Day 3 of Unleash The Power Within is probably the most powerful of the 4-day total immersion event.
During the morning of day 3 of Unleash The Power Within, I recorded another quick video at my hotel in New Jersey before heading out to the seminar. During day 1 of my Unleash The Power Within Review, I mentioned how Tony Robbins talks about how progress is what makes us happy.
Once you’ve defined your target, you need an effective and efficient game plan to hit it. For me personally, this has been my secret to fast-tracking my success in different areas of my life. One thing that Tony Robbins mentions is that certainty, just like any other emotional state, is a strategy. Another one of my favourite exercises was when in this state of certainty, we walked around the room and looked into peoples eyes with this absolute certainty.
The key thing that I took from this day was that I need to CONDITION this state of certainty on a daily basis.
Whether you follow through consistently or not is dependant on the state you’ve conditioned yourself to be in. The important thing is that it must be done DAILY, just like as if you’d workout your muscles at the gym.
Next is the standard of EXCELLENT, which is what most achievers like you and I play at, right?
Most people that the level of excellent is all that they have, that there is nothing more to give.
We need to constantly make sure we’re raising our standards, in all areas of our lives. The Dickens Process is something that Tony Robbins developed to change any of your limiting beliefs that are stopping you. We first had to identify the three limiting beliefs that are currently stopping you in your life. An important thing to understand is that our BELIEFS are what control and determine every decision and behaviour we make in our lives. Once we had linked pain to the limiting belief, the next step was to create an empowering alternative. We wrapped up day 3 of Unleash The Power Within by talking about the 3 Steps to Mastery, which is largely based upon the book Mastery by George Leonard. The path to mastering anything, whether it’s your job, your relationship, your family, or your finances, comes from using three tools. As mentioned earlier, the fastest way to master anything is to find a role model, mentor or coach that you can model after. Once you’ve used total immersion, the next piece to make it lasting is through spaced repetition. ABOUT STEFAN JAMESI'm a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and coach with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.
Anthony Robbins is the number 1 peak performance coach in USA and author of best-selling self-help motivating books.
Anthony Robbins began to showcase himself as a ‘peak performance coach’ through TV infomercials and books.
Unlimited Power which was published in 1987, dealt with focus on health, overcoming low self-esteem issue and improving relationships. Awake the Giant Within – Published in 1991, was a set of specialized personality development techniques and NLP strategies.
Anthony Robbins wrote that he took a long time to write a book since 1994 because he loves reaching out to people in a live audience. Anthony Robbins launched the Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991 which empowers children, the deprived and prisoners through food, provisions and learning based programs.

Anthony Robbins love to travel and says that his favorite place is Fiji, he has a house there too, a 525-acre plot with 3000 feet of oceanfront. Strategic Intervention enables you to take action and create positive change everywhere you go. I literally have pages of notes that I’d like to share here, along with some powerful video footage of some the best moments. This goes back to the Ultimate Success Formula as mentioned in day 2 of my Unleash The Power Within Review. For example, attending Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins or the Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Why is it that sometimes we know what to do, we have great motives for change, and yet we fail to follow through?
One of my favourite parts of day 3 was Tony Robbins getting us into a peak state of absolute certainty. But if your brain is obsessed to make it happen, and you have total certainty and creativity, ANYTHING you want to make happen can happen… even the stuff that seems impossible.
We did an exercise at the event where we paired up with a partner, got into a peak state of certainty, and they told us what we did with our bodies to get into that state. This means putting on music, making your move, saying YES out loud, walking a certain way, moving a certain way, breathing a certain way, etc… The more you do this, the more automatic it becomes. This is what allows us to grow and make continual progress, which equals lasting happiness and fulfillment. Everyone has limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their lives, and the Dickens Process is designed to help anyone change those beliefs. To change a limiting belief, you must associate massive, immediate, unbearable levels of pain to those limiting beliefs. This process, as I said, is one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever experienced. Following these three simple steps will help you to create phenomenal results in any area of your life. As you can imagine, there was so much more going on at the event that it’d be impossible to put into words. That’s Day 4, one of the most important days, where Joseph McClendon III is back to the stage to teach us the Power of Pure Energy.
Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
Born of humble beginnings, he went on to become one of the greatest motivators in the US who has worked closely with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones, Mark Burnett, Larry King, Serena Wlliams and more. He looks up to John Rohn for motivating him for his goals and teaching him winning philosophies of life. He initiated the Leadership Academy Seminar in 1997, where he taught how you can be a leader by serving people. The 2008 market dip in 2008 prompted him to write a book which would help to take charge of their financial destiny. His foundation according to his website, has reached out to more than 2000 schools, 100,000 human service organizations and 700 prisons.
While he was married to his first wife (who had kids of her own from other fathers), he had a son with his girlfriend Liz Acosta.
I have got 12 companies, weekend seminars that go for more than 50 hours, four adult kids and two grand kids.
Robbins-Madanes Training has trained 4,000 certified life coaches in the Strategic Intervention Method. Make sure you check out the lessons and videos from Day 1 of my Unleash The Power Within Review and Day 2 of my Unleash The Power Within Review before reading the rest of this. For some, physical body is at a high level, while other areas such as finances might be a lower area.

For example, if you want an incredible body, find someone that has that and learn their strategy and method. The truth is, if you think “I can do it on my own”, then the reality is you would have done it by now, right? There is always another level that you can tap into, and that standard is called OUTSTANDING.
It has been fun for me so far as it’s an opportunity for me to reinforce the material and internalize it at a deeper level. He studied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with its founder John Grinder and wrote about it extensively in ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, one of his best-sellers. He debuted as speaker in the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference and became the 6th most popular speaker for TED Talk in 2012.
He found his latest house in Manalapan, after scouting through 87 properties in three states. Everyone is stronger in some areas than others, which is usually determined by the amount of focus you put into each area.
Tony says if you’re making progress in an area of your life (or want to make progress), there are 3 keys to it.
Without a clear and compelling vision for what you want today, you won’t be able to find the target of lasting happiness, let alone hit it.
By understanding your personal blueprint, how you create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think, feel, and behave the way you do, you can not only gain the answers to these questions, but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment. This pisses off people like you and I, because we put in a ton of work and effort into something and hate getting only good rewards.
During the Dickens Process, Tony Robbins stacked the consequences of having these limiting beliefs for 5, 10, 20 years down the road… and made us look at how these limiting beliefs are affecting every other area of our lives.
This is why seminars and events ar so powerful, because when you immerse yourself at an event such as Unleash The Power Within, you are out of your environment and re-wiring all your beliefs and conditioning in a matter of days. After the Unleash The Power Within or any other event, you need to make sure that you have a coach or attend a class or something on a regular basis to keep reinforcing and conditioning the materials. Young Anthony did not have it easy, he states the conditions in his house was full of turmoil, he recalls an incident wherein his mother chased him with a knife when he was in his teens. Robbins divorced his wife in 2001 and married actress Bonnie Humphrey, who is now known as Sage Robbins.
If you have the courage to face the truth of where you are, you will discover the path to where you want to be. And if you get yourself in a state of certainty, you can get yourself to do ANYTHING, as demonstrated on day 1 with the fire walk experience. It’s tapping into a different side of yourself where you give it every ounce of who you are and leave it all on the table. NBC broadcasted ‘Breakthrough with Tony Robbins’ a personal motivational program that showed him helping people face tough challenges in life and overcoming them. This is the level that olympic gold medalists play at, it’s the difference between the person that wins the Gold Medal and the person that comes in 4th place.
His mother married quite a few men, of which Jim Robbins, a basketball player legally adopted young Anthony. It was re-televised again after OWN Network began airing the program in 2012, with the first two episodes and the new set.

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