Breaking 5 Interesting Things to Do in the Black Country Most Affordable Coastal Locations To Buy A Holiday Home Common Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make Top Tourism Attractions in Bahrain! Most people associate travelling with something that empties the bank account out not put money in. Forex trading if it’s done correctly can be a great and way to make money whilst travelling.
Okay so this isn’t exactly going to earn you money whilst travelling but it will help cover your costs. With so many bloggers writing for free it’s almost impossible to make any money online as a writer. Ever since the internet started opening opportunities for people to have a chance to work online, it has made way for a lot of women especially the moms to earn extra and some of us even live off our online jobs full time. I haven’t tried trading yet even though a couple of my friends have been telling me something similar with Forex. Great post, I will be sharing this information to my friends who are staying at home and at the same time wanting to have a work while taking care of their kids. Fantastic ideas, I’m always looking at ways that I can make a bit of extra cash online.
However if you are travelling long term, and don’t want to spend years saving I’ve rounded up some alternative ways to make money while on the road. As well you don’t need to have a degree in finance or spent years studying the markets to get involved. There are so many travel bloggers out there funding there way through the world by telling the stories of their epic adventures.

There are some great online sites like fiverr or Odesk where you can offer your skills and apply for freelance jobs. Not only do you get paid but generally your accommodation and living expenses are paid for too.
Trading binary options – This is an amazing option for women who like the idea of making trades from the comfort of their home.
Web Design & Development – This is something that takes a little more skill, but you can easily make a good amount of money online if you know how to do this. No the average person will not be able to make a living but it gives moms some extra spending money. I like your ideas but unfortunately, web development and design is not my forte and writing for my blog is enough.
There are some great online training programs like Knowledge to Action that can help you learn the tricks of the trade and support you along the way. There are lots of different ways to monetize your blog, through sponsored posts, advertising on your site, affiliate programs etc. Most are location independent and so long as you have a computer and Internet connection you are ready to work. If you are super lucky then you also get to go travelling with the family on all expenses paid holidays in exchange for looking after the kids.
Even if you don’t know how to code or design exactly, you can still make a lot of money if you just know how to put up and manage websites. It’s really easy once you get comfortable with writing, WordPress, and all the rest of that jazz.

I don’t think I’d have time to try anything else but its great to know there are other options!
Good article by the way, it might serve as a “See, I told you so” post for my other sisters! Once you get an understanding of what to do this can be a great easy way to make some cash. If this is something you are interested in there is no shortage of resources online that can help you build a blog and monetise it.
Freelance work can be anything from graphic design, web development, social media management or simple data entry work.
Work can involve anything from picking apples on a farm, painting a house or building a fence. You can work with a specialist customer service representative if you want, or buy a course on how to trade binary options successfully, but most of it is self-explanatory. You can read and research on how to write articles and web copy, but your best bet is to just download a bunch of templates to help you with the writing process. Now, there are thousands of platforms welcoming of enterprising people that just want to log in and start making money.
Communities like Upwork, TextBroker and many more make it super-simple to start earning extra cash online right away!

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