I was pleasantly surprised when I was feeling extraordinarily energized during that period of time when I put myself on a very strict diet regime, one that totally removes animal fats and most grains. Since I placed myself on this diet, I couldn’t believe that for the first time after suffering from prolonged joint stiffness in the morning back then, I felt absolutely normal again.
The best way to alkalize our body for energy and metabolic detoxification is to impose a diet that include cruciferous vegetables, the essential greens; as well as whole fruits and one that is low in animal proteins. Put lemon in the water with a tiny bit of sea salt or Himalayan salt and drink throughout the day. Your drinking water can also be supplemented by adding powder from Matrix Alkali into your normal drinking water.
Energise was formed in 2004 and is the world’s leading authority on the alkaline diet. In this example, the person is at 60% of where they want to be in the area of Finances and her Family Life is only at 30%. If you’re like most people, you’re probably experiencing a certain level of discomfort with the quality of your ride! There were no painful sensations at any of my joints and my feet no longer hurt the moment they touched the ground.

Since lemon has the potential to cause decay to your teeth, I suggest drinking the liquid through a straw. It works to buffer the acidity in lactate energy systems which can limit cellular performance capacity. They have worked in conjunction with the world’s experts in peak performance and optimum nutrition, including Dr Robert Young, Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon, Udo Erasmus, Stu Mittleman, Gareth Edwards and Ronnie Ruiz.
Look at the example below and imagine that each piece of the pie represented an area of your own life.
Take a few moments to draw a line in each piece of the pie representing where you believe you currently are in that area of your life. What about if you could find a way to round off your Wheel of Life so that you experienced balance across the areas that matter most to you? You will feel incredible by drinking alkaline water and feasting alkaline foods; and cutting down on acid forming foods such as animal proteins, processed foods, sugary stuffs, alcohol and so forth. This filter machine produces consistently high pH levels, antioxidant content, ultra hydration and smaller molecular clusters. Lemon, by itself, is acidic but once it enters our body, it metabolizes and its residue is alkaline.

Remember, for all juicing, avoid juicing with a blender or processor because the rapid movements will oxidize the chlorophyll, enzymes and phytonutrients.
Imagine that each line is a spoke in a wheel, with the centre of the wheel representing 0% satisfaction and fulfilment in that area of your life and the outside represents 100% satisfaction and fulfilment with that area of your life. When you’ve finished, shade in the areas to get a true sense of the shapes in each section. Imagine putting your energy focus and time into the areas that matter most to you… what would that feel like? No sugary foods such as chocolate, ice cream, desserts (and all girls’ favourites) and alcohol are allowed. My diet (image of my diet plan below) comprised only lightly steamed or wok-fried vegetables, green vegetables – raw or cooked, and very little fruits.
If you do not have ready access to fresh wheatgrass juice, the powdered form is the next best option to the real thing.

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