Even if prom is a month or two away, you should already be thinking about how you want your makeup done.
While you can of course wear whatever color you want, you might want to consider specific eye makeup for the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, there are certain colors that can really make your eyes pop.
Green with flecks of glitter makes for a gorgeous eye shadow look that will make your eyes pop. I love this look, which uses golds and navy to create a color palette that was basically made for brown eyes. Com um trabalho meticuloso, o artista americano da Florida Jen Stark, recorta e molda milhares de folhas de papel para criar suas bela esculturas tridimensionais. When it comes to the latest in PR measurement, the mere thought of it may make you feel like it’s impossible to “keep up.” Before you overwhelm yourself, take a deep breath and focus on growing your skills by incorporating these three principles into your regular routine. As I mentioned in a previous Socialbrite post on creating a measurement program, most of the time we don’t have access to fancy dashboards; because we are often limited by client budgets in the tools we can and cannot use. Watch your Analytics (at the very least, Google Analytics) at the same time, and regularly look to see if there is a correlation between outputs and outcomes. Let me preface this by first reiterating one of my big “don’ts” – don’t get caught up in shiny new measurement tools. I’ve already referred to it once, and I’m doing so again: it’s time to become BFFs with Google Analytics and the Google URL Builder.
After all, it’s only when you know what is and isn’t working that you can adjust your strategy to make it more efficient, effective, and ultimately more successful.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Just as it’s important to continue to track and measure the growth of a campaign or initiative, it’s equally important to facilitate our own growth as industry professionals… and that means seizing every opportunity for learning when we can. What are your ideas on how much time an over-worked, stretched too thin executive director of a smaller nonprofit ought to set aside each week to devote to their PR measurement? Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community.
Flower Template: For this flower a template for a flower shape found on Martha Stewart that was originally meant for fabric flowers was used. Check out this AMAZING paper flower arch Katie made for her sister’s gorgeous wedding this summer!
This entry was posted in Crafts, Paper Crafts and tagged Guest Bloggers, Paper Flowers, Techniques and Mediums on January 9, 2012 by Guest Blogger. If you figure it out in advance, you can practice the look so that you know you like it – and if you don’t, you have plenty of time to pick a new look that you actually love. Influenciado por coisas como buracos negros e conceitos da fisica – constroi um trabalho notavel dentro da arte contemporanea baseado na replicacao e no infinito. Focus on what you should be measuring, as opposed to getting bogged down, overwhelmed, or limited by a tool. The tracking of URLs has been around in the marketing world for a while now; and it’s something PR pros should know how (and why) to do. It will bring together more than 16 speakers who are experts in measurement and analytics across the communication spectrum, and includes keynotes from Mark W.

I have been using Google URl shortner a while now and loved tracking clicks and views for each url and posts I make.
Fold the other two flower shapes in quarters, hot gluing the at the tip to keep the fold secure. Bring in the picture if you’re getting your makeup done, or use the tutorials some of these have to do them yourself. Especially for campaigns where you’re driving calls-to-action online, it’s one of the best ways to understand what is driving actions, clicks, downloads, purchases, sign-ups, etc. By regularly reading smart bloggers who regularly talk about metrics (Lee Odden and Jim Dougherty spring to mind) you’ll be one step ahead on the PR measurement front.
We certainly do have a weakness for paper flowers, they are so versatile, beautiful and easy to make!
Cooper, gold, and greenish-gold will all play up any hint of gold in your brown eyes, making them stand out even more. Thanks to the lovely DIY corespondent Katie, we are going to show you how to create 4 different paper flowers…that can be used in a variety of ways!

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