Our amazing group of 300+ members meets each month in the Silver Spring area (midway between Baltimore and DC, convenient to I-95).
It was great to sit down with SD as he is known to his players and chat about the challenges he faced in his initial introducing to coaching at a national level with the Newcastle Falcons. We chat about the people who have helped shape his coaching philosophies, people who include Anthony Robbins and Rob Beveridge Podcast. Having just signed a new two-year contract to coach the Crocodiles we thought it was the time to ask SD what the current weaknesses of the Townsville Crocodiles and the plan for improving the team so that they reach the NBL playoffs in 2017. With Shawn having a very extensive career coaching in New Zealand and having won an NBL title as an assistant with the Perth Wildcats we also get his point of view on who will win the NBL Grand Final, the Wildcats or the Breakers? Kavossy Franklin spent almost a decade running up and down the hardwood floors across Australia’s NBL competition. Only 9 months ago the Townsville Crocodiles went into voluntary administration and were headed towards extinction.
For four straight years Corey “Homicide” Williams entertained NBL fans like few imports ever did before. I was (most) excited to play against Perth with Hugh (Greenwood) being there but kudos to him, you’ve got to follow what your heart says. They used to sit (Lanard) a lot… and I used to think why is he off the court… and i could tell it used to eat him up. Boti Nagy and Mookie Schiralli join Dan Boyce on a special "Journo's" only podcast where they discuss the recent $6 million dollar purchase of the NBL by Larry Kestleman.
We agreed to call team USA by their numbers, so we came out I had Jason Kidd so I said I got 5, someone else said I got 7, another I got 9 and Kobe was on the foul line and he says, you know my name, just say my name so I said no one cares about your name, but you’re gonna take this ass whupping real quick and we hit the next basket, then I said you can say our names anytime you feel like it“ - CJ Bruton shares stories of playing against the Team USA’s “Redeem Team” at the 2008 Olympics.
Derek Rucker finished his NBL in the top ten all-time in scoring (7th), assists (4th), steals (4th) and three-point field goals made (5th).
He averaged 14 points over 381 games and although he never won a NBL Championship or make a Boomers squad he will always be remembered as possibly the most HATED player in the NBL in the 1990's and early 2000's. We ask Homicide what NBL teams he’d like to play for, how NBL Legend Darryl “D-Mac” McDonald is remembered in NYC and who he’d pay money to see in the NBL.
Mitch Creek, fresh from winning the Adelaide 36ers Defensive Player of the Year tells Aussie Hoopla why he thinks the NBL is a better place to develop then College.
The Toronto Power Group is about connecting people who are willing to challenge the status quo, defy the odds and go beyond their current circumstances. This mission is accomplished through bringing professional speakers to conduct high energy content centred events on the first Wednesday of each month. Past Experience: Ben has delivered 5,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and also speaks for organisations such as the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia. Passions: Helping people create authentic changes in their life, meditating and evolving human potential. Personal likes: Stand up comedy, illusionists, watching movies and saving $2 coins in jars.
Past Experience: Cham studied IT at University of Technology Sydney and realized he loved personal development more than PCs.
Personal likes: Playing guitar, avoiding extreme sports and emailing cute pictures of kittens. Past Experience: Kim has a unique ability to mix practicality with creativity by drawing from experience in education, health, hospitality, sales, administration and being a mother of 3. Passions: Supporting individuals to embrace change, to live a life of health, fun, transformation and achievement. Passions: Making things happen, seeing people grow and evolve into the true version of themselves and transformation of all kinds. Personal Likes: Loves Travelling, experiencing new adventures, being on airplanes and ships, taking photos of beautiful scenery, personal growth and evolution and seeing the absolute beauty in every moment. Past experience: Eugenie has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years in customer service and events both in New Zealand and Australia.
Past experience: Raymond helped run the IKEA Australia website for several years and managed communities within the travel industry for The Travel Corporation.
Passions: Creating engaging content that people connect with, getting the most out of every day and making people laugh. Personal Likes: Experiencing different cultures (through travel, sampling or cooking local dishes or his camera lens), playing with his band, live gigs and exploring the great outdoors. Past experience: Marie worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 25 years and in Corporate Management for over 15 years.

Past Experience: Jess completed his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at the University of Southeastern Philippines, with a background in website development from his freelance time during college years, he's able to exercise and experience firsthand the free flow of ideas in relation to the technology industry. Passions: Helping people to the very best of his abilities, continuous learning and keeping the optimism alive by simply reminding people to smile even for the simplest things in life. Personal Likes: Watching fiction shows, technology updates and eating cheese flavored popcorn with a spoon. Past Experience: Jas completed a degree of Information Technology at the University of Mindanao.
Passions: Encouraging people and helping people through their different struggles and dreams (especially younger people). Personal Likes: Traveling, playing badminton, talking about meaningful experiences and difficult challenges with friends, listening to songs with a positive message.
Past Experience: Joan was a school Youth Leader and has worked as a research analyst, market researcher and as a virtual assistant. Passions: Meeting new people with a difference-maker mindset and making things happen together as a team. Past Experience: Nathan started his self development journey in 2001 while studying a Diploma of Counselling. Passions: Contributing to people's positive progression through health, education and spirituality whilst aspiring to be the best role model as possible to his family including his 3 divine sons. Personal Likes: Quality time with family, travelling as often as possible and relishing every Sydney Swans victory.
Past Experience: John has been an account manager and business development manager in both New Zealand and Australia over the last 15 years. Passions: Travelling the world, personal development and helping people achieve their dreams. There you'll meet other local fans of personal development thought leaders including coach and author, Anthony Robbins (Tony Robbins). The feisty point guard with what seemed like jet propulsion will be fondly remembered by Sydney Kings faithful as part of the core unit who captured the city’s first NBL championship.
Being a part of not only one of the greatest NBL import duo’s when he paired with Tim Dillon in North Melbourne) but then again when he joined Ricky Grace in Perth, you’d have to question whether anyone they paired Scott Fisher with would have become a dynamic import duo.
Be it through his on court demeanor, his incessant twitter promotion or trash talking opposition players, fans or even the media at time he created a reaction. It’s a bit rough because I thought he could have brought a lot to the sport of basketball but it would have been nice to play against him. Since then, Co-Founder Matthew Hollard has brought together an Executive Team and an Advisory Team and has already begun connecting with fans in order to see this new league debut in May 2017. All Aussie" "Well you're nothing like Luc", "Well you're nothing like Jordan" - CJ Bruton shares banter from his days in Portland with Scottie Pippen. One time I had a one o'clock game then I had to check into jail at six o'clock that night and I was watching my highlights in jail that night" - Isaac Burton talks about playing basketball for the Las Vegas Silver Bandits during the time he serving a prison sentence.
I thought I can get away with this, took off my jocks, wrapped them around my foot and taped it up with some ankle tape. I guess when I asked if there was a hole in ‘the Glove’ he didn’t appreciate it” - Shane Heal sharing Trash Talking stories of when he went head to head with Gary Payton in the Olympics.
He’d take off his seatbelt and run up and down a private plan during take-off but no one would say anything so of course he would think oh well I will try something else next time to see where the boundaries are” - Mark Bradtke discusses his time playing with Allen Iverson in Philadelphia.
If we can get more guys like James Ennis into the league I think that's a move in the right direction” - Shawn Redhage believes having a “Marquee Player” rule in the NBL would significantly help take the game to new heights. He’d push people to the ground but that was because he was a winner and he’d only accept 100%… he felt you had to dive on the loose balls, you had to get after rebounds and run the floor, that’s who he was” - Rob Beveridge speaking about the drive behind Andrew Bogut during his time coaching him.
Australia finally has not only that mix of NBA players but NBA players who love to represent their country” - Brian Goorjian when asked if we would ever see him back in charge of the Australia National team.
His 10.6 assists per game in 1994 is the highest season average ever and he holds the record for assists in a game with a mind boggling 24 dimes which is a record which may never be broken in the NBL. Recap and Analysis of the Australian Under 17 Boys World Championships Silver Medal effort? We spoke to him about how it was growing up in the Dominican Republic and New York City, How he got his nickname, and asked him about his Streetball rivalries with Brandon Jennings, Sebastian Telfair and Corey “Homicide” Williams.
He has consulted with some of the largest organisations in Australia including Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank. She is the welcoming voice at the end of the phone, receiver of emails, and finds the best solution to client queries & requests.

She is a published author and has certification in Small Business Management, Fine Arts and is a NLP Master Practitioner. He used to only play games on it but became so fascinated he decided to build a career in the computer industry.
Toni makes sure all the events run smoothly, crew are happy and our clients have a supportive, loving and safe environment to learn and grown in. She has worked with Universal Events, Walt Disney Travel and Carnival Corp whilst ensuring client care and excellence are paramount. Being a Mother of 7 beautiful children, she has been able to use these experiences to teach, work and grow both personally and professionally.
He ensures our website has fresh content for the community and manages a variety of marketing from emails to social media. Marie connects with people that register for events across Australia to ensure our clients have a great experience and all their questions are answered. She has a Diploma in Counselling, is a Master NLP Practitioner, Personal Trainer and Reiki Master. He supports the customers and the team in everything from creating customer websites, video editing and administration. She supports the customers and the team in everything from enrolment enquiries, billing and administration.
With a passion in helping people achieve satisfaction in life, she has held customer service and accounts roles at various companies. She supports our customers by ensuring all our back end systems are working smoothly and all customer accounts are up to date.
He helps clients gain clarity in their life or business and ensures our clients are taking the next best step towards their personal development or business success. Nathan is a Master NLP Practitioner, Personal trainer and Coach with over 7 years experience as a course advisor in both the tertiary education and self-development industries. He has been successfully helping people achieve their dreams across a wide variety of industries from finding their dream home to achieving financial security. Gather, swap stories, and learn even more motivational techniques while you are building an outstanding peer group. It’s been a tough road for fans of the Townsville Crocodiles the past few years to say very little. I trained, thought I'd got away with it but afterwards I forgot and took my shoe off in the locker room, the whole team saw and they have never let me live it down" - Damian Martin says an embarrassing memory from training with the Australian Basketball team.
He completed the NLP Practitioner Certification with Tad James, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and numerous others due to being a self-confessed seminar junkie. Kim keeps the academy looking awesome & supports the rest of the team to get their things done. She is a master NLP practitioner and trainer, studied Pranic Healing and various forms of Energy healing. She has worked for Universal Events as an Event Assistant and for Worldmark South Pacific Club as a consultant. Loves connecting with people from all walks of life and is a self-confessed research junkie. We strive to give PowerTeam members an outstanding return on their investment of time and effort. After working for 2 years, he was headhunted and is now the resident Web Wizard at Authentic Education. Every month, we have guests join us to offer information on a variety of topics of interest to high performers -- health and fitness, nutrition, finances, relationships, careers, overall mental well-being, etc.
Other activities include goal-setting exercises, coaching support and social and professional networking opportunities. We also engage in annual charitable activities including the Anthony Robbins Foundation's Basket Brigade campaign to feed families in need.

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