The most powerful way for the change you want to happen, and for lasting results, is what Tony calls a€?immersiona€™ - experiencing and witnessing massive breakthroughs in real life situations.
Filmed live at Tonya€™s Date with Destiny program, these videos capture the moment couples achieve profound relationship breakthroughs. After 13 years of marriage, Paul and Jennifer are fed up and just want to be free of the pain. No-one understands the psychology of success like Tony Robbins who has coached more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. An authority on Peak Performance Tony has also advised some of the worlda€™s highest-performing achievers: from 7-figure clients like Fortune 500 CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes. In the unlikely event that, after having participated in the first 3 days of Date with Destiny, you decide you havena€™t learned enough to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, simply hand in your program materials and we will send you a complete refund, no questions asked. It really just opens up so many possibilities in your lifea€¦ to make it so much more extraordinary than it already is. Date with Destiny has always Sold Out – and will againBut Act Now and you can not only assure your place but save $500 on Door Price. Over 6 days, working live with Tony Robbins - the worlda€™s #1 life strategist, youa€™ll gain the understanding, and the tools and strategies, to help you create the happiness, love, passion, success and fulfilment you desire and deserve. Understand the forces that control everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take.

Unearth the primary pattern that controls and guides the focus of your entire life and how you can change it forever. Discover how to instantly overcome old destructive patterns and replace them with new empowering emotional states. Then develop Your Mission Statement - a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate vision.
One of the many key distinctions shared by happy and successful people is clarity and focus. Imagine living every day with unbelievable clarity - where everything you think, say, believe, feel, want, and do is directed toward one powerful outcome. Imagine knowing that you are the master of your experience and that you are totally in control of each moment of your life.
There is perhaps no greater source of joy, happiness, and fulfilment or sorrow, heartbreak, and pain than the area of human relationships.
Discover the tools and disciplines necessary to not only create your ultimate relationship, but to ensure that this connection continues to deepen, magnify and grow through time.
I was hoping that the program would help me to understand the barriers and to remove them a€“ and it has! I have been to all of Tony's events and if there is one thing I learned the most about vital health is the importance of a Alkaline diet!

Check out the alkaline water machines now and start making a lagre impact on your health just by switching your water! I also highly recommend listening to Tony Robbins program Living Health with Doctor Robert Young. How is it that some couples live passionate lives, while others live in fear, helplessness and frustration? However, due to Anthony Robbins’ commitment to providing personal attention to each individual, only a limited number of participants will be accepted for this program. If you were to really design your own life, if you were to create a set of values that would shape the ultimate destiny you desired, what would they need to be? They are also the area of life that brings up the most fear: fear we arena€™t enough or that we wona€™t be loved.

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