WARNING: The training techniques contained in the Cyclo-SECRETS program are only for the Everyday Cyclist who is willing to train 'outside the box' to achieve the ultimate in mind-muscle cycling performance! The workouts contained in Cyclo-SECRETS will help you improve your breathing power, lung capacity, mental toughness, muscle control, and dramatically improve your mind-muscle connection! INJURY & REHAB NOTE: You will not find a better set of workouts for rehab, recovery, and injury training!

Cyclo-SECRETS has helped countless cyclists get back in the saddle quickly and stronger than ever! OBJECTIVE OF PROGRAM: To develop the mind-muscle-breath connection for enhanced cycling performance. My MOST POWERFUL Training Technique I've Ever Produced that Will Revolutionize Your Lung Power and Control and Have You, Literally "Blowing the Doors Off" Your Fellow Riders and Competition!

The breathing techniques has been fantastic for helping me climb better and the recovery workouts have gotten rid of my sore legs.

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