Magic: Master of Nature Magic Shaman will never use a power that may shape the mind of a person against his will. Alteration-Appearance: Shaman can change his own appearance, and if they are willing, the appearance of those around him with Remarkable ability. Sensing Evil: Shaman need not cast a spell because this inherent power will automatically warn of evil. Plant Control: Shaman can control the growth and shape of plants, increasing their size one area per round.
Time Travel: Shaman can use the Dimensional energies within his pouch to propel himself, and those he wishes to accompany him, back through time. Teleportation: ( Incredible ) Shaman's teleportation is dependent upon components from his mystic pouch. Grandfathers Skull: Shaman learned all he knows of mysticism from the spirit of his dead grandfather, who was a Sarcee medicine man before Shaman became one. Great Key: The Great Key is an intricate, golden, five foot long staff that can open the nexus between the Earth dimension and the Realm of the Beasts.
Other: In the Arabian Arc, Zahrah befriends one called Genie, who is later taken over and mind-controlled by Sheer. In order to fight the Autobots more effectively on the ground, the Decepticons built a combiner team that could convert into cars. Once on Earth, the Aerialbots fought a brief battle with the Stunticons that ended when Megatron sent a message to his car warriors to return to base.
Meanwhile, Megatron had discovered that the Key could "de-energize" Earthen matter, turning it to metal.
In the past, the Aerialbots met a young Transformer named Orion Pax, who was working at an energy shipment facility. Since that time, the Aerialbots have been invaluable to the Earth-bound (and largely flightless) Autobots.
Some time later, the Aerialbots were dispatched as part of a reinforcement team to help a group of Autobots who had discovered a Quintesson base on a large asteroid near Cybertron. Later, the Aerialbots returned to the Middle East, this time to fight in the African desert nation of Carbombya.
The Aerialbots later traveled to an Earth-like world inhabited by humanoids who could produce the Harmony, a manipulation of sound that could be used as either a miraculous healing power or an incredibly destructive force. Their next assignment was to investigate the Junkions, who had inexplicably attacked the Autobot Sky Lynx. The Autobots soon stopped the messages and thereby ended the wars, but the Aerialbots' next major appearance heralded another galactic conflict. The Aerialbots were later seen fighting the Decepticons, a battle during which the entire team was taken out by the Decepticon Sixshot.

The Aerialbots were created to bolster the Earth-bound Autobots' depleted forces, counter the Decepticons' aerial superiority, and utilize the combiner technology that Bumblebee had stolen from the Decepticons. Arriving at the dam, they found that it had, indeed, been shut down, and where water used to fall there now hovered a space bridge.
However, the tiny Bombshell was able to sneak into the Ark with the Aerialbots, and he secretly injected a mind-controlling cerebro-shell into Optimus Prime. The Stunticons began to wreak havoc on a highway, and their attack was not a random one; they were targeting the Autobot Skids, who (along with the human Donny Finkleberg) was searching for a group of Cybertronian Autobots that had been accidentally transported to Earth. Immediately after Ratchet finished repairing the damage inflicted by Circuit Breaker's studies and jury-rigging, the Aerialbots were sent on a new mission: Bumblebee had spotted Bombshell at the grand unveiling of Power Station Alpha, an advanced, mobile nuclear power facility. Later, the Decepticons stole Power Station Alpha and began to use it in a plan that would, if enacted, ultimately destroy the Earth. Although Starscream was eventually destroyed, the severe microchip damage he inflicted on his victims kept them in deactivation for a very long time.
Despite this, the Autobots prevailed, and the Decepticons exiled themselves (supposedly) forever. The four smaller jets combine with the much larger Silverbolt (sold boxed with the combiner pieces) to form Superion (G1). A reissue of the Generation One molds, with what might charitably be called enhanced visibility color schemes.
A repaint of the Energon combiner Superion Maximus, Superion is still made of the same components from the previous toy, but, like the Classics Constructicons and the Universe Combaticons, they won't be in separate packaging. The Aerialbots were additionally homaged by a Micromaster team in the first Universe toyline. While this allows him a Remarkable power rank for Levitation, his magical Flight speed has only a Good ranking. This magical ability is sometimes augmented by totems and spell components he pulls from his mystical pouch, for instance, powder to create a snowstorm.
Shaman can release energy from his pouch to negate any extradimensionally created spell or to send back any extradimensional creature to its home plane. The focal point for this spirit is his grandfather’s decorated skull, which acts as a partial dimensional aperture for the grandfather to contact Shaman from whatever dimension of the afterlife he now resides in.
It is a nexus to the Void, another dimension which Shaman uses as a source of energy to create magical components and mystical spells. When the player meets a man on the South Euro Plain, he claims a thief stole a statue and broke it up into pieces all over the world. Naturally, Galvatron sought to possess the Harmony, and the Aerialbots were among the Autobots who tried to stop him. The exact relationship between his Nature Control power and his extradimensional pouch is unknown.

By means of this staff Shaman may also battle beings in the astral, spirit, or other planes, including out-of-phase and intangible beings. Non-hostile spirits will not attack Shaman (as the result of a failed entreaty) as long as the eagle is present. When in need, Shaman simply reaches into the pouch for the appropriate charm or component he needs. After the player finds the Giant Legs, the Giant Body and the Giant Head, the man realizes it is actually a Giant Fossil and gives it to the player, who has Reese Drake revive it. The staff has Monstrous material strength, and in Shaman's hands inflicts Excellent damage, ignoring Body Armor. Z rescues another one from the Space Pirates' ship to join his Dinosaur Kingdom and is seen dancing with Daspletosaurus and some other dinos. Little else is known of the key, possibly it acts as a Dimensional Aperture spell into other dimensions. There, they fought a giant trash-collecting machine and (later) Decepticon warriors before escaping with the help of the Junkion Wreck-Gar. Joe had been guarding the station, and, mistaking Bumblebee for a threat, they had destroyed him.
It is usually kept in the Void dimension, which can be accessed through Shaman’s medicine pouch.
It somehow keeps them all contained, providing an orderly framework to a universe of tremendous chaos. Joe discovered that he had returned, they contacted the Autobots on Cybertron, and a team was sent to Earth to stop him.
Looking into the pouch exposes the mind of the character to the Void, a sanity threatening dimension. A magic wielder reaching into a pouch opening into the Void has access to Dimensional Energy.
For gaming purposes, the pouches come in a variety of styles and shapes and purposes, While S haman’s is tuned to the Nature school of magic, another could just as easily be tuned to another universal school, like the Faerie school, or a dimensional school, like Raggadorr or Hoggoth.
All of this should be decided at the creation of the item or generation of the character using it.

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