In the past year, as I became accustom to LA traffic, I also became a dedicated listener of the witty Carolyn Myss, a spiritual intuitive and fantastic teacher.
So that being said, the third chakra could not be better suited to my most transitional phase.
I’m not sure which culture is responsible for this saying, but it is something that my mom always said that was freakishly always true. I began this written adventure somewhere over the Altantic Ocean, en route from New York to Paris, as the colors of the sunset shone through my tiny plane window in a arrangement of three- oranges, pinks, and of course yellows.
In October I was scheduled to return to the Empire State to get to know the city before making the permanent move. I will use mindfulness and active awareness skills to make conscious meaning out of life’s experiences. I will take full responsibility for all the circumstances in my life by doing what I can to make them better today. I will be more aware of the choices I make today and accept that I alone, am the author of my destiny. I will use the rest of my time in this life wisely and accept that the prospect of death is a concept that actually helps me live life more fully.
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The intensity of the eyes of a Jaguar, along with it's relatives the Leopard and Black Panther speaks of their nature to be focused at all times, to be crafting it's next move, thinking ahead by 3 steps, to know what you will do before you do, be warned the Jaguar is devastatingly serious. When to Call upon Jaguar Symbolism & the Jaguar Power AnimalThe mystical energies of visualization and manifestation are among the greatest metaphysical powers of the Jaguar animal spirit guide.
When I first introduced psychoacoustic sounds into my hypnotherapy sessions in 2010 I noticed an immediate difference in the depth and stability of hypnosis.
Video: Counselling Hypnotherapist Andy Wilding talks about hypnosis for motivation, and how to overcome the interference of critical thinking.
Before I came to Andrew I was struggling to deal with thoughts of success and how to attain it. Furthermore, Andrew helped me to work through my general anxiety and help me to understand what is causing it.
He has helped me realise the bigger picture in my life and in turn has allowed me to be a happier person.
I have been seeing Andrew Wilding in his capacity as a transformational Hypnotherapist for two years now. He recently sent me a Reiki meditation track to listen to which involves using headphones to tune into the binaural sounds. The important thing is that I always feel refreshed after I have done this meditation and feel ready to tackle whatever I need to accomplish that day.
Thank you, I have been shifting through strong emotions quicker than usual, which I know from my practice is an indication that some strong response is on its way out. After a couple of sessions with Andrew, thanks to his insight and very effective hypnotherapy, I gained more clarity and perspective about my situation and felt a big improvement in my condition. Lots and lots of changes, positive one’s so I haven’t needed to come back and see you again. The sessions that I had with you helped me immensely and I’m really grateful for your help in my time of need. I believe that the Hypnotherapy has helped to remove certain blockages which may have contributed to my condition. Priday is an alluring, enigmatic performer, delighting in the contrasts of ethereal serenity and electrifying volcanism.

Through her audio lectures and the long hours alone in my car, I learned more about myself and the meaning of the colors than I ever imagined possible. Also, I can’t help but mention the fact that the third chakra is a center of movement. For instance, she made the mistake of muttering this phrase after my 2nd traffic offense (one speeding ticket, one parking ticket), only to witness one month later the demise of my first car in an unfortunate crash on the way to my swim coaching job. As usual, things change and I instead molded my birthday month around celebrations in California and planning my leave from work.
In line with the chakras and the Kabbalistic tree of life, I planned to work on my self esteem, my endurance, and my integrity. Once on the east coast, I created new goals of discovery through the challenges and excitements of being in a new place. I will differentiate myself from others and let them experience the uniqueness of who I am. Andy is truly a gifted soul with the talented ability to allow every individual the possibility of controlling your own destiny by the use of mind power, affirmations and visualisation all aided with the very professional use of hypnotherapy. Through our sessions I have learned to meditate and to stop the negative thinking before it becomes overwhelming. This caused a large amount of anxiety in my life and through hypnotherapy I was able to move past these feelings. Through mediation he has also helped me to let go of trivial things that have been causing my anxiety. The binaural beats track is juxtaposed against the guided meditation (with Andrews very calm and soothing voice in the background) which is important to this excercise. Sometimes i follow the guide intensely and feel as though i am really journeying to a different place. Since the session I have had therapeutic pulse (When emotional experiences gets released from the physical tissue) at my back, left solar plexus area. I feel has if, a life long dream of living a healthy life n been slim is finally becoming a reality. I am in such a happy and comfortable relationship (that works!); after many failed previous attempts. I’m really thrilled, I passed both papers and jus have 3 more to pass to get my degree. I found the flights quite painless and didn’t feel claustrophobic as such, so something kicked in. My medication was increased recently which did help a little, but i was still having attacks at least once or twice a week and was feeling rather frustrated. I commend you on your work as a Hypnotherapist and would gladly recommend your services to anybody needing it. The bassoon of Simon Ball serenaded over the atmospheric pianissimo orchestra that occasionally exploded in surprising and spectacular colour. The colors I recognize are considered by spiritually intuitive people to be auras, energy fields, or essences of the 7 chakras.
For this reason, my title for this journey is the 3rd, after the 3rd chakra (color: yellow).
In every person’s life, the the third chakra energy can be dedicated to personal growth, self esteem, or big time movement. The saying goes for positive things though too, because many times I’ve receive a bit of good news, only to be followed be a couple more good people or good pieces of information. I was given the opportunity to travel to Paris with my Dad to immerse myself in the Parisian Design week and (hopefully) make some interesting NY contacts.

Thus begins the exploration journaling and the ever present determination to live a bigger life. If you went into hypnosis you would be in a voluntary dream state – you would agree to be there. The change doesn’t happen overnight, and at the beginning it was difficult to see,but I can now be proactive and apply the tools I have learned. Sometimes there are certain parts in the meditation which feel important and resonate for me. I honestly wish I saw you about ten years ago, that why my life would have been so much more simpler.
I am finally happy in accepting who I am and what I’ve become, and loving myself fully (which I was never capable of before) as well as being able to truly love others. Though I wasn’t aware of the importance of the colors I saw until my sophomore year at Chapman, I strongly believe that I have always seen them. I succeeded in the Design week immersion, but I focused more on the fabulous food and magnificent works of art than on making contacts.
The third and final trip was a one way ticket from Nevada to New York where the real adventure was waiting our arrival. In addition to the large amounts of motivation I have within myself, I also feel has if I am no longer fighting myself to loose weight.
The confidence that I felt was wonderful and I shall put it all into practice when I do a small trip to Italy in April and back to SA in June. And even when I did start to acknowledge the meaning of the colors, it wasn’t until after Semester at Sea and the meditation class I took in India that I did my research. The Hypnotherapist trains you in such a way that your desired actions seem agreeable to you and easy for you to accept, to help you overcome the resistance that you have just by thinking about what you should do.
But the interesting thing about this guided meditation is that despite the fact that I know what its about have listened to it frequently, every time i listen to it my experience is different and i hear a slightly different story. He has been there to help guide and lead me through this entire process, without being judgemental or biased in any kind of way – he has an open mind with the ability to think outside the box! I used to constantly feel the need to eat as much fatty foods has I can in one day but no more. I am so thankful for everything he has done to help me; I would not be in the place I am today without his help. On the day of the exam, it was like I was going to campus for just another lecture, wasn’t stressed at all! Resistance feels like your mind arguing or disagreeing, and comes from fear and self doubt.
My weight gain was such a big problem that I should not want to go to family functions n go out with my family. In hypnosis your therapist should be able to remove those fears by focusing on the positive, and directing your mind onto how amazing it feels when you are doing what you know is best for you.
I also no longer feel depressed when I wake up the morning but instead I feel proud of myself. This makes you feel excited and motivated, and you feel stronger than your fears or doubts, or what ever was holding you back in the past.

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