As a high performance business coach, motivational speaker, author and podcast creator, I’m always looking to sharpen my sword.
Some years later, late at night, on another infomerical, I stumbled across a guy of Asian descent named Robert Kiyosaki. He would draw (4) quadrants when talking about the different financial categories (see below). When reading this, it made a huge impact on my thinking when it came to the employee versus business ownership mindset.
As the years progressed, I also started to listen to his sermons on Youtube every day before work.
Through their audios, videos, and books, they have taught me many valuable lessons in life, relationships, and business. All three mention that surrounding yourself with motivational, uplifting, influential people can play a BIG role in your success. Having people in your life or business that can help you achieve success because they’ve already done it, is one very importantprosperity key. Scott’s WebShowHave you ever wanted to know how successful individuals became so successful?
Positive Celebrity News, Celebrity Charity Work, Celebrities Doing Good Things for Others, Celebs Paying it Forward. Keke Palmer, who currently stars as Zayday in FOX’s newest horror-comedy series, Scream Queens, is always dropping serious wisdom beyond her 22 years! Please do not substitute material on this site for consultation with a mental health professional. I have heard at times people who want recovery “just to be over.” They want all the hard work to be done and the journey over so they can live their life, and not always fight for recovery. It took me years of learning in IOP, therapy, residential all the tools I needed when I was fighting recovery.

I have learned a lot in “life” and some aspects were lessons I learned in recovery and applied to life. I have been in recovery since September of 2010 after a decade of disordered eating and 5 years of ednos. Just found your site, and I am delighted to discover a kindred spirit to share the road with as I continue my recovery from destructive behavior.
As kids, we went to CCD for 2 years every weekend, learning more about God and Catholocism as a whole. In a powerful interview with XO Necole, the actress spoke on the importance of positive affirmations, stepping past your fears, and making changes to better your life. Advocating awareness about eating disorders, body image struggles, mental health issues, substance abuse and self harm. The opinions on this website are from personal life experiences and not meant as a specific treatment recommendation or personal communication with any individual.
I would use those tools occasionally, when I needed to, or needed to show to others I was ok. And I still struggle and re-learn a LOT of the lessons over and over, but I am aware of it, catch myself, and stand back up and choose to move forward again. When you have thoughts of “I wish the fight were over” just remember you are learning lessons along the way that are lessons to apply to life. What I’ve learned about how to give myself a healthy body is true about so many other aspects of life! The skills that I learnt in recovery have transformed how I am in the world and my perspective on life. When she’s not blogging about celebs, she’s listening to music, reading, working out, and spending time with family and friends. ViR supports healthy living, HAES, media literacy, body diversity, self love and self acceptance.

In my recovery, when I got sober and started serious recovery from my eating disorders I wanted everyone to just move on, let go, and stop remembering the past. Recovery isn’t just something we have to fight through, it is also a place where we learn new coping skills, learn more about ourselves, about our struggle, and about what we can do to make our lives healthier.
So remember to take moments to write down the lessons you are learning, because in time, you will be able to look back and be amazed at how far you have come in your journey!! Even though they were learnt in relation to the ED, they have a far wider relevance that I increasingly value. What we are learning in recovery, and what we are fighting for will enhance the life we will live. I take my life now and apply the tools of recovery to it, and who would have imagined that!!! It is all about perception, maybe thinking about recovery as self discovery, self love, self care, will help lesson the fight to have recovery “done with.” I also promise that the more we commit to the lessons in recovery, the less hard the battle is. It is about being present, experiencing things, making choices, making mistakes, following new paths, new challenges, risking things, embracing our fears, it really isn’t about the destination.
When we choose life, and choose to fight, in time, the fight transforms to something we call life. We no longer have to fight, control, and wish the battle was over, because we will have learned and grown in recovery. We will have learned the tools, know how to apply them, and they will seem to occur like second nature.

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