The point–  to show our children, that healthy men and women, who excel at their game, come in all different shapes and sizes. I think a lot of ads are trying to incorporate different body types as opposed to the photoshopped model. What a GREAT way to show impressionable teenage girls that WE are all equal and we ALL are ALLOWED to participate.
The Bilderberg group met again recently, and we talk to expert on the group Daniel Estulin about the true power of the group and the substance of their influence.
I don’t know about you but when I think of the Roman Empire the first soldier that comes to mind is Gaius Julius Caesar. In 2004 I was walking through a Borders store and stumbled upon the history section and found myself thumbing through a book about Julius Caesar and his 13th Legion. I used to wonder if Julius Caesar was just a military man who declared martial law and then became a dictator.
After this Julius Caesars right hand man and second in command, Mark Antony, along with Octavian (later to be known as Caesar Augustus) and Lepidus formed an alliance and defeated Julius Caesar’s enemies. Some other interesting inventions attributed to Julius Caesar are the Julian Calendar and one of our first encryption techniques called the Cesar Cipher. I remember that we learned something about Caesar in Latin class in high school, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what.
If you are interested in Rome and the Caesars, you may be interested in I, Claudius, the autobiography of the Emperor Claudius who was a big Republican all the way up until he was named Emperor.
First, Gaius Julius Caesar wasn’t ever an emperor, he was elected Proconsul of Rome and was made Dictator for Life by the Senate. Lisa Wade pictorial from the website Sociological Images this week, I thought it was quite an interesting topic of discussion.
What impressed most people was how well a few girls stood out and took over the show.What impressed me the most was there were short girls,tall girls,skinny girls,heavier girls.pretty girls and girls that were not blessed with natural beauty,girls that danced like ballerinas, and girls that really couldnt keep up to the music!

Not just these olympians, but through healthy foods, regular exercise and a well balanced life. They all look great to me even though they’re all clearly different shapes and sizes. Far more influential in wealth and power than nearly every other group on Earth, we get to learn about their tremendous resources and how they pull strings and make kings in this interview by Sean Stone for Buzzsaw. As many of you know Augustus and Mark Antony ended up splitting the empire between east and west and then eventually fighting each other. It was a common phrase thrown around that was attributed to Caesar and it really gained notoriety when Shakespeare put it in his play. I agree it’s a good exercise to show your kids (especially girls) that there is no one beautiful body type.
A position granted to someone to have sole power if the republic was falling apart or in an emergency.
Although warned by his doctors, friends and his wife and a note passed to him as he entered the Senate chamber, Caesar went to his fate. I do remember learning a bit about Claudius but I’ll need to check out that book to get the real details. I do mention that further down and calling Julius Caesar an Emperor was just an overlooked mistake.
The name implies that those individuals who are members of the Illuminati are the only members of the human race who are truly enlightened and know how to govern. The family claimed descent from the goddess Venus, a notion that Caesar would subtly reinforce throughout his life to strengthen his power and popularity.
Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia - the ONLY people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it to peace. Caesar combined bold action and cunning political instincts to build a dynasty of emperors that would endure for centuries.

During the civil war, the Senator Brutus had aligned with Pompey against Caesar, but Caesar had forgiven him and admitted him back into his private circle.
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Many believe it was the betrayal of Brutus that caused Caesar to cover his face with his toga and submit to the attack. In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar his last words are, “You too, Brutus?” (“Et tu, BruteI?). Caesar Augustus did continue to pursue and eventually accomplished Julius Caesars goal of unifying the Roman Empire. For those of you that don’t know, the reef was presented to conquering generals when returning to Rome and presented before the people in the way of riding a chariot throughout the city. You see, at one point they had been allies and it was ultimately power and a corrupt government that turned Pompey against him. So if that government becomes corrupt or the voting process gets corrupted what do you do then? His whole life he watched powerful men, either governors, generals or politicians, become more powerful than the elected government. So after defeating Pompey in the Roman Civil War the senate appointed him dictator and he only accepted it so that he could clean out the remaining political nests of corruption and bribery.

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