The Mercruiser Alpha Outdrive® is solid, versatile, and fast; an ideal drive for everything from runabouts to pontoons to small cruisers. New features of the Alpha include but are not limited to: Bravo-style maintenence free hinge pins, shot-peened gears, through-prop exhaust, and the broadest range of factory propellors available.
Now, being a Mercruiser product, the Alpha comes with Mercruiser-exclusive benefits, such as the Power Trim XD with hydraulic memory that returns the drive to the preset trim position in the event it comes into contact with underwater objects, and a greasable drive coupler that is accessible from inside the boat that reduces the amount of time your boat is out of the water during routine maintenance. Each coat of paint is baked on for maximum adhesion, while Mercruiser’s exclusive Electro Deposition Priming ensures uniform, complete coverage.
January 30, 2015 by Chuck Freeman 4 Comments There are many types of financial vehicles for your money out there, and everyone has a different opinion about which one is good and which one is bad.
Gold has always been good for long term investment and especially when the economic landscape became unstable. Gold has historically maintained its value and have always been the best way to pass wealth to the next generation.
You can be sure that if you stash some gold coins somewhere and your descendants put their hands on them 500 years from now, it will still worth a lot, probably even more than now.
Even real-estate, which historically has been great for long term investments, passed a certain age, the value of buildings tops, the maintenance fees climb thus making it less profitable, and then later on, prices start going down until the day it becomes ready for demolition.
We also have to consider the fact that we are getting more and more people on this planet and that gold is used in a lot of jewelry and high-tech products which are now mainstream even in poor countries. It is not such a good financial vehicle if you want to make short-term profit because the fluctuation of the market could make you a loser, and even if you win, it’s not going to be so good unless you bought it just before an economic catastrophe. Investing in gold will make you a winner for something like investing a certain percentage of your retirement savings. It’s always a great way to diversify a portion of your assets that you do not have immediate need for.
Even if the economy totally collapses, if you have 20% of your assets in gold, this 20% will probably worth 4 times more during the transition period to the new economy; basically, you will not have lost much during the crash. This is a great way for people who are new to investment or don’t have the knowledge of how the financial world really works and want to keep full control over their investments. Just find a trusted dealer nearby or on-line, make sure to check his reputation first, and everything is going to be peachy.
You can also buy gold certificates that allow you to buy some physical gold without making deliveries. For those who are a little bite more savvy about how those financial markets work and are not afraid to gamble with some jazzy financial tools offered by stock brokers, you can buy gold futures contract.
Exchange traded funds track the price of the gold index, which is a statistical measure representing the gold market. Investing your money in gold is probably the farthest you can get from a “get rich quick scheme.” It is a vehicle that can bring you money through a long period of time very safely, which is particularly effective in periods when the economy is not doing so great.

My dad has been helping me with investing my money in different stocks and bonds to help increase my assets.
Certainly gold bullion is a great investment,but the difference in getting the real value of gold lies in which way are you going to invest.In my opinion holding physical gold in a safe at home or at a secured storage facility is the best up to date way to take hold of these possessions. I’ve been looking more and more into investing in gold lately, mostly because of the fact that it’s value can never reach zero.
According to me the best way to buy gold is through an IRA account,where it is kept in a secure storage as well as it is under a tax deferred status. He does not look indian at all, so indian guys really do not care he bangs hot sl*ts for a living.
Posture and Body Language Definitely DO Matter!So let's keep all this in mind and talk about how you can use this information to impact testosterone production in your body. Always maintain steady and consistent eye contact when conversing with other people.Nothing says authority more than a confidently held, attentive gaze. Exclusive maintenance-free features on the durable Alpha® drive include Permalube® U-joints that help reduce the need for periodic lubrication and an internal floppy vane water pump impeller located inside the drive unit.
Fear not, for all aluminum components are cast with Mercruiser’s exclusive XK-360 alloy, which contains very little copper for maximum corrosion resistance. This case does not apply to any currencies, because they are bound to lose their value overtime just like anything else in life. Thus keeping the future value of money in mind gold can be a valuable and long-term investment. Basically, anytime the economy is not doing great people start to fear for their money, hence they buy gold, which reduces the supply. Meanwhile, the mining and refining of gold is more and more expensive, and this resource is getting harder to find year by year.
It is not complex in the sense that you can buy stocks online with just a few clicks on the mouse.
Basically those “futures” contracts allow you to buy today a quantity of gold on a future date at a price set in advance.
Also, personally, I really like the idea of being able to touch my investment with my own hands. While it may not have always beaten inflation, in the past few years, the inflation-adjusted returns from gold have been spectacular. Other great features like the easily accessible drive lube monitor and Audio Warning System (optional on 3.0L) add peace of mind and added convenience for this proven workhorse. Integral speedometer pickup and associated passages are incorporated into the drive unit and transom assemblies for steadier, more accurate readings. Each one of those vehicles have specific characteristics and are good to reach specific goals under specific circumstances.

The cost for mining companies has been on the increase for a while now, and they are not in any position to raise the supplies at all.
It is also very secure against complex fraudulent financial maneuver by those wall-street geniuses, hackers or even the infamous electromagnetic pulse. Also, keep that a secret and don’t show your gold coins to all your friends just to impress them; it would be the best way to end up with armed bad guys with guns in your house. If the price of gold turns out to be higher than the price you paid for it in your contract, you will make a profit when this future date comes.
This allows you to trade “gold share” the exact same way you would trade corporation stocks. I didn’t realize that buying gold futures allows me to buy gold on a future date at a price set in advance. For many investors, gold has now become a necessity to overcome from the risk of sovereign defaults, political effects and other unforeseen events. If that wasn’t enough, Mercruiser offers an exclusive 3-year Limited Corrosion Failure Warranty on all standard-production gas and diesel sterndrive and inboard products.
The reason for that is because people are willing to take more risk since the economy is good, so less people invest in gold, thus keeping it low profile. It is also highly portable and liquid, and at the time of writing this article, 1 ounce of American Gold Eagle Coin is worth 1266$ USD. The value of mining stocks can follow the price of gold, but when a company invests billions in a new dig, and they pull out less than expected, the stocks will be affected negatively.
This is known as an “investment instrument” but it must be realised that this is in fact nothing more than gambling; it is just one thing to keep in mind. Those funds will behave like stocks during the course of the day as they are bought and sold. They are rather convenient, for you can travel with them in your pocket around the world and trade them for local currency about anywhere you want.
This is a very easy way if you’re already setup to trade on the stock market, but it doesn’t protect your long term investment against fraudulent or secretive financial manoeuvres or even against Armageddon.
I hope that the price for gold will turn out to be significantly higher if I choose to put some money toward gold futures.
How it is run and what challenges they face are crucial to keeping tabs on your investments.
The most popular and trusted ones are the SPDR Gold trust and the iShares Comex gold trust.

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