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Avoid Possible Cosmetic Surgery Disaster Choose A Board Certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon. An Italian socialite who was naturally born beautiful became so famous, not because of her beauty but due to her obsession with plastic surgery and the results that came with it. It is important to be aware who your doctor is, find one that is under the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Contact the Orange County California Board Certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons with over 16,000 cosmetic surgery procedures performed. When deciding the right procedure for you, it’s important to ask yourself if this is what you really want? Remember that plastic surgery is available to help you look better and feel better not to create a very sudden change of your overall appearance.
We look at magazines, commercials, advertisement, and billboards and what we see are these dashing women with their perfect bodies, perky breast, and long shiny legs not to mention a beauty that could launch a thousand ships.
This woman is only 40 years old, but looks so much older due to plastics surgery procedures gone wrong.

Instead of leaving him and live the life, she decided to stay and was motivated to win her husband back by improving her looks through plastic surgery.
All these gave such a huge influence that our self-esteem was affected with what we see around us.
And finding the right doctor who has the only power to make you look your best version of you. She began experimenting plastic surgery while she still so young, since then she never stopped!
Hang who is now 50 years old, who was also given with a natural beauty became obsessed with plastic surgery and started at such a young age. Sadly, there are many, many celebrities and even ordinary people now a days that looks like a freak due to the abuse of plastic surgery. With so many procedures she has gone through to look beautiful, her plastic surgeon advised her not to go through more procedures.
Unfortunately, even celebrities who have all the access and tools for beauty can sometimes still make a huge mistake.

Soon when she decided to meet her parents, her parents never recognized her due to the drastic change which led her parents to see a doctor (Psychiatrist). She eventually stopped doing all treatments because it was too expensive for her to keep up. Sooner, she began receiving silicone injections but still was too expensive for her to maintain.
Poor Hang, never knew that those injectable weren’t silicone but were made of cooking oil.
Although after the procedure, her face was a lot less puffy and disfigured still the damage that she has done to her face is still too hard to imagine.

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