Let me mention, I am not the author of this beautiful chart and I must have found it from the Internet, where I am only assuming, it is safe to borrow from.
What a lovely affirmation to sit with – I suggest you get calm with, practice the Essential Natural Breath or Diving Deeply Into Relaxation. I think what we all need to remember is that the body eavesdrops on our thoughts, responds to our sleep positions, driving habits, and other holding patterns. So many people have requested time with Rana that she is now offering initial Yoga Therapy consultations by Skype or Phone. How lovely, when for most of our lives we’re told not to be vain, or selfish, or self-serving. Yoga mat affirmations can be created using sticky notes or stick-on mailing labels or name tags.
And last but not least, since we’re on the subject of yoga mat affirmations (and thus, YOGA MATS in general), try my homemade yoga mat cleaning spray! However, I think the first stage is knowing who you are as a breather, undoing any unhelpful tendencies and then re-learning healthy techniques.
Yes, we do have one, live in one, and use it to move around in, so let us respect it and maintain it.

Change or transformation is possible through Yoga if the right practices are used for the right person.
Iyengar says in Light on Yoga, “To overcome the obstacles and to win unalloyed happiness, Patanjali offered several remedies. I have my yoga mat affirmations on my mat, my meditation timer on my iPad, and a diffuser (for essential oils) going. On my Yoga Mind Cd, you will find a track that teaches, guides you into, the natural and essential breath. This includes postures, modifications of postures, breathing, affirmations, insights and so on. The best of these is the fourfold remedy of Maitri (friendliness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (delight), and Upeksa (disregard).
In my last post, I discussed the importance of maintaining proper alignment during yoga (and how practicing in your undies can help). Aromatherapy is another great way to stay grounded, connected, and present during your yoga (or other exercise) session.
This means, that our breathing patterns can either be helpful, distraught, or rather therapeutic.

Certainly, if you are anxious about real and imminent danger, this is useful, and your breathing is a powerful thermometer for this. Today, I want to share a couple of tricks that keep me present and IN THE MOMENT when I’m on my mat. For more on that subject, click HERE and you will find a post on breathing for well-being and balance.
A mother feels intense happiness at the success of her children because of atmiyata, a feeling of oneness. I agree, and as a yoga therapist, I would say that most of the poses can be brought to you, whether through the use of strategically placed yoga props, or modifications, and substitutions. You can focus on your breath and do a simple joint opening series, and bring mindfulness into sitting at your desk.

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