenation levels in the intestinal tract. Vinegar is also acidic, which may add to one's level of stomach acid if insufficient or result in excess acid consumption in those with enough stomach acid.
This is not as common as producing too little stomach acid amongst sufferers of CFS and related conditions. As well as being in some cases an endurance exercise, it can also put too much stress on your digestive system and actually dramatically worsen the quality of your digestion just over a couple of days.
Most people tend to have the coldest body temperature in the mornings, and gradually warming up during the afternoon and evening. It will not compensate for the lack of enzyme production in the pancreas, but only the stomach. The stomach lining is protected under normal circumstances against acidity by the protective mucus lining.
If you do take slightly too much, then the sensation (heartburn) can be a little uncomfortable and last for hours. It may therefore be a sensible compromise to take only as much Betaine HCl as you strictly need to take and no more. This feeling may continue in your small intestine even after the stomach finally becomes empty and may last several days. Zinc, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 also play a part in stomach acid production as discussed on the Nutrition page. Similase contains a variety of different digestive enzymes such as protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase, phytase, lactase, invertase (sucrase), malt diastase (maltase). Coleus is a member of the mint family and grows in subtropical areas in India, Burma, and Thailand. Intestinal peristalsis can be stimulated by various Energetic Treatments and also herbal products (discussed below). If you take too large a dosage of these herbs, then there will be too much peristaltic motion and accompanying diarrhea and too rapid a motion of food through the intestines.
Non-organic herbs may be lower in active ingredients in any case and coated with small concentrations of herbicides and pesticides.
Price Foundation's web site on the subject of the benefits of Gelatin can found be at the link below. Our society seems to be polarised into those who do not eat any raw vegetables or fruit whatsoever, and those who eat far too many raw vegetables (or only raw foods). It 'denatures' protein molecules, helping to 'unfold' their amino acid chains, making them easier to be broken down by own digestive enzymes.
Light steaming and blanching are better than higher temperature methods such as baking or frying. He has theorised that homo sapiens would have never have physically evolved if it were not for the practice of cooking.
Everyone should probably eat at least a couple of pieces of fruit a day, and plenty of different kinds of steamed vegetables, no matter what condition he is suffering from. A sign of too much cold energy intake is a continuous damp headache, particularly after eating the food source in question (e.g. However, response is not uniform, and one has to consider each individual's physiology and digestive and energetic health before prescribing a blanket approach. Chinese doctors in general recommend eating fresh fruit, but in general only raw vegetables a couple of times a week for those with impaired digestive systems. When I left home, I cooked all my own meals and made either a spicy curry or a spicy chilli almost every single night of the week.
The herbs I was suggested to take were warming herbs, to drive out the dampness, but which were not TOO hot (or at least were not to be taken in too large a quantity to produce too much heat) as to increase my heat burden. And my favoured sprouted seed is Alfalfa, which is easier to fork out of the sprouting jar when ready, compared with beans sprouts which can be a real pain!
However, if one considers the actual nutritional composition, it is roughly 10 times lower in fibre than just eating soya beans or other types of beans. Studies show also that Asians eat only a fraction of the amount of soya than that consumed by Western vegetarians and those who substitute soya for dairy and meat products. It's Penny, again from the beginning of the initiative, I think I finally figured out how to send messages, Sorry I didn't respond to your great messages, I would write them back and they just dissapered into thin air, but I think I finally got it, I'm seeking Raw Balance and will be able to send messages back. With a whole lot of quants (math geniuses) doing computer trading and a much more complex world, investing just keeps getting harder and harder. As volatility increases, more skillful investors have more chances to make ever greater returns.
What you should be doing right now is to wait for the best opportunity possible so that the next investment is almost a guaranteed winner.
Investing as a newbie can be scary so getting educated is something that I plan to do to ease my uncertainties. CBB was born and raised in the United Kingdom who then moved to Canada where he is a permanent resident.
I’m not an investment page so I reckon most fans would enjoy learning the basics but explained in baby steps.
I happens, learn from it and keep your money diverse and make sure you know your risk tolerance. All these terms fly around like stocks (which I understand), mutual funds (same), dividends, dividend reinvestment plans, and options and I have to say I only understand half of them. The pH of the large intestine depends on the metabolic activity and the nature of waste products excreted by the micro-organisms in the stool, to some extent.
Pancreatic secretion consists of an aqueous bicarbonate component from the duct cells and enzymatic component from the acinar cells. In severe cases of EPI, fats such as triglycerides may well be elevated in the faeces (as it has not been properly broken down and digested in the digestive tract). Chewing is a necessary part of digestion and it increases the surface area of the food to ensure it is digested properly further downstream.
A reduction in regular physical activity thus means that one needs to eat less often or smaller meals (or both). Large meals can not only overload the digestive system but cause 'energetic damage' to the body's meridians. Whether the Brits came upon pouring vinegar on their chips (French Fries) by accident or not is another matter! It is often caused by a high junk food or acidic food intake (fried foods, excessive consumption of red meats and processed meats, sweets, etc).
TMG is a methyl-group donor and can be used to treat high homocysteine levels, turning it into methionine and itself into DMG (dimethylglycine) - please see the Nutritional page for more information.
However, too much acid in the stomach may cause considerable discomfort and pain (heart burn).
You can however immediately rectify the situation and reduce the amount of acidity slightly by taking a small amount of an alkaline substance to lower the pH in the stomach such as an algae like spirulina or chlorella, or a chelated strong metal supplement, e.g.
When this happens, the stomach's and small intestine's energy levels take a bit of a battering and the stomach's ability to produce acid is greatly impaired, and if you repeat the same level of abuse the next day, the same will happen, probably a little worse.
And a total inability for the stomach to break it down (and allow food to pass into the small intestine) and to get to sleep that night.
Nutri resold it under its own brand, but as of September 2010 changed the formula to an inferior formula not produced by Integrative Therapeutics (the Protease preparation method changed from USP XXII method to FCC method, but the product does not perform at all well kinesiologically now - the packaging states that it now contains traces of dairy). Pepsin is a digestive protease released by the chief cells in the stomach that functions to degrade food proteins into peptides. It has been used in ancient Asia a wide variety of ailments, especially painful urinations.
Please note that one does not want to encourage too much peristalsis either, as it may result in food passing through the digestive tract too quick and not being properly digested. This can result in partially undigested food particles in one's diarrhea also, a sign of insufficient digestion time and reduced absorption of nutrients from one's food.
The ingredients of Co-Ton A are Cascara segrada, Barberry, Cayenne, Fennel, Ginger, Goldenseal, Lobelia, Raspberry, and Turkey Rhubarb. Whilst the leafy parts of a plant may be readily absorbed in the form of a tea or when consumed as a capsule, the roots of plants are much harder and may not be absorbed very well, even when ground up, and so may require prolonged boiling (or their vital ingredients extracted using alcohol). Manufactured gelatin may contain small amounts of MSG (some do not) and so freshly prepared stock is better (although requiring 24-72 hours boiling!) Gelatin is normally derived from cows and sometimes pigs.
The only downside is that you may consume more liquid with your food that you would otherwise have done if you have eaten it normally, as one needs to put a certain amount of water into a blender with the food in order for the blending to get started. This is especially important for those with already impaired digestion and poor stomach acid and enzyme levels. Some food types cannot be eaten if uncooked as they are either too hard or are simply not digested at all (e.g. He believes that cooking with fire was the breakthrough needed for Homo erectus, the precursor to Homo sapiens, to develop the larger, brain filled skull and narrow pelvis and rib cage. If we go back to the early 1900s, the working class of the UK were very poor and were undernourished and very skinny. Of course there is no harm eating an occasional raw vegetable, but to do so regularly may well cause energetic problems in the body in those that are in severe imbalance already. For example, Cayenne Pepper is recommended for both internal and external use by some herbalists for those with chronic illness, to stimulate blood circulation.
Additionally, foods with 'hot' or 'cold' properties may be an expression of the suitability of the chemical composition of the food in question to one's metabolic typing or oxidising rate - not actually the 'energy' of the food, but more the properties of the chemical compounds in the food, including oil content and several others.
Those who benefit from raw food diets in general probably do not have chronic energetic problems in terms of spleen function, for example. The easiest 'vegetables' to digest raw are lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes (tomatoes are strictly speaking a fruit, but are usually eaten with savoury foods and not with other fruit). The web sites below discuss hot and cold energy and how they relate to the macrobiotic diet.
In addition, I would eat bagels with cinnamon and cardamom in them, and often eat Swedish gingerbreads which contained plenty of ginger. This could perhaps be likened in some respects to a Salicylate-free diet (which is part of the Guaifenesin protocol and the FailSafe Diet.
I was suggested to take Ginger Root (Sheng Jiang), Cinnamon Bark (Gui Zhi - Cassia Twig - to help with blood sugar levels), White Peony Root (Bai Shao), Chinese Red Date (Da Zao) and Licorice Root.
It is not the first time that processing a healthy food source adds cost to the consumer and decreases nutritional benefit! Susan Thank You for all of your knowledge and kindness you have shown me, looking for more of that in Raw Balance. So if your new to investing and one day want to be a kick-ass investor, this is the post for you. Now in the accounting industry, you never lie, because once you get caught you’re in serious trouble. One area I was I started with was learning about deferred sales charges (DSC) and fees and penalties on mutual funds  since we own mutual funds. The key is to find what fits your needs and assuming you can find a fund that is low in fees or even an index fund then it might be a good option.

Any books I can read that you could suggest along the lines of investing for dummies that can explain in clear English some of the thing s I need to know??? Please see the Identification page and Nutritional Deficiencies page for further information. If food is swallowed in chunks rather than as a paste, then you are simply reducing the surface area of digestion.
If one rigidly sticks to the same routine or portion sizes, one my find oneself at times overloading one's stomach's capabilities, which could lead to severe digestive problems and unpleasantness as described above! Overeating can also result in stretching of the colon, which can result in excessive built up of stool in the ascending colon.
However, excess undigested or partially digested starch in the digestive tract is likely to be broken down by bad bacteria which is not a good thing. Simply shifting the diet away from these food types and eating more salads, fruit, vegetables etc, will often cure the problem. You may also want to discuss which alternative tests may be as or more useful in your particular case. As mentioned above, curing protein digestive problems (in stomach and intestinal tract) requires treatment on many fronts, including nutritional deficiencies, hormonal dysfunction, spleen energetic deficiency etc, and may involve complimentary therapies as well as supplementation.
TMG is commonly used with the amino acid lysine in livestock to decrease fat and increase muscle mass, although this effect has not been observed in humans with TMG. Betaine HCl is probably the only convenient way of getting more HCl into the stomach (drinking HCl solution is NOT an option, and would not only burn your throat and oesophagus lining but cause extensive damage to your teeth if consumed regularly).
You may also require additional Betaine HCl capsule(s) during the night, perhaps at 3 or 4am, if you happen to have woken up at this time and feel that your stomach feels slightly uncomfortable. And the addition of additional Betaine HCl does not help; affecting your stomach's energetic balance in this way often affects your hormonal balance, and in particular your balance of adrenal hormones to melatonin. Forskolin helps by enhancing cellular activity in the bladder wall and in this way, the hiding bacteria are flushed out into the bladder or urine, where they can be killed off by anti-microbial herbs. Taking Magnesium in addition may also help to loose the stools a little in lieu of these herbs, to assist in the motion of stool through the intestines, although of course, too watery or loose stools is not desirable. Gelatin is produced by the partial hydrolysis (boiling in water) of collagen, which is the most common protein in animals, making up 25% of the total. Sprouting may also be another option for increased nutrition, which can be eaten raw or steamed (please see the Hot and Cold Energy section for more information). It is therefore preferable to only drink as much liquid as you need to swallow your food and wash it down and little more, but waiting until your stomach is nearly empty or actually empty before drinking to fulfil your hydration requirements, for the pleasure of drinking or out of boredom (!) Typically this is around 2 hours after your meal. This is true for vegetables but for fish and meat, cooking tends to soften it to a degree, but then overcooking tends to toughen it up like leather (well done steak being virtually inedible!) So even though cooked food is no more calorific, the body requires fewer calories to digest it and process it, to extract the nutrition and energy from it. A larger brain requires more energy, and most animals with larger brains also have a larger abdomen and pelvis to accommodate a larger gut.
With the advent of readily available refined sugar-containing foods, and increasing wealth, the working class of Britain gradually became well fed and now there is actually no class difference between the rich and poor in terms of nutritional health and risk of obesity, colonic cancer and heart disease.
Whilst this may well be effective in the short term, long term use of chilli peppers will elevate one's hot energy levels and may well be detrimental to one's overall health and energy levels as can be seen in the case study below.
In addition to the cold energetic property, they require heat from the body to warm them to the body's own internal temperature. As well as large amounts of butter and cheese (being vegetarian it is sometimes tempting to rely heavily on such hot energy dairy products).
Ayurvedic medicine has a similar approach, where it frequently prescribes aromatic basmati rice as a major food staple to patients, as it is easy to digest.
Initially this felt very good (after a 7 day raw blended vegetable cleanse - incurred huge and unhealthy weight loss (I was asked if I had been in a concentration camp by one ex-colleague)) and I went back to needing very little sleep each night, but over a period of a few months, this feeling of wellbeing disappeared and I gradually had one cold after another, before coming down with the flu and never recovering (into full blown CFS). Goitrogens and sulphur containing foods have been reputed to play a role in reducing cancer, which seems to occur concurrently with a suppression of thyroid function.
This is not to say that bean curd is 'bad' for you, but if eaten with other foods that are high in fibre, is probably a healthy food. How innovative is the company – does it set the industry standards, or does it have to always play catch-up? But what’s more important is how you handle those losses, particularly your first loss. He bought his first house at the age of 21 after University and his second at the age of 24. When the stomach 'rumbles' or makes a gurgling sound, it is not because the stomach is asking you for more food (!), it is the process of opening and closing the valve and allowing some of the content of your stomach to pass into the small intestine. The Edwardians went to great lengths to chew their food at mealtimes and stereotypically looked down and chewed sometimes up to 100 times before swallowing!
Overloading may result in meals being taken later and later, and an evening meal eaten too close to bedtime will often lead to a feeling of 'lead' in the stomach and an inability to get to sleep. Often, when sitting down it is difficult to feel how full one is, and it is only when one stands up that one notices how full the stomach really is.
Exercising first thing in the morning is usually a bad idea as it puts the most stress on the heart and metabolism, which is why most people have heart attacks in the early or mid morning (if they are going to have a heart attack). Some patients may require temporary supplementation with a specific amino-acid, depending on his amino acid test results, for example.
It is probably better if you need to perform this stomach acid correction regularly (once or more a day) that you take magnesium rather than algae, as algae has a cold energy property which may affect your energetic balance if too much is taken daily.
You may perhaps find that after taking the extra Betaine HCl that your stomach 'gurgles' (i.e. Affecting your stomach's energetic balance in this way often affects your hormonal balance, and in particular your balance of adrenal hormones to melatonin, affecting your ability to sleep for a night or perhaps two. In such instances, it is best to avoid that particular food type for a while and perhaps slowly reintroduce it at a later date if desired. You may need to experiment a little to find the optimum balance of number and size of bowel movements, stool solidity and extent of digestion.
Strictly speaking, this does not alleviate digestive impairment but it can ease digestion of these food types if consumed in this manner. This may be useful for those who find partially digested particles of food in their stool on occasion. If not, then you will be compromising your digestion, using up more energy than you should need to digest the food, and absorbing less nutrients.
Studies involving rats using hard and soft forms of the same food substance have yeilded similar results, rats consuming softer food pellets weighed 30% more after 26 weeks than those fed with harder pellets of the same weight. Microwaving is the cooking method that should be avoided at all costs as it damages DNA and RNA to the greatest extent, and there have been cases of accidental death due to patients having their blood samples microwaved prior to injection to warm it up.
A more efficient way of digesting food and absorbing energy from food would thus mean that the gut could grow shorter and the brain size could expand as there was more energy available to power a larger brain.
Now we have an unnatural scenario where we are living in a western society where calorie-rich food is readily available and cheap, and that one has to actually resist one's natural urges to eat purely fatty and sweet foods or one will become obese and suffer other health issues. Over a 2 month period, I ate just green peppers each morning for breakfast, which although they do not contain any goiterogenic compounds, still kept him in this constant feeling of malaise (i.e.
However, if one looks to historical context, humans have been cooking food for many thousands of years.
More than 200 publications have been released detailing the importance of SGS in activating the body's natural detoxification and antioxidant enzymes, i.e.
However, the point being made here is that if one simply eats cooked soya beans with the same food types, it would be even healthier and containing more fibre! This is stuff that you don’t find from reading a financial statement but from doing field work. Like a newborn baby, your first loss will forever impact your investment psychology and how you invest in the future. Both Mr.CBB and his wife are Debt and Mortgage Free and they did it all in under 5 years using a Budget.
The purpose of the valve at the end of the small intestine is to similarly regulate when digested and waste matter is to be passed into the ascending colon. It may help to periodically stand up during the course of a meal to feel what is going on and to know when one is comfortably full.
Various antacid tablets are available from chemists, but these tend to produce a great deal of CO2 (i.e.
Applying this to meals, it is considered by many scientists, but not all, that one should eat more of one's calorific intake in the former part of the day with less in the latter part of the day, as one's insulin is not produced in such large quantities in the evening. Some complementary therapies that work on the body's qi (energy) levels as outlined on the energetic therapies page. This is not an issue with magnesium, although excessive magnesium (more than the daily requirement) may cause a little loosening of the stools - patients are likely taking close to their maximum daily dosage of magnesium already.
How much of this is down to inadequate chewing by the mice and how much is down to actual digestion of properly chewed food pellets? One could argue that today's society goes against our genetic instincts and the health epidemic we observe today is a result of this. This resulted in frequent sweating, especially at night, a total downward spiral of his immune system (frequent colds) - with stress as an additional factor, constant thirst and of course a red tongue. Anyway, I made a massive recovery, hardly needed more than 5 or 6 hours sleep a night, and felt full of energy. I later saw my normal practitioner who suggested the Ayurvedic warming formula Planetary Herbals formual Trikatu instead, which contains Ginger Root, Long Pepper Fruit, Black Pepper Fruit and Dehydrated Honey. Not that thousands of years of habitual activity necessarily constitutes something positive.
Know that every little hope, every positive idea and every struggling step forward is a sure step on the path to a breakthrough.
Canadian Budget Binder is a place where he shares their financial experiences with his readers and hopes to learn about theirs. Now people are too impatient for everything and rush everything, not really savouring or experiencing the here and now in any detail.
Eating large meals in the evening may therefore result in spikes in one's blood sugar levels; and really the calories are more useful earlier in the day. One may of course elect to only take the magnesium supplement once one has taken the Betaine HCl and other supplements for that meal, and evaluate how much one needs to take. As with many aspects of CFS, building the stomach's resilience back up again can take a long time indeed. If you are dehydrated it is better to drink some liquid 30 minutes before the meal as it is absorbed relatively quickly on an empty stomach (as it should be taken).
Clearly this has wider implications for CFS patients, as mitochondrial function and digestive enzyme levels are much lower in these individuals, and changing the diet to food types that are harder to digest and require more energy to do so, despite the nutritional benefits, may have disasterous results. Eventually I came down with exhaustion and post viral fatigue syndrome (where I would feel exhausted a month or two after each bout of influenza, but after that I would feel ok again).
I did read a newspaper article about the damage raw food diets can do, with a baby being fed raw vegetables by its parents and actually dying (an extreme case).
According to TCM, white pepper is ok for driving away dampness but black pepper is too warming (i.e. SGS can be eaten in raw or cooked broccoli sprouts (raw having a high level of goitrogens) or by taking a supplement such as Xymogen OncoPLEX. A tell tale sign of improper or insufficient chewing is finding small pieces of undigested food in one's stool.
You are not going to get a pat on the back for doing this and often it will lead to overeating and training the mind to ignore what the body wants and how it feels, and to override this forcefully with this obsessive urge! Sodium Ascorbate (ascorbic acid (vitamin C) salt of magnesium is slightly alkaline in solution) etc. The more natural and nutritionally beneficial approach is to take an alkaline substance such as an algae like chlorella or spirulina, or perhaps some magnesium supplements (all of which are alkaline in nature).
As stated, it may be better to eat smaller meals and more often, and to avoid the general trend in Western Industrialised countries for a large and late evening meal (which is more of a social ritual than a biological driven requirement). It is best to be accurate in your assessment of how much Betaine HCl you require in the first place of course.
It is therefore recommended to understand your limits, listen to your body, use your common sense and exercise self-discipline. I had this problem with fish for a period of 12 months or so, both line caught and also farmed, but after this time the digestive system seemed to tolerate it.
Firstly, Cayenne Pepper contains Capsaicin, a type of Vanilloid, which gives it its hot property.
When boiled, the molecules are split and bond with OH- and H+ atoms in water to form Gelatin. Our modern culture puts little emphasis on digestion and it is easy to fall into the temptation of simpy drinking at least a glass with every meal, often much more if one is eating out or drinking alcohol. The driver for this may have been the instinctual desire for softer food that tasted better and was easier to eat.
Whilst some (non-mainstream) dieticians recommend raw food diets, they are often looking at diet from a Western perspective, and are ignoring 5,000 years of oriental medicine and health science.
I then stopped eating the raw vegetables for breakfast and immediately felt much better, as if a constant background 'brake' had been removed. You may find it useful to leave an amount of food on the plate after each meal in order to 'deprogram' this tendency. Drinking additional water will also help to dilute the stomach acid (ionised water is slightly alkaline also).
Your exact metabolism will however dictate what types of foods you can digest and when, and as stated in the Food Combining section further below, carbohydrates and oils are best consumed earlier in the day with protein later on when the stomach has adjusted and is ready for it.
Sometimes it is worth resisting that temptation to have a little more of something or an extra 'course', as 30 seconds of pleasure can result in hours or days of extreme discomfort.
Similarly, I tolerated milk (whey) protein and eggs quite well in the past, but at the time of writing, have found that dairy products are significantly harder to digest than either meat, fish, beans or vegetables, and for this reason, and other reasons (TCM recommendations) avoid dairy products where possible at the present moment (at the time of writing). It is ironic that such little emphasis is placed on digestion at meal times and when eating out and we habitually sabotage our digestion on account of our cultural habits and lack of understanding.
A friend of mine once commented that one day mankind will probably evolve to adapt to the modern environment, computer usage, modern diets etc.
It is not the business of this web site to give dietary advice, but we recommend that you seek dietary advice from a number of different sources, including oriental medicine specialists, and not just rely on one particular source. I later discussed this with another acupuncturist who concurred that the high intake of cold, damp energy was very bad for the immune system and energy levels. Taking stomach acid production suppressants is a rather short sighted way of curing the problem, as often people will take these so that they don't have to improve their diet.
As you can appreciate, even crossing your limits and taking enough Betaine HCl can be very problematic. As stated below, some people argue that the consumption of dairy products is not 'natural'!
In addition, Capsaicin will stimulate the Vanilloid Receptors, resulting in increased Nitric Oxide release. This shift in eating patterns has been estimated as having occurred roughly 200,000 years ago, although it is possible that it started up to 400,000 years ago. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not know all that I know now and did not begin a positive health regime for full recovery from CFS.
Oriental medicine's studies of the body have been in existence for many thousands of years, and raw food diets have only become popular in the last 30 years or so, mainly amongst Western Industrialised countries, amongst a small segment of the population. A significant proportion of CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia sufferers are likely to have elevated Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite levels, resulting in a vicious circle of oxidative stress.
The human body still maintains its genetic desire for energy-rich foods, let alone being unable to effectively adapt to the influx of foreign chemical toxins, electromagnetic smog and postural stresses. If one eats too quickly or does not chew one's food very much, then one may not feel full until one has overeaten. Collagen is the oldest known glue in the world and its use in rope baskets and embroidered fabrics has been carbon dated to 8000 years ago. One could argue that standards and expectations have simply increased in today's society, and that the human body is meant to be mechanically worn out at the end of one's life - and that few lived past the age of 35 if one goes back 500 years. However everyone is different of course and this is something you will have to figure out yourself. In addition, Cayenne Pepper stimulates the adrenal glands and if one is already taking Adaptogenic herbs, then the additional Cayenne Pepper may serve to cause insomnia.
However, animals stay 'fit' until they die, they do not generally turn obese and unhealthy in their prime! If you do happen to eat too much of a particular food type or too large a quantity during a meal, and your stomach struggles to cope, it may be advisable to treat your stomach gently for the next few days at least, with smaller portions, enough time in between snacks and meals to digest the food, and food types that are easy to digest (e.g. Gelatin is a powder that when dissolved in water forms a thick gel, which when heated melts. Gelatin-based glues are today used in the manufacture of musical instruments such as violins or guitars. There is nothing energising about consuming alcohol, a concept which is cited as being one of the main reasons for the raw food intake in the first place. Many people appear to have benefitted from a raw food diet, whereas others have experienced rapid decline in their health and in extreme cases, death.

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