I had heard about daily affirmations probably all my life, however, I really did not take them seriously and I didn’t understand why they would work. I actually did a lot of research and study to convince my left brain why and how daily affirmations work. Most of my life, I was in a re-active mode because I didn’t understand how this process worked. One of the things I used to say to myself and others was “when I sniff food, I gain 5 lbs”! So, here’s something to try, pick one trait or thing you want to change and write an affirmation statement.
We hope you gained some insight from this post on daily affirmations and why it is one of the secrets to success. Also, if you’d like to learn tips and secrets I’ve used in the past 15 years, sign up for our video series below.
Sending you a lot of “Aloha” (love) & “Mahalo” (thank you) for being a part of our “Ohana” (family)!
Daily affirmations truly are powerful and the more scientists learn about our brains, the more we understand why vibrations in the form of words and thoughts impact us.
I am sure you already use positive affirmations because it shows in your “glow”! Yes, Mary Lou quantum physics has proven so much about everything being energy and how the waves of possibilities collapse into form based on what our thoughts are.
I love water and so this one works very well with me, ’cause it gives me a strong positive emotion, and it’s worth more than 1000 words! It is amazing how you learn to put positive thought in your mind & throw out the negatives. I am so happy you are receiving value from our blog posts and yes, new daily habits are the key to success! If your answer is "yes", then keep on reading because this may be your last "stressed out" holiday season.
I didn't even know I could earn different types of income until I joined the home based business industry. There are a lot of ways to create a vision board, I’ve made them for several years and have done it several different ways. Going to Sydney, Australia-Again, I wanted to go to Sydney, but I was concerned about the distance, amount of time needed for that trip,  and the cost. Ray Ban glasses- Don’t laugh, I always wanted a pair and ended up getting them from Buffalo Exchange for a steal!
I wanted to lose weight-I haven’t lost as much as I would like to lose but I have slowly but surely lost weight this past year and feel a lot better about myself.

Something related to Tennis-I am mildly obsessed with tennis and have the goal to see all 4 tennis opens. I Meditated-I tried to really focus on what I wanted not necessarily everyday, but at least once a week I would think about what I wanted. Got Uncomfortable-Last year I spent a lot of time digging around in my own psyche trying to figure out how I got in my own may.
Acknowledge That It’s An Ongoing Process-As you realize your dreams hopefully you have new ones that you decide to focus on.
This is a great reminder to get back to the vision board I started last year – but got distracted, which is the story of my life! I put together a template but needed to get pushpins and now that I have all my supples I need to get it up!
If you enjoy making other people smile as much as you enjoy free stuff, I have the perfect freebie for you. It is a couple of years old now, so I am stoked that the poster has crossed the Atlantic and is still reaching new people. The good citizens of North Yorkshire may see a few more of these springing up around the place…. That’s so cute, definitely going to spread some joy by sticking a few of these up around my area. That’s a really nice idea and would really help cheer up people’s moods for the day ?? Maybe I should print one and stick it up in the office! When I was in Montreal a couple of years ago a guy was drawing huge crowds, all waiting in line to receive his Free Hugs.
Yeah I take one of these positive thoughts, oh by the way Miss Thrifty I really like the concept of your such an originality of contents.
The Cosmo Cupcake of Win: Miss Thrifty won Cosmpolitan's Lifestyle Blog of the Year Award in 2011. I choose to speak positive affirmations and postive statements over my family, friends, and business every day. It seems like today is my day to discover posts in the blogosphere through the Tribe about positive energy and re-assessing where I have been and where I am going.
So, when I talk about manifesting what you want in your life regular readers shouldn’t be alarmed by the direction that this post is going.
Some of this reflection happened via self-help books, journaling, and truly listening to what people were saying to me…about me! I got married about 5 months ago, and sometimes I think my husband and I are not totally aligned with our goals and ideas of what the future should look like and how we want to shape it. Whenever I order my bulletin board (which should be soon), I plan to get it off my computer and up where I see it constantly!

I will also be making little notes with different money amounts written on them so I can stay clear on my vision. I believe so strongly i9n this, I have scheduled it into my daily routine and every day speak life and abundance! Affirmations help keep our thoughts in a successful mindset and moving toward the direction of abundance whatever kind we desire.
I am so grateful to people like you who continue to write valuable posts like this one that inspire me to do something simple every day.
So today we’re going to talk about how to create a vision board that will change your life. I think it works because your dreams stop being abstract because you are looking at what you want for yourself everyday.
I have now checked that one off my bucket list. I went to the Australian Open and watched 3 weeks of world class tennis.
I’m already sure I sabotage my dreams but, now is the time to discover exactly how I’m doing that and STOP! I’ll be printing a few versions off tomorrow and popping some sheets around the place.
Spend less, live within your means and get out of debt - without resorting to recycling teabags.
I would have had a maximum of three weeks vacation-so I couldn’t have done both Hawaii and Australia. If you’re interested in starting a blog check out my post on How To Start A Blog, Change Your Life, and Find Your Tribes. I hope that you enjoy the process of making your vision board and that what you envision for yourself comes to fruition.
I tore off the last-but-one positive thought, and left the last slip of paper flapping in the wind, waiting and ready to cheer up another passerby. If you focus on what you want with joy and hope that’s very different than fear and bitterness. I have no idea who stuck that poster there, but it did its stuff: I had a spring in my step all the way to work.

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