An affirmation is defined as something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment. The garden of our life is developed through the planting of seeds that flow from our mouth on a daily basis. If you respond to the state of your health, wealth and love life with negative phrases you will end up with a weedy patch for a life. Here are those that I speak, and I trust that they will add great value to your life as you participate. No matter what has been suffered by my parents health wise, I am healthy, whole and terrific. I treat my body with respect by feeding it healthy food, drinking healthy fluids, and exercising it regularly. I give at least 10% of everything I earn as my way of saying thank you for the 100% received. A little secret about life is you can get what you want, only if you believe that you have already got it. God never promised for a perfect life, but he did promise for the strength enough to make it perfect. If you waste too much time on counting the times you've lost, you will lose out on new opportunities glaring at you in the face. Every now and then I will stalk visit the social media profiles of the tweens and teens in my life.
Most of the posts I read consisted of people rating each other on their physical appearance and their popularity at school. So how do we go about protecting children from feeling the need to seek out validation and approval from their peers in such an overt manner? Affirmations are positive statements designed to build self-esteem through changing negative self-talk. Once your child creates their affirmation, you want to make sure they practice them at least two times a day.

This affirmation sun is hanging on my daughter’s wall to remind her of all her positive qualities. I have provided some free affirmation cards to get you and your child started on making your own affirmations! I couldn’t agree with you more about the power of affirmations especially when you start at a young age with your children. What a wonderful idea – it’s as important for our children to believe in themselves as it I to be understand that there are cruel people in the world.
I love these tips and I have definitely been guilty of not keeping the affirmations positive.
It is unfortunate that we live in a culture that continues to pressurize children into accepting validation from their peers and we as adults must take steps to ensure that their self-confidence is not damaged in the process. While there is no simple answer, I believe talking to children and helping them become secure in who they are is a place to start. Instead of saying “I am not a bad friend” a better option would be to say “I am a good friend.” Stating affirmations in the negative serves as a constant reminder of the negative behavior or circumstance you are trying to change.
You can certainly guide them, but in the end you want them to take ownership of the process.
The more consistent they are with this, the more likely they are to keep negative thinking at bay. Unfortunately, They also need to be taught how to handle criticisms so that it does not break their spirit, because there are some rather unkind people in the world. I have had my now teenage girls develop affirmations and for the most part it has helped in these brutal teen years.
I have a two and a half year old and when I started reading I was thinking it wasn’t going to be relevant. I love the idea of your affirmation sun – I’ll definitely be doing this with my little one. And while I agree that self-encouragement is very important, we are social creatures, so wanting to seek out social endorsements is a natural instinct.

Positive affirmations are wonderful for building a strong foundation in a child’s mindset and outlook on life. While I love my mother dearly, she had a hard time helping me with positive affirmations for myself and as a result I spent most of middle and high school way too preoccupied with the opinions others had of me. Definitely something to think about for my daughter… words to say to build yourself up. I try to have as many positive interactions and team building things in the classroom as possible to encourage them to treat each other nicely.
It’s so important that we give kids the right inner monologue and teach them how to speak kindly to themselves through how we speak to them. Helping teach kids how to take a positive approach to pretty much everything is a valuable life skill. It’s like a false way to try to gain compliments but it can go very wrong and cause self hatred. I find that introducing children to positive affirmations early on helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.
There are days when all the affirmations in the world won’t help but they are incredibly rare! Back in middle school, when someone was having a rough day, we would do Lemon Squeezes (fan-fold a piece of notebook paper and then pass it around the class; everyone then writes something positive about the recipient on a fold, keeping the others private). However, when you state them in the future tense, it tends to create anxiety and self-doubt. It was a great exercise is giving compliments, recognizing others good qualities, and a nice thing to look back at when the going got tough again.
If you ‘like’ the person’s status, then they will give you a rating of what they think about you.

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