MAKE A DONATIONCONTACT USCONTRIBUTE TO LIGHTWORKERS WORLDFREE DOWNLOAD: MASTERY MEDITATIONS HOMEPLEASE DONATEFAQWANT SUPPORT?FREE GIFT!WRITE FOR US! One powerful way to structure our thoughts and transform our goals into results is through the use of affirmations.
The mind and the body are so well connected that the body often doesn’t know whether a phrase or image is real, dreamed, or imagined.
I often use affirmations when teaching my group fitness classes to help others reconstruct their thoughts to be more positive. Whenever you want to maximize your chances of getting the results you want, affirmations are one of the fastest ways to get there.
The subconscious mind is literal and factual in nature, just like the hard drive of a computer.
It’s important to keep experimenting with new ways of thinking until you find the one that is right for you. In our busy, fast paced lives our minds are often flooded with negative, fearful, or worrisome thoughts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Affirmations can be used to increase positivity in your life, help you heal, help manifest change in your life, create abundance and generally make you feel better about yourself, your situation and your relationship with others. Use them as a guide and if they don’t resonate with you, swap out the words to find a phrase that is perfect.
Have you used affirmations to change your life?: Share your learnings or experiences in the comments. Over the years, I have learned that positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to make dreams come true. But you must first believe without a doubt, with all of your heart, and with all of your mind that you can have your dream. Many would-be dreamers do not understand how a positive mental state can assist you in overcoming difficult situations and changing your life. When something unpleasant happens to you–how often do you allow the situation spiral your thinking into a negative state of being?
Your mind is capable of creating great achievements, but it will dwell on, and produce, what you feel with all of your heart and soul.  If you focus intently on what is wrong, your mind will continue to show you nothing but what is all wrong in your world. Instead, I should have welcomed the fact that no one was seriously hurt and understood that the incident was probably trying to tell me something about my life.  Car troubles often mean that you need to slow down and be more fully present in your life. Haven’t you noticed that when you are open to more good in your life then more good sweeps in to support you? I remember the day when I was thinking about how I wanted something more in my life than being a media designer. A few days later Catherine (Editor and director of 8 Woman Dream) sent me an email asking me if I wanted to be a part of the 8 Woman Dream team and share my personal dream stories with their huge following. But you have to be open to the possibilities and believe that you deserve the good that is looking for you–you have to feel it inside of you.
Faith and belief are the water that make your dream affirmation grow into something physical in your life.  It really is magical.
I attract positive opportunities in my life everyday and I welcome all opportunities right now! You need to speak positively about what you want from life and believe that you deserve it.
This week I affirm for you that you are having the best week of your life.  It will be filled with positive energy.
He has been coming to class for 5 + years and has always been one of my favorite Equinox members.
An affirmation is a strong, positive, self-statement, spoken in the present tense about a goal that has the potential for being accomplished.
Negative thoughts are carried in our mental computers and are the source of self-limitation, fear, inhibition, and frustration for all of us.
It is a conscious, carefully worded positive statement that guides our behaviors in a constructive way. So when your mind creates an image of success, your central nervous system and whole body will process that image as if it were real. When possible, construct your affirmations beginning with “I” or “I am” or “I enjoy” or “I choose”. When creating your affirmations, don’t let your critical side limit the phrases you create. Think about how achieving your goal will make you feel, or think about how good it feels to know that you are good at something. While it seems new-agey (and Wikipedia files it under New Age), affirmations are really just simple positive thinking. If you hear or tell yourself every day that you are ugly, not good enough, fat, etc., that negatively slowly chips away at you.

To be effective, affirmations must be positive, specific, in the present tense and a relevant to your life.
Use it as a mantra during meditation, write it on your hand to look at all day, write it on a piece of paper and carry it in your pocket or write it on a post-it and stick it to your mirror, computer or steering wheel.
If you’re interested in learning more, there are plenty of resources online with more examples of affirmations, daily affirmation emails and books. From my own personal experience, I’ve witnessed first-hand how thoughts can affect your life. I should have hailed to the heavens that everyone was alright and thanked the universe for reminding me to remain calm during times of crisis. It’s as simple as creating a short sentence affirming what you want and then becoming happy as you see it coming true in your mind, then believe with all your heart that you deserve it.
You need to speak your dreams into existence and believe that your affirmations create your world.
It is a pre-planned statement of an aspiration, presented to the mind as if it has already been achieved. In contrast, self-image, health, physical abilities, relationships, and competition can all by affected positively by the repetition of an affirmation or positive thought.
It empowers us to replace old pessimistic scripts with new creative phrases to help us realize our dreams.
Your computer desktop, fridge magnet, car dashboard, or bathroom mirror – anything works if it works for YOU.
Notice if they are reinforcing old, worn out ways of thinking or encouraging a fresh outlook. But it’s important to work against these negative thoughts by strengthening our mind with the use of affirmations. Sometimes we don’t think positively on our own and affirmations help remind us to be positive.
Whatever you do with the affirmation and how you use it is up to you, but repeating it often and with excitement is key.
My thoughts began feeding upon themselves to the point where I couldn’t let go of my anger.  And what do you think happened to me because I stayed in this frame of mind?
Sue's big dream is to spread her messages of hope and gratitude to women around the world with her motivational speeches and inspirational messages.
I write affirmations on the chalkboard in my bathroom, along with a love note to my son to have a great day. But many people that try using affirmations later give up because they don’t feel they are helping. On it he had written quotes and words from my spin classes that he had collected over the years. We talk to ourselves and interpret our situations based on our own perceptions of what is going on around us. That’s why it is critical to become aware of what thoughts and self-statements are running your actions and ultimately your life. Words are effective tools for transforming our perception of daily events and in turn our actions towards positive results.
If you find yourself simply parroting the words of your affirmations, instead of concentrating on their meaning, change your affirmations.
Speaking positively, and often, gradually changes the way we think, the way we behave and the way we treat ourselves and others. I decided to pray about it, offer up some positive affirmations about my new dream, and believed with all of my heart and soul that an answer would come. Perhaps taking a look at affirmations in a new way, along with some powerful tips to rejuvenate your affirmation process might be helpful.Affirmations are sometimes considered as “new age” psychobabble and in some circles the use of affirmations is criticized and even mocked. Although intellectually you know your goal is in the future, successful mental programming dictates that it be stated in the present tense as an already realized fact.
You can still affirm the same goals or characteristics, of course, but rephrasing your affirmations can rejuvenate their effectiveness. And sometimes negative stuff happens in life, but what if we could make more good stuff happen? It may surprise many of the naysayers to learn that the use of affirmations has been around for centuries and their use is prevalent in most world cultures. If our thoughts are irrational, exaggerated, or negative then we may become anxious or emotional and our performance is likely to decline. When you change the way you talk to yourself, you feel happier, stronger and healthier as a result. He said these motivating mantras combined with the high-energy movement of class allowed him leave his workouts feeling empowered. I’ve said it a million times and Ill say it again: positive thoughts = positive actions = positive results!!
If the affirmation is about abundance, feel what it feels like to have that thing or idea, touch it, smell it, sense it, use it, enjoy it and see how you feel in its presence.

And even though affirmations aren’t meant to help you collect material things, sometimes these things are valid, like owning your own home or paying off student debts or getting a reliable car.
You have probably experienced the phenomena of a “trained brain” in a negative way by falling prey to your conditioned inner critic. If you don’t believe the affirmations, they can still be effective, but it will take longer. The sheer number of affirmations to change your life is limitless, depending on what you desire in your heart of hearts.
The inner critic is a rather unconscious but pervasive form of negative affirmation that habitually finds fault in many areas of our life (our looks, body image, success and failures, love life, etc.).
If you’re tired of waiting, make sure your goals are attainable and set reasonable expectations for when you want to attain them.
Throughout our lives we begin to repeat certain words or phrases about ourselves or our life conditions and ultimately these provide our frame of reference for how we see ourselves and portray ourselves to others.So, why do some people have phenomenal success using affirmations yet others can’t seem to realize any help from them? Use affirmations to counteract negative scripts or to accomplish small goals, and you will eventually develop the confidence to tackle bigger issues.
And, why do we seem to so easily succumb to negative affirmations, yet feel so awkward and uncomfortable in using our positive affirmations?
In a world where lack, chaos, stress, dissension  and commercialism are promoted, it’s tough to overcome those messages to initiate powerful positive changes. Our entire culture and society is based on the premise that there is always something missing from our lives. Just watch television for a bit to see the persistent affirmations being recited to you: “You need a better this”, “You are missing out if you don’t have this”, “You’re sick” (or you will be soon). Is it any wonder that if we can’t live up to the fabricated standards that our culture has chosen to put on a pedestal, (movie stars, multi-million dollar athletes, mega millionaires), that we begin to feel a sense of inadequacy or unworthiness.But there are many people that ARE making changes, despite the pervasiveness of the bigger lack messages out there today. They are making these changes because there is still an innate higher wisdom in each one us and we are all provided with many opportunities in our life to listen to this “still small voice.” Once the door of new possibilities and potential opens to us, many people begin to feel renewed by the hope of breaking away from the “small” mindset of our conditioning. Besides affirmations, you cannot discount the effectiveness of spending time in nature, meditation, prayer, journaling, exercise, artistic expression and appreciation, plus many more. Affirmations are more than mere “positive thinking”, although certainly persistent positive thoughts are always more helpful than negative, but to be powerful, you must have some oomph behind your affirmation. In order to be very effective, your affirmation must have a sense of “truth” to it for you. Affirming that you are wealthy, when clearly you are feeling acutely lacking, is only going to disappoint you and quite frankly might throw you into quite a depressed state when nothing ever comes from your affirmation process.
If you say, “I see abundance in every part of my life”, then actually SEE abundance in every part of your life.
Even if you start from nothing, once you affirm a higher state of being, begin to live in that higher state of being. These small gestures of living in the state of being you are affirming is living “as if” it is already true, because honestly no matter what you wish to see realized in your life, there is always some of that already present in your life already. Don’t be afraid that by appreciating the lessor of what you really wish to see ultimately realized will be “settling”.
If someone has to lose in order for you to gain, you need to re-think what you are really wanting and why. For instance, if your affirmation is about gaining a more serious or intimate relationship in your life, do not define a specific person; simply allow the affirmation to be fulfilled from the endless potential available to you. Being so specific not only limits you, but you may be arbitrarily taking something away from someone else without even knowing it. Affirmations that will ultimately benefit many people, like members of your family, your community, or your work friends are most powerful.Make your affirmation short and powerfully relational to you. One I love and use often, especially when I am confronted with a difficult situation is, “I choose to respond with love”. I suggest at least two or three specifically defined times during the day you read over and recite each affirmation a couple of times. Implement the use of triggers in your life to bring your affirmation to mind many times during your day.
For instance, every time I turn on a light switch, I make an affirmation about being full of light and energy. When I wash my hands I allow the water to run over my cupped hands and affirm the overflowing abundance of my resources. Don’t forget using sticky notes and place them everywhere, or make affirmation notations in your journal or your planner. Be creative with your triggers to help remind you to repeat, repeat, and repeat those powerful affirmations.Share the Love ¦134696100000 Submit a Comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
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