I have always wanted to go through the Anthony Robbins Unleash Your Personal Power 30 Program for Unlimited Success, but never have.
I am nearly certain everyone knows who Anthony Robbins is, if you don't a simple Google Search or YouTube search will fill you in. The year is coming to an end, and we still have time to get on track and set ourselves up well for 2010.
Every couple of months for some reason I decide to go on YouTube and put on some Tony Robbins.
This past weekend, however, I came across a relatively unused complete set of his tapes and thought, what the heck, why not use them. If you don't own a set of the tapes, I am sure you can probably purchase a set on either eBay or Craigslist.

We will try to accommodate a virtual session for those who wish to participate, but are unable to make it personally. Tony talks about daily consistency and how making small improvements daily add up to great results.
We will start with from the beginning of the series and follow them through to the end, 30 days, no big deal. In Personal Power II Tony gives you simple strategies on how to greater results for yourself on a daily basis.
Then what happens is I make extreme progress, it gets done, I feel awesome and I don’t listen to Tony again for months. He has so many tips and ways to increase your energy, I find it impossible not to feel less resistance in anything I’m doing.

If you consistently focus your attention on the wrong things those are the things that will grow. From immortality to emptying your inbox and six pack abs, this is where tenacious goal seekers come to learn the impossible is possible. Until I’m having another issue where nothing is working and progresses has been stalled for too long. The problem is that most people give all of their attention to the negative things, thus causing them to grow.

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