If you ask Google these money questions, you will get a bajillion hits (Okay, let me be exact, 2.3 Trillion Hits!).
No shortage of websites waiting to take your hard-earned money to show you how to make more money.
This question used to boggle my mind early in my corporate career when I struggled with making more money at my corporate job … until the day that I had my paradigm shift.
Reminder: You can still grab The Positive Affirmations for Life program with more than 4 hours of audio affirmations for 7 life situations that impact your happiness and success the most. You have none of these self-limiting beliefs, you just have no idea how to make more money yet you won’t seek expert advice.
If you don’t have any of these self-limiting beliefs at all, and still struggle with your finances, leave me a comment below and explain your situation.
This was a huge distinction for me and one that led me to huge corporate success and later to business success so please let me explain as I’d hate for you to dismiss it too soon.
Your ego wants you to be the victim and feel bad about your situation and tell everyone you meet about it in great detail.
The paradigm shift for me happened the moment I decided that I was worthy of more and that meant saying no to everything that did not meet that bar. That meant being fearless enough to take chances, to risk failure and to handle success – all of which have been terrifying, and oh so worth it.
This paradigm shift meant that not only am I worthy of the wealth I picture, I am also capable of creating it, and doing so while staying true to my core values because those are nonnegotiable. This process could only take place after I had identified the voice of the ego and silenced it, so that I could hear the voice of my own heart. When your beliefs stem from your truth, not from your anger or your rage or frustrations or disappointments but from your best authentic self, you know you’ve set aside the ego and have moved past the first huge block in your progress.
Before we get to the top 25 money affirmations, I want to share what Jim Carrey told Oprah after describing his powerful wealth visualization techniques when he was a nobody. Do you want to discover how easy it is to turn your life from a constant state of financial struggle into a state of peaceful prosperity? Do you want to build a healthy relationship with money and never again feel guilty about attracting wealth and abundance into your life? I actually had super super long affirmations, like, I wrote out an essay pretty much on my beliefs, but I said it so much that I memorised the whole thing! Farnoosh — I have been a bit skeptical about affirmations in the past — but you are convincing me slowly!
However your list is more extensive and you touch many elements that I didn’t think about before. Is there something you want to change or improve in your life or work?  If so maybe it’s time to set some goals or rethink the goals you’ve got.
Getting clear about your desires, what you want to achieve and how you want to live, is the first step towards making it happen.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to set goals for yourself. In this the second in our series on goals we show you 4 simple quick steps to help you clarify and define your personal goals,  ascertain their purpose and think about how you’re going to make them a reality. If you want to reap the benefits of having goals in your life, watch the video below now and see the exact steps to take.

Starting with the area of life it’s most important to make changes in, complete the template, continuing with other areas if you wish. Sign up to be a Brilliant Living VIP (if you haven’t already) and get the rest of the goals series delivered straight to your inbox.
B-All, I share Energy Surge #6 and the importance of practicing the Appreciation Perspective Experience every night while in the process of falling asleep.
I find that most people get into bed and then relive their day in their mind with the focus being on everything that they did not accomplish or those aspects of their day which did not go the way they wanted it to go.
They attempt to fall asleep while dwelling on a list of everything they feel they must do the next day or what they wish they could go back and do over again. As always, thank you for sharing this Attraction Tip with your team members, co-workers, friends and family…any one you feel would enjoy being more ‘attractive’ with what they desire to have in their lives to achieve their goals with velocity and ease.
I was one of those people that my mind was still going when I wanted to go to sleep and stay up tossing and turning. Doctors acknowledge that stress is a leading factor in the development of life-threatening conditions. We love to connect, so take the next step and click on our links below to become a Member of the Chi-To-Be!
I have coached several clients through these self-limiting beliefs, and you know the most shocking part? Your ego is a deranged and judgmental part of you that you must learn to carefully and successfully ignore if you want happiness, inner peace, abundance and wealth, that is.
I’ve never understood this guilt complex around money and yet I struggled in making things happen earlier in my life.
Leave a comment telling us whether you have self-limiting beliefs and if you will be doing the money affirmations with me to attract wealth and abundance into your life. Last year for about a few months I would walk to the lake at my mountain at Falls Creek and say affirmations with my arms outstretched and then come home and say affirmations when I had a shower every morning and every night and I felt great! When I moved in with a new housemate in December, I stopped walking to the lake and I pretty much stopped saying them. Thank you for validating that money is indeed a source of good and we can do even more good with it. It’s hard when friends and other trusted parties act so bizarre about something as natural as money! It requires lots of effort, lots of dedication, patience and persistence, but the rewards we reap afterwards of changing it are amazing!
In 10 minutes you’ll know what your goal is about, why you want it and the first steps to how you’re going to get it.
This has helped me to relax and focus on all the positive things that I was able to accomplish throughout the day. They don’t have the awareness to recognize how their thoughts ruin their finances and destroy their chances of making a lot of money. Now I want to get back into it and write myself a bangin set of affirmations, that I can bust out at any moment I feel like it. Is there a particular way you like to say them (say in front of a mirror, in bed, sitting down, standing up, while running, walking, yelling or under your breath, an particular time of day)?

Funny how I had very little problem selling software for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the corporate world (hey, it was my job) but when it comes to selling something more personal (i.e. But I’m so glad for you to draw the boundary and to choose your future based on your intellect and not the poor money stigma of those around you.
I have to say, I love that quote from J.K.Rowling and thanks for sharing it, I hear it for the first time and I agree entirely!
Affirmations are really a great way to get rid of our limiting beliefs and create new good and healthy ones! No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc.
I am experiencing that the more often I use Energy Surge #6 for myself the more I can extend it outward to others. Even if I was not able to complete all the things I wanted to it doesn’t matter because getting a good and restful nights sleep allows me to wake with more energy for the next day.
It’s easier for me to do reach beyond what I normally do to do the things the will actually bring me financial rewards.
I have had very similar observations, and I believe that if a man is caring about self-image, the affirmations will speak to them universally (for the most part!).
I am then able to achieve my goals throughout the day more easily so that I can begin the cycle all over again.
Please click here to learn how you can help me save the lives of people stressed to the snapping point. As long as you can stay with the meaning of the phrase and not lose the focus, and as long as you remember it to repeat it 2-3 or even 5-10 times, then you’re good. Reading them is one thing and that’s how I first became familiar with affirmations but saying them out loud and replacing these affirmations with the toxic negative thoughts has another power altogether.
I started acknowledging one thing and as I felt my energy shift and my Chi-Lift, I could feel the corners of my mouth smile bigger and bigger.
Being able to appreciate and love myself helps me to attract more appreciation and love into my life. I will say that asking your clients for feedback and creating case studies has been a huge help for realizing the tangible value I provide. They automatically associate you with being a cheat or doing something shady, but that’s just what I picked up from some people around me. When I do make it own my I’ll just have to get even better at tuning out people that will no doubt judge. I definitely say them a lot during those special days of the month ?Y™‚ I hope this helps?? I’ve actually stopped hanging out with certain friends as much and surrounding myself with a couple people with similar mindset and this has helped me.

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