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Virtual Plastic Surgery – программа виртуальной пластической хирургии, в которой без скальпеля есть возможность реализовать стройность и красоту, выдать желаемое за действительное, для журнала или легкого безобидного обмана, или перед посещением клиники, чтобы для себя окончательно решить, стоит ли это того, чтобы ложится “под нож”.
Making the commitment to undergo plastic surgery can be a daunting decision for many potential patients.
Thankfully, a new app offers automatic enhancements of “selfie” pictures, perfect for subtlety correcting the lines, wrinkles and dark under-eyes we all wish we could do without.
Beauty Mirror is highly touted as not only a great way to enhance Facebook and Instagram pictures, but as a virtual plastic surgery tool for those considering a cosmetic procedure. Beauty Mirror is not meant to create drastic changes in users’ appearance, but focuses on the subtle nuances showing age or sun damage. Similar virtual beauty apps have cropped up in other areas of cosmetology, including makeup, hair design and skin care. If you are considering plastic surgery, our office can utilize similar technology to help you get a better feel for how the results of your intended surgery will look.

Virtual plastic surgery technology can also be used for various other procedures on the body, including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, butt lifts or most other procedures offered by Dr. If you are considering plastic surgery, but are not sure if you are ready to commit, contact Dr. Este fondo de pantalla llamado Virtual Plastic esta archivado en la(s) categoria(s) de Tecnologia por Webmaster y fue etiquetado con los Tags de: , este fondo de pantalla fue subido la fecha del octubre 21, 2009.
Not only is plastic surgery a significant financial investment, but it is not uncommon for those considering a procedure to feel anxious at the thought of invasive surgery.
When a user uploads a photo, the Beauty Mirror technology is able to fixate on “problem areas,” quickly fixing them and providing the user with a beautifully-retouched image for upload. For instance, Makeup Genius – developed by French cosmetic company L’Oreal – is a new breed of makeup application designed to give users the opportunity to test makeup shades before committing to a purchase. Thomas Loeb. Our technology uses computer-assisted, detailed before and after photos to give you a realistic understanding of how your surgery will improve and enhance your body.

Plastic surgery directly from your computer.It can simulate the look after plastic surgery to give you reference. Like Beauty Mirror, Makeup Genius, and dozens of other similar designs, are available for iPhone and iPad.
Using our innovative software, we can help you get a feel for how you will look post-procedure, and get you on your way to the beautiful results you desire. While many virtual beauty apps come free of charge, advanced or customized options may cost users a few dollars to download.

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