Well this was Reasons response to the MTV HottestMC list saying he could get Pearl to twerk to his song to show how big he is.
Well, that didn’t last long because The Real Black Pearl finally put out the video of her twerking on Insta for us.
Also, despite what many customers think, we have peppermint year round, so we can make peppermint mochas and peppermint white mochas any time of the year. Since we get free drinks you can count on us trying every single drink in every disgusting combination.
French press generally tastes better anyway, and iirc it doesn’t actually cost any more and you can order whatever size you normally would.

After 2 PM visit your local Starbucks for BOGO mochas, hot chocolates, and vanilla spice lattes! Many people don’t realize we have both - the caramel sauce is what decorates the cup of the caramel frappuccino and on the whipped cream, the caramel syrup is what flavors the actual frappuccino or a caramel latte. Likewise, if you want a soy cappuccino, you can be a pain in the ass and ask for soymilk from the fridge (they might not even have any in there), since soy will barely foam at room temperature, since the cartons are shelf-stable. Our favorite drink will probably be something excessively complicated we’ll be happy to make for you. However, this will take significantly longer since, for once, we actually have to brew the coffee ourselves.

No big deal, our manager will probably like us better for promoting drinks anyways, and you don’t have to spend money to find out raspberry mochas are gross and green tea is delicious.

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