It’s important to prepare your child for middle school, especially in their first year! When you’re looking for supplies, be sure to get them things that they love and that are useful in school.
Carry and manage all your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies with a Five Star Expandable Backpack. NoteBinder is a useful product with unique features, providing the flexibility to act like a notebook and work like a binder. Most would think that this is an unusual way to prepare a child for a school year, but I completely disagree. Physics are important because without physics, boobs and butts would be as likely to fly away or implode as they would be to jiggle and bounce pleasantly.
Newton's Second Law of Jiggle: The acceleration of dat bounce is directly proportional to, and in the same direction as, the net force acting on dat bounce, and inversely proportional to its mass. Newton's Third Law of Jiggle: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body.

The transition from elementary school to middle school can be one of the most intimidating and terrifying times in a child’s life.
Middle School is a lot different than Elementary because children have a lot more classes to attend. It has multiple expanding sections that open like luggage to give you extra storage space up to 7″. This Five Star® backpack includes an insulated compartment for food and drinks, wide main compartment for books and supplies, a padded pocket that will keep digital devices safe and secure and more. After watching this adorable video, I knew we had to incorporate Goody into our new school year styling!
I think it’s important to let your kids know that you recognize and appreciate the work that they do all year, especially after graduating Elementary School! While the products in this post were given complimentary (unless otherwise stated) for me to review, that does not alter my opinion of the product(s) mentioned.
It was a nice surprise for her and she’s so excited to tell all of her friends about it!

This post may contain sponsored links and affiliate links (which will be stated at the beginning of the post). We especially loved how the Goody Detangling Brush made her thick, wavy hair soft and smooth again.
It’s a great conversation starter when they return back to school, plus it gives them an incentive to do well in school each year!
It was in that moment that I decided to make my beautiful niece confident in going to middle school.

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